It’s nice for a quick hike, first mile is pure uphill and second mile is downhill. I came in the evening around 6 wasn’t too bad and only took about 45 mins.

Really nice trail. Enjoyed the morning with a good view of the city.

easy short trail,nice little work out hiking up at a brisk pace your rewarded with a nice view at the top then you can take your time going down and enjoy the shade of the trees, will be nice in the spring with all the wild flowers.

This trail is a bit of a bait-and-switch, but in a good way! It starts off steep, exposed, and filled with the sound of buzzing power lines - not the nicest. But once you reach the top, you are rewarded with sweeping views of the San Gabriel Valley and neighboring hills. As you descend into Powder Canyon, the power lines fade away and the temperature drops as the path becomes surrounded by groves of beautiful mature trees, and you have an easy walk back to your car (where the parking is free and plentiful).

a nice little hike. I did see a good sized coyote running away from me down the trail.


great for light hiking.

Very good for starters

Beautiful trail! My doggies and I loved it, we will hike here again. Especially pretty right now with everything in bloom.

trail running
Thursday, March 02, 2017

pretty good trail i started with the steep hill to burn my calves out then tried running the rest not bad at all good little 30 minutes to 45 workout.

lot of lil Nats ut what do you expect from the wild lol

It is wonderful course with panoramic view.

Fun yet very dry

This is a nice hike. Awesome incline right off the bat. Did this hike with kids. We saw a tarantula crossing the trail. My kids were amazed!

I wouldn't call this moderate...maybe because the incline can be a bit steep but it's short.

It's okay. Nice super close to home hike but nothing too long or challenging. Pretty views here and there. I'd say it's more than "lightly trafficked" and I've been both on weekends and on weekdays.

Maybe because this was one of my "training" hikes before I actually got into regular hiking and wasn't sure what I was even really doing.

I'll give it a try again, but not inclined to do so anytime soon.

Bonus: did see a baby coyote my last time there and wow, so cute! but if baby is near by that means mama is near by so be careful!

I love Powder Canyon, super close to the house and it's a great 40 or so minute hike for some good exercise. I usually see a coyote every time I'm here (once a week) and I hear rattlers in the brush from time to time. Definitely be aware of wild life. Just enough incline that my heart pumps, but not crazy enough to that I hate it. And free parking! It's the best!

Rattlesnake , that's all

I love it here, it's close to home but feels like you're in a different world. There are many trails to do, so you can mixed it up.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Nice moderate hike with some views. Best time to go is early mornings to avoid the hot sun, bring 2 bottles of water and light snack for a 6 mile hike. Plenty of free parking along Fullerton, Powder Canyon trailhead. I heard rattles near the trails on several areas so keep your kids close and dogs on leash. Saw a buzzard taking off with a dead squirrel and a deer. Hope you find this review helpful. Have a safe hike.

Saturday, January 24, 2015

For parking go to past the first trailhead on Fullerton and turn right on the fire road that is labelled powder canyon. There is some parking on the dirt road but a little farther up, there is a nice little parking lot. This trail is great. Nice and wide, a good combo of ups and downs, some shade and beautiful views. I connected to the schabarum trail at the horse stables. If you do this, you have to retrace your steps back to the canyon trail but I didn't mind the extra miles. I like that both trails are very well maintained and are a good combination of difficulty level. Will definitely do it again.

Parked on Fullerton and took the trail to the left, what I assumed was powder canyon trail (no sign). Mostly unshaded steep climb to the ridge. It leads to the black walnut (goes up) and (purple?) sage trail or continues down into powder canyon and schabarum park. Bring a lot of water, a hat and sunscreen. Nice walk, can be as long or short as you like. Plenty of trails to make different loops. Went at 9:30a Not crowded.

This trail connects to several other trails that can be done in various loops depending on how far (or not) you want to go. The trail runs through some open area in the Puente Hills, surrounded on all sides by the urban sprawl of the LA Basin. It's very heavily used, especially on weekends, so don't expect much peace and quiet and there aren't many places to sit and rest, but it's good for a little exercise or a half day outdoors.

Monday, February 24, 2014

Great trail....however, take some sunblock and a cap because most of the trail is not shaded. Lots of free parking options...a hidden treasure for sure.

Dog friendly. On weekends there are quite a few leashed dogs (and horses) so if your dog is like mine and not a huge fan of little dogs (he's a new rescue, he's learning) you could go up the skinny higher trails to avoid the little dog people. LOL There are a bunch of different trails you can take to make it harder or easier, I really like it here. Parking is free and lot is open until sunset. You could park on the street and walk in too if you wanted to go earlier/later. (The Powder Canyon to Black Walnut to Nogales trail loop takes approx 35-40 minutes and the Powder Canyon to Purple Sage Trail around the mountain passed Schabarum trail and back to Powder Canyon took us a little under 2 hours.) *Edited to add that tonight (3/8/14) while hiking with my husband and dog, we saw a mountain lion (around 6 pm, right after sunset.) It was on Powder Canyon and went up in the tree area toward Gray Squirrel.

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