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Point Reyes is a few miles north of San Francisco and offers a number of great hiking options. There are short hikes to the beach from several entrances, as well as longer backpacking options. There are many campsites near the beaches with water and facilities. The lighthouse on the point is also a major tourist attraction, as are the wildflowers in the spring. Hours: sunrise to midnight

This trail is one of my favorites not to much hills, nice smooth stroller accessible all the way to Kelham beach To access the beach stay to the right when you meet the coast trail and go down when you get to the giant tree. you can't miss it.
Bring extra water. it's long but not too difficult.
Have fun

On a Thursday morning not many people after the cutoff at the bike rack. It was easy to navigate down to the beach and the falls if you keep following the signs to the wildcat campground, but hiking back out you can take the wrong trail if not careful .(I did) but well worth the extra few miles than taking the bear valley trail all the way to the ocean.
Definitely too difficult and rough for a stroller lots of ups and down the whole way.

Loved it!

Go early!

Mostly flat and good for chatting. Average shape person will only get truly tired from the length of the hike.

The turn-off for the Falls is almost never easy to find. I've done this trail a number of times and have recently missed it and hiked about a mile past only to finally turn around. However, I think I saw some of the best sights on this trail because of my error.

The scramble to the beach is not for the feint of heart. It is by no means too difficult it is just that it takes some vertical dexterity, faith, and willingness to get a bit scraped up. Someone with any mobility issues may not be able to do it.

The area above it also very nice for your lunch so don't feel like you're missing out entirely. The beach area can get a little hairy with the tide so be careful.

This is a heavily trafficked trail so go early or, even better, go early on a weekday. The trail is very well maintained. The falls at the end of the trail are scenic but the trail out is also very enjoyable. Moderate or easy/moderate is an appropriate rating. Worth repeating.

4 days ago

The Sky trail is beautiful but very overgrown with poison oak in many places so be cautious and wear long pants. If you want to hike down to the beach from Sky Camp but avoid poison oak, I'd recommend using the Fire Lane Trail. It's a little less scenic but less overgrown so you can avoid the poison oak.

This is a good hike. I wasn't prepared to share the trail with bikes. Lots of bikes. And much of the trail is over pasture with cattle grazing, so lots of cow patties and, you know, the aroma. The Sunset Beach Trail is my favorite option of the two, having done both.

So beautiful and really is a lightly moderate hike for distance and the bit down to the falls. But lots of people, and you have to go early to get parking.

I hiked this trail in May of 2017 with my 7 year old son and family. The terrain is super flat and really could be done in running shoes with grip on the sole. It is not difficult on the legs or anything (for an active person), but can difficult for someone who is not active but still doable!

We actually hiked the entire trail down to the beach, hung a left and kept walking down the beach to the falls. After, we climbed the rocks to the top and took the short cut back. This is not full 8 miles if you take the short cut, tbh. It can be slippery over the smaller water falls but doable.

The falls are spectacular and sitting at the edge overlooking the water is so peaceful. It is super trafficked, however, that was the only downside.

It was a beautiful hike. The hike itself was not bad what was somewhat difficult was climbing down to see the actual waterfall.

Very long hike but absolutely is worth to try. The only thing I would like to point out is after around two hours hiking there is a place you need to go into bushes otherwise you will not find Alamera falls.

Trail was very shaded throughout which was nice. It was moderately busy but my group was able to keep distance between other folks. If you follow the trail to the coast (2 recordings shows this route) it does not go to beach but it is a very pretty cliff view with flat/open spots for lunch.

Great sights along trail to the falls- a few lakes. Pay attention to the turn off to the falls... currently marked with rocks in shape of arrow pointing to trail. Falls are worth the hike to get there.

First hike using this app! The place is easy to get to! Just make sure that you follow the yellow arrow into the small bush opening. That’s how you get to the waterfall. It’s easy to get lost and keep going straight. There are 3 levels to see the waterfall, top, middle and lower. They all take about 10 min each to get down. Watch out for snakes bathing in the sun!

