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Point Reyes is a few miles north of San Francisco and offers a number of great hiking options. There are short hikes to the beach from several entrances, as well as longer backpacking options. There are many campsites near the beaches with water and facilities. The lighthouse on the point is also a major tourist attraction, as are the wildflowers in the spring. Hours: sunrise to midnight

Beautiful hike. Nice workout. Hardest part is climbing down to the beach to see the waterfall. It’s easier to climb up. We missed the trail to Alamere, so be sure to pay attention to your AllTrails app.

1 day ago

Hot day for hiking even though on the coast. Go early to beat the mobs of people that arrive after 11 am. So glad I was completing my hike as several groups slowly trickled in. Decided not to go to the end because the trail became very narrow, unmaintained and too overgrown and most likely snakes on the trail edges. Seen two snakes at the beginning of my hike but they disappeared too quickly so I couldn’t identify which kind of snakes they were. Lots of Tule Elk! I counted around 50 in three separate groups. Ive heard there are over 400 in the Inverness area alone. I believe it was mating season because I heard a couple of different times bull Elk bugling for their female counterparts. Very interesting! A great hike but definitely better on weekdays with less crowds.

An amazing time! Multiple variations in steepness featuring a very rocky and dusty terrain. Coupled with poison ivy sprinkled in some areas, with a waterfall near the end of the trail. Slight uphill challenge where I needed a hand. But overall a great workout.

Easy hike with woods, beach and open rolling hills. The gravel road section was great in spite of our low expectations. We saw and heard an elk whistling in the marsh. We interacted with nature in a way we didn't expect. Phenomenal. Will do it again.

Beautiful covered hike through fern covered hills. No view at the top, but if you take the meadow trail back you’ll see a bit of the coast. Good work out on the way up. Took a bit over 2 hours

Great hike, views of the coast, shaded woodlands and a waterfall at the end (or tidefall technically)...what’s not to like! Go early, the lot gets crowded. I was there by 9am and only saw a few people on my way to the falls, but tons more on my way back. It is a scramble at the end, wear good footwear and know your limits. Getting back up is just as tough as getting down. Depending on tides, i wouldn’t recommend the longer (less treacherous) route up the beach from Wildcat Camp. The tides made the last stretch completely impassable the day I was there.

I love this hike, I do it 2-3 times a summer and 1-2 every winter. Gets a little muddy during winter as expected. So make sure you come prepared with extra clothes when done and proper footwear. Yes there's horse poop but if you read about the trail it's because it's an non maintenanced trail. If you're hiking in general (in the wilderness) you're bound to run into animal poop eventually am I right? Would recommend to anyone top 10 favorites for sure and I hike alot!

Go all the way down the trail to the beach! It does require some minor climbing

Stewart trail portion was great - excellent varied plant life, a couple of nice views especially as you approach the coast. Mostly shaded and well-graded. Can't recommend Old Out Road portion right now. Fairly overgrown with grass, I decided to skip that piece of this loop to avoid potential of ticks.

8 days ago

I only gave this a 3/5 because it's less of a trail and more of a stroll through some cow pastures with barb wire fence next to you for the majority of it. I didn't rate it any lower because the view at Drake's head was cool and we got to see a bunch of wild life on the trail. Not a lot of traffic on this trail either. A few bikers here and there but we were pretty much by ourselves the whole time. The best part was the gang of quails we saw. There were a ton of em scootin around chirping with their little head feathers bobbin around, it was adorable. There's also a lot of cows just free roaming in the pastures you're walking through. You could definitely pet a cow if you're brave enough. Once you get to the cliff there's a grassy area where you can lay a blanket down and have a nice lunch or nap. You could possibly get down to the beach area but there's no obvious trail that I saw. Kind of disappointing since it was such a nice looking beach with no one on it.

Great day to hike but very hot!

Beautiful day to hike today. The meadow trail bridge is almost complete and will open up tomorrow.

12 days ago

so hard to walk in the beach.

Amazing, almost all flat with small incline decline. Beach is incredible.

