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Short but gorgeous trail. Shoes got wet as most of the trail is through a river at the bottom of the canyon (ankle-deep water)

Loved it hiking and camping and fishing was the best!

Loved it. Hike was easy but wet. It feels like you stepped back in time entering the canyon. Definitely work seeing.

Super short and easy walk through some old growth. Great if you don’t have a ton of time!

An amazing walk through the great giants! Our hike started off at the visitors center and immediately we were greeted with a foot bridge built around two magnificent trees. Continuing on we were amazed by the beauty and amazing smell of the magnificent redwood forest. There is so much to see and be amazed by! Be sure to pay attention to the foot bridges as you will be amazed by the depth of the canyons! Upon reaching the fern canyon we were taken aback by the beauty of the sheer walls covered in fern and the walls of water flowing into the stream below. Note... make sure you have water proof shoes if you want to walk the fern canyon trail. Walk down through the canyon in and out of the creek until you reach the beach parking area. We were able to see a bull elk grazing in a pasture just off the trail. We then walked down the beach road to the head of miners ridge trail. We hiked the miners ridge trail back to the visitors center. Miners ridge was just as great on the way back to the visitors center. I would highly recommend making your own loop vs the walk in and back. Unfortunately, due to cell coverage (which there is none) we were not able to record our hike which was our trail today. Grab a map from the visitors center and you can copy our route. Trust me it’s well worth it!!

The canyon is tall and green. It is a must see. Makes me feel like jurassic park. Bring tall wader boots or plan to get wet. If it has rained then you might not be able to even get there. The road is a bit of a challenge if there is bad weather. It might close.

1 month ago

This trail was beautiful! We went at the end of March on a rainy day and the trail was flooded with water. We ended up taking our shoes off and hiking barefoot but the surroundings made it absolutely with it!

1 month ago

Big Tree in 2012 [not sure if they change this periodically] - 304 ft. high, 21.6 ft. in diameter, 68 feet in circumference, and over 1500 years old... nice flat walking trail that starts and ends at the BIG tree.

My wife and I hiked this trail on 5-3-18 starting from the ranger center to Fern Canyon. The flowers were bloming and the weather was perfect. If you start at the ranger center beware this is NOT 4.2 miles as the sign says, it is 6 miles to Fern Canyon!!!! So it is 13 miles to the ocean view, in Fern Canyon and back to the ranger station.The hike is everything you want from large Redwoods, streams, Fern Canyon and the ocean. Enjoy!

Absolutely stunning! It's best to go early in the morning because it can get a bit crowded. Bring water sandals or an extra pair of shoes because your feet are gonna get wet! Not really a hike, more of a scenic walk. There's often elk around the parking lot too.

When you get to the road at the end of fern canyon, head towards the beach and hike it back towards the campground. Absolutely one if the best hikes on the west coast!!!

1 month ago

Beauty abounds in this magical place. Getting your feet wet is pretty unavoidable but well worth it!

Beautiful hike through the redwoods. We went in April 2018 and there were some downed trees you had to climb over nothing to challenging! Very beautiful.

This is the best we hiked among the Redwoods! Accidentally did the last two miles in the dark without headlamps. You can choose to do 4 or 6 miles because Clintonia splits into a North and South loop. We opted to do both.

This is a very nice trail. We hit it just right, there were thousands of trillium lining the trail. Saw millipedes and red snails, which we haven't seen in the park yet. The trails were in good shape. The West Ridge Trail is always scenic and this segment of it is in better shape that the one from Zig Zag #1 down to the park headquarters.

Don’t miss this if you are in the area.
I took James Irvine trail to Fern Canyon which was about 4.5miles one way. Once in the Fern Canyon Hike along the creek to get the full experience, your feet will get wet but well worth it. Feels like you are in a prehistoric movie set. I was there for 30mins without meeting a soul. I am sure it will get more crowded in the summer.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail. Fortunate with sunny weather.
Started at James Irvine trail head (which is next to the visitor center) to Fern Canyon. Then took Clintonia Trail which connects back to James Irvine - probably 11-12 miles. Trail is well kept, beautiful redwood, ferns, wild flowers and birds. Fern Canyon is a must for anyone visiting the area - it is just beautiful. Expect to cross very shallow creek few times in the Fern Canyon.
Entire trail very quiet, loved the solitude. Only 4 other hikers for the entire hike.

Majestic hike among the old growth redwood. We did the hike yesterday, 3/29/18. Great intermediate hike for a few hours with great picture opportunities. However, both captures the sights, smell and feel. The visitors center is a great place to stop for trail advice based on your time, level and desitmred sights. Ranger/staff are very friendly and helpful.

If I could, this would be an annual pilgrimage to walk among the giants and recharge the soul.

2 months ago

Get your feet wet. Hike over logs.

Very fun not hard to find.

excellent, but current trail deviates from All trails route.

Beautiful hike. We did this last March. Glad we hiked in water shoes and shorts, as a good stretch of it we hiked right in the creek. Loved all the elk in the area.

Picked up the trail along the road, took it south and then met up with big tree. Great hike!

Ended up doing James Irvine to miners trail which was about 8 miles. Easy going trip with a small bit of climbing. Absolutely beautiful

Beautiful and easy hike through the Redwoods, birds singing, not much traffic until it connects to Big Tree.

A very easy, beautiful walk. Right off the scenic bypass through the park. Definitely worth the quick stop to see Big Tree, and wonder through the majestic Redwood giants!

A very easy, beautiful walk. Right off the scenic bypass through the park. Definitely worth the quick stop to see Big Tree, and wonder through the majestic Redwood giants!

If you are in Northern California, this is a MUST. A very easy but extremely beautiful and magical experience. You will feel like you're in Jurassic Park. If going in the Spring, may want to consider wear waterproof boots! Your feet will surely get a tad or two wet.

4 months ago

This is where part of Star Wars was filled. Felt like an alien planet. Beautiful and mysterious.
Saw many bull elk while hiking. Not to be messed with.
Loved the place.

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