Beautiful hills covered in wildflowers and bluffs all along the path. Seeing the Elk herds are amazing. The last 2 miles or so are not maintained so wear long pants and sleeves - the wildflowers were as tall as me

Gorgeous trail with native Bishop Pines throughout. Can get a bit crowded during weekends. Lots of toilet paper/ trash along the trail June 2018.

20 days ago

Beautiful hike and - at leas on a Friday afternoon - not very crowded. Saw lots of wildlife - Tule elk, deer, seals, quail, etc. Note that at lower tides you can walk all the way down to the point, though it will add about two miles to the hike (one mile each way); well worth it for the views, the seals, the kelp forests, and the almost perfectly circular boulders shaped by the tides.

Great hike for novice hikers or people who want to get outdoors as the terrain is relatively flat.

Well laid out hike, definitely need to keep an eye out for the Alamere Falls trail. Someone recently put a yellow arrow on the ground to point in the right direction. The rock climbing and terrain make this more moderate in difficulty, otherwise not that steep of a hike. We really enjoyed it!

Waterfall is a pretty neat sight but if you're looking for a quiet hike, this is probably not your place at least on a weekend. Given that it's a heavily traveled trail, I saw quite a bit of trash and tried to pick up as much as I could. More of a stroll through the woods than a hike. I wore my heart rate monitor the whole time and I never got over 130 beats/min. Definitely take the time to check out the little ponds and lakes along the way, there are some neat microenvironments. One of the ponds is completely covered with a moss and almost looks like putting green. Once you get to the waterfall, you'll likely wait a little bit to get a shot of it that's not filled with people, but it is gorgeous and has some cool lichen growing along the sides. The climb down to the beach is totally doable but the rocks are pretty loose to tread carefully. The views were neat from the beach but encountered some pretty drunk kids that kind of ruined the vibe. Overall neat, but not a place I'd go to get away from the hectic life. Also if you do go, help out and pick up some trash.

One of the better beach hikes. We arrived at 7:00am. We had the entire beach to our self's. Completely isolated early morning walk. We only hiked 3.5 miles / 1-1/2hrs but still nice as hiking in the sand is a bit slower. Lots of wildlife, birds, two seals watching us from the water, crabs. Dog friendly. We left around 9:30 and went to breakfast at the Station House Cafe near Point Reyes Station. Great morning!

27 days ago

Beautiful trail, with plenty of ooohs and ahhhhs, and some minor ouches.. ;)
Wild flowers towards the end of the trail were very clingy. But overall the trail did not disappoint. Prepare plenty of water and snacks, and definitely agree with others reviews, bring a jacket. You will not regret it.
Also, there’s no bathroom at the trailhead/ parking lot. Empty out your bladders before reaching the trail.

Beautiful waterfall!

I did a variation of this hike and made it a loop at the end by taking the coastal trail to the glen trail back to the center of bear valley trail. Gorgeous views and some points on the trail were quite picturesque, I recall an opening on the coastal trail towards the glen trail between thick overgrown sections that was beautiful. It had a small tree offering just enough shade for a break but surrounded by perfectly yellow tall dry grass. Recommend pants for these overgrown areas if you take the loop I'm describing. I wore shorts and regret it, no clear poison oak rashes yet but who knows. Enjoy!

Don’t missed the secret entrance to the waterfall!

Scenic hike. Fairly easy without a lot of elevation gain or difficulty. It gets a 4-star simply because it is heavily trafficked. I tend to like more isolated trails. There's a bit of tourists out here doing the hike which clusters it up.

Mt Wittenberg and Sky Camp will give you some nice climbing and amazing vistas. Bear Valley is a nice 4-mile amble back to the visitors center.

Sky Trail is a nice mix of sun and shade. Bear Valley is basically all shade.

Couldn't find a marked trail down to Arch Rock, so I'm wishing