13 days ago

Great trail, high grades and views are worth the trek. Went early morning about 7 and got back around 1 with stops for pictures and brunch. Didn't go all the way for the loop due to high wind and wanted to get back before the crowds. Was a little crowded on the way back but it was just me and nature in the morning, saw lots of birds, lizards, bunnies and a snake.

Hike is very flat but long. The trail near the end is hard to find since it is not clearly marked. There is no view during the long flat hike, only at the end. The hike took about 2.5 hours round trip.

14 days ago

First two miles were fairly steep but the rest of the trail was either downhill or relatively flat. Great for a one night backpacking trip. I loved this trail!

Beautiful cool weather to hike today. Sky trail was dripping in fog and lush with green foliage; epiphytic, Spanish, lace lichen, California Alsia and green moss covering many of the pine, oak and redwood trees. Various ferns, California polypody, coffee fern, California wood fern, western sword fern and many more ferns noted. Also, wildflowers that were still blooming was the coastal lily, sky lupine and the last of the seep-spring monkey flower. Unfortunately, most of the wildflowers are done for the season. If your in good shape, do hike the sky trail! Once your up to 1300 elevation which is a strenuous hike for 1.9 miles to the top, you will be experiencing a different atmosphere high in the clouds spreading through the trees creating a rainforest look alike. Absolutely enchanting and beautiful!

Love the trees along the trail and the waterfall at the end. It’s gets a bit rocky and slippery to get to the main waterfall but totally worth it! Go early as it gets pretty crowded.

mountain biking
16 days ago

Hard uphill, but well worth for the down hill. Just be care full with the ruts and loose gravel especially on the downhill towards Wildcat Camp, god knows I felt the ground. ( Dry Early September condition)

Beautiful and diverse scenery. Ocean/mountains/lakes/waterfall (if you add Alhamere). Some rocky spots (careful if jogging) and some nearly overgrown spots where poison oak is trying to getcha. Great trail to jog or visit w friends.

Great day to hike! Foggy and cool. Lots of beautiful lupine along the trail. Meadow trail closed from September 3-13 due to a new bridge over the stream.

17 days ago

An excellent trail, well maintained until the last 1,5 Miles, where the path becomes sandy and narrows. Great nature and views, with lots of elk, a few snakes (garter) and a lone coyote who passed us looking for roadrunners.

A bit of a scramble towards the end, but still fun and the falls are worth the trek. VERY long hike.

18 days ago

Beautiful trail! Trail was well maintained until the last mile or so. We found a second trail leading to a private beach area and had lunch. Stunning ocean views! Not many wildflowers to see right now.

This is my second time hiking to Alamere Falls and it’s still my favorite. The fact that I am engulfed in Nature far away from evidence of human and then a waterfall at the end is very refreshing. The trail gets rough at some points but I managed with my nikes although, I suggest you bring a pair of slippers because the ocean waves took over the beach and I ended up walking in the water and have the waves drench me. The trail to the Falls were actually marked with rocks on the ground in the shape of an arrow so look out for that after you’ve passed Pelican Lake. If you want to avoid people then I suggest to go early morning. I got to the Palomarin trail by 11am. My favorite hike hands down because I love a good sweat, being away from humans, and I love being around water.

Easy trail but very long so be prepared. The falls are marked by stones and sticks through a small opening of trees

19 days ago

favorite hike i’ve ever done!

Parking spots are limited, but plenty of parking on the sidewalk of the road. With the exception of the walk on the beach, the hike is simple. You’ll get plenty of beach views, wild life and, at the right time...hopefully a whale siting. It was our intent for our hike to end at SCULPTED BEACH, which it did, but it’s really hard to miss the turnoff. It’s marked, but only if you look to your right. I would says it’s about 1/2 mile after you cross the bridge on your right. Look for the sign. It’s off trail. The trail is well maintained with shades in parts.

19 days ago

I will give this trail a 6 out of 5! The view at the end and many of the other views were breathtaking! Almost brought me to tears!

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