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Set aside in the early 1920s by the forethought of the people of California and the generosity of the Save-the-Redwoods League, Prairie Creek is a sanctuary of old growth coast redwood. Prairie Creek, situated 50 miles north of Eureka off of Highway 101, offers hiking, nature study, wildlife viewing, beach combing, picnicking, a visitor center with exhibits and a nature store. This park, along with Del Norte Coast, Jedediah Smith, and the National Park Service's Redwood National Park, are managed cooperatively by the National Park Service and the California Department of Parks and Recreation. These parks make up 45 percent of all the old-growth redwood forest remaining in California. The Day Use Annual Pass is accepted at this park.

Hiked a portion of this trail on our last day in the Redwoods. Due to time constraints we were unable to complete the full trail. Whether you do a portion or the whole trail, the forest is mesmerizing! Wonderful adventure.

Quite an easy walk, we completed it in 50 mins. We also saw some Elk right next to the car park.

Absolute favorite hike in Humboldt so far.

This is a fun little loop. If you don’t want to get super wet, you can ninja your way thru most of it without having to get too deep...but, there are a few points where you really just have to go for it. Waterproof boots, above the ankles for those who aren’t into getting wet. My wife and I loved this one. Stop often and take in your surroundings. It’s likely you’ve never seen anything like it before.

Stopped to hike this trail on a trip up the California coast. This temperate rainforest setting was amazing...felt like I was on a different planet!! So green and lush

Nice trail through the forest, but nothing spectacular. Plenty of mushrooms to discover during wet season though! The best groves in my opinion in this park are on the Friendship Ridge! This trail is 6.9 miles according to the ranger with a more accurate map. Overall, a nice and fairly easy stroll... took me about 3 hours from the parking lot.

Really mesmerizing experience. The trail is like small pathway with fern trees and big redwood tress along the way. The red pathway with the fallen leaves and green trees made our day! very blissful hike.
Definitely recommend people to go here. We started all dull but came out of the trail feeling refreshed.
Beautiful hike and incredible experience of being in forest full of oxygen.

There was lot of water when we had been there. Since it rained a lot a day before we went there. There were about 3 water streams which our car had to pass to get to the fern canyon trailhead. Since our car was not SUV, we decided to park right before the first stream and walk one more mile before reaching the actual trailhead. Fern canyon was pretty amazing, we walked to the end of the trail in the water running like river. It was so much fun!! If anyone is visiting it in recent 2 days, don't try to save your shoes, no matter what you are going to get wet! :)

You hike through untouched forests. It is remarkable. Go and visit this beautiful place Mother Earth created

Beautiful canyon to see Maiden Hair Ferns that require hiking up a shallow river. This is a very short trail so continue on to one of the connecting trails for a longer hike is a must!

Check for park closures and road closures before you arrive. Tried to drive up after the rain today for a day hike in Fern Canyon and the 4.0 mi steep and windy dirt road looked very slippery and muddy and washed out. Campground and trail to Gold bluff beach said closed. We decided to turn back rather than get stuck.

What a great hike. even though we got wet. It rained the day before so had some waterfalls flowing.

The road up here was very bumpy and we crossed two creeks. My Nissan Sentra was able to make it through without too much trouble. The trail took us about an hour and a half to complete. We stopped a ton to take photos of the views.

If you just want to see the fern canyon walls, you'll have to cross a creek and they're right at the start of the trail about 5ish minutes from parking.

Theres a well-sized tree you'll have to either climb over or crouch walk under. Without good waterproof shoes, and proper hiking gear, I wouldn't consider the first fifteen to thirty minutes as an "easy" hiking trail.

It was, however, well worth everything. Very gorgeous.

Easy walked big plenty of groves of the massive giants that you have come to this park for. Footing is easy going and a welcome change when done as the back half or westridge.

Excellent hike. Saw elk about 20 ft away from the trails edge. Footing can be a bit tricky at times. Amazing to be amping the Giants!

3 months ago

We just did a couple of miles because we were shirtless n time. But its a really beautiful hike with amazing trees and dense ground cover (Rhododendrons). We did it as a leisurely stroll and enjoyed it.

3 months ago

The fern walls are really cool. It's def worth the drive down.

It was one of the best views I've ever woken up to and falling asleep with the waves is great.

Super dope when it's sunny

3 months ago

One of the most beautiful hike you can stroll through in Red Canyon. Its a bit challenging because you would have to cross over trees, river banks, rocks, muds, etc. You get the point. The view of the Fern Canyons are spectacular! They are like gardens hanging of the wall.

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