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Point Reyes is a few miles north of San Francisco and offers a number of great hiking options. There are short hikes to the beach from several entrances, as well as longer backpacking options. There are many campsites near the beaches with water and facilities. The lighthouse on the point is also a major tourist attraction, as are the wildflowers in the spring. Hours: sunrise to midnight

13 hours ago

Horrible trail. Not even close to moderate. Flat and boring. Minimal incline. More horses than people, and horse crap everywhere. Boring. The waterfall pictured is not on the trail - it’s on a different connecting part. The crystal trail that is supposed to connect is overgrown and not usable. Would never go here again.

Walking on the beach sand was more challenging than the 14 mile hike itself. This is a hike that you can do on a hot sunny day as there's hardly any non-shaded area once you are away from the beach.

This was a beautiful hike. Lots of clouds and drizzle as we were heading back from the coast. Even though it was a Saturday, we met very few people on the trail. We added a loop once we got to the coast and headed up hill and came back to Bear on the Glen trail. PR has the best kept trails and they are marked at every intersection. Can’t wait to do this again!

Unsure why, but I felt too tired to complete this hike today. The visitor center was open and it’s really nice to mull over some good outdoor nature books in their bookstore as well as scope out other trail or backpacking options in the area. A plethora of information of the area is found at the Bear Valley Visitor Center, so do make sure to check out this center. Also, Many equestrians out today. I really enjoy seeing them out enjoying the trails with the hikers. If you like horses as I do, you’ll see plenty of them during the weekdays. If you get the chance check out Bovia cafe in Point Reyes station which has great coffee and the best bakery in all of Northern California! Unfortunately, I am not muffin worthy today due to such a short hike.

over grown
5 days ago

pretty place but so overgrown that I turned around the last half mile, didnt feel like getting lost alone

Try to go all the way to the end to see the cliffs

Just did this. The Drake View section was overgrown and covered in Poison Oak (PO) for probably a mile. I was wearing shorts so hoping for the best now! Aside from that the views were limited, might be that I was concentrating on the PO.

I added more of the Sky Trail and connected back via Baldy trail to Bear Valley. The Sky trail is especially wonderful. I saw few people on all the legs except Bear Valley

Amazing views. Mostly easy but worth pushing through on those difficult patches.

One of the most amazing views in a hike. The trail does get quite rocky and dusty. Recommend carrying a sweatshirt. The beach views are out of the world. Must do.

8 days ago

Wanted an easy trail with great views and that’s what I got! Went down on the side trails and got even better views. Side trails are wide enough but I would keep a good distance from the cliffs, definitely easy to loose your stepping. The drive in I saw some deers super close to the road. On the drive back I saw a coyote walk right past my car and also some elk in the distance. Great hike, checked out the beach after and it was awesome too.

8 days ago

Great trail - the last part might be a bit sandy but overall is easy hike with great view! It’s mind-blowing to see lots Tule elks. Started around 4ish and got to the point around sunset time. Night hike was great with the full moon.

Good bit but overgrown but nice. Had used the mountain bike filter so rode out but a good portion was no bikes, so I pushed mine a bit.

Gorgeous in the fall. Don't start too late in the day-took us 5.5 hours with stops for lunch, snacking, and view taking.

no shade
12 days ago

An overall easy-to-moderate hike. You’ll find beautiful views of the Pacific right as you start the trail. Fun is when you have the company of Tule elks in groups all along your trail. The last 1.5 miles of the trail is not maintained and is sandy! So, a little work out should be expected. Plan your day for the sunset! If you’re a sunset lover as I am, plan your day such that you reach the trail head back out, right before the sun sets so that you won’t have to hike much in the dark. I would totally go back only for the mesmerizing frame as I watched the slow decent of the sun turning the landscape gold and painting the sky in a dazzling array of pink and orange hues.

over grown
12 days ago

Not quite at scenic as some of the others in the area but nice. Very overgrown in parts. Wear pants or have wipes/soap ready for all of the poison oak. The trail itself is fun and was nice as a trail run. Lots of horse poo to dodge though.

13 days ago

Such a beautiful place to watch the sunset!!!

14 days ago

A great hike. Look for the Tule Elk at the watering hole.

Yeah this hike is a bit long but it’s definitely worth it! Lots of shade and the views of the ocean, lakes, and the waterfall is very nice.

Nice morning 5 mi hike, 2h w 30 lb pack. Last 1.5 mi gradual uphill

no shade
18 days ago

Awesome hike- little over 10 miles to the point and back. The trail was in great condition until you got to the unmaintained portion close to the point. Very sandy and unclear which path to go down. I kept the app open to stay as close to what I thought the trail was. It was such a nice day out! There were TONS of elk. I did see a coyote as well. Definitely a nice hike for any age, I went alone and felt very comfortable with a fair amount of people on the path.

20 days ago

Torn between 3 & 4 stars. Lovely seaside and wildlife (birds and elk) views. Pokey brushes and sand paths made it a messy and uncomfortable experience. A 10 mile workout.

on Tomales Point Trail

21 days ago

Awesome views of the sky/sun/ocean on a clear day. No shade/not many trees. Some sand to hike through.

99% of the trail is pretty easy (well graded, slopes are gentle, wide trail). The side trail is easy to miss. Use your GPS/map and look for the cairn. The falls were nice. I timed badly for tide, so decided it was not safe to go down to the beach. Only exception to "easy" is the last bit of scramble down to the falls. It is kind of fun. There are too many goddamn people on this trail hiking to an Instagram feature. So many people in their cutest athletic wear and full makeup. These same people don't seem to understand Leave No Trace. There is an unbelievable amount of used TP along the trail and behind every tree. People. That. is. nasty. Carry a plastic bag and pack out your TP. Bury your feces in a 6" cathole. There is also a ton of graffiti on trees and bridges throughout. Finally, there are a ton of people carrying phones playing music and carrying on on large groups. Very annoying. Due to its popularity, parking fills early on weekends. I got there at 9:15am on a Sunday and just barely got a space in the lot because I have a small car. Go on a week day very early and you might find this more enjoyable. Also check tide schedules.

21 days ago

Incredible views on a fog less day. The last bit that is unattended path, beware that it is soft sugary sand and will put you to work, but well worth it.

22 days ago

Picturesque short trail with some wildlife

Easy mostly flat trail with nice beach views

23 days ago

saw and heard many tule elk. what could be better than that?

This trail was perfect. Enough shade on a sunny day and a nice breeze from the coast. And it was a good workout! Be careful not to miss the side trail to the falls: it is a very unexpected path through some brush. It was marked with an arrow in rocks so look for that, it’s worth it!

A beautiful morning for a hike with no crowds. Really enjoyed the ripe air, rich greenery and pleasant petrichor formed by the mist of the heavy fog which canvased the forest. A raincoat was needed. Very soulful and refreshing hike even if shortened because of time constraints. Always a favorite hike rain or shine!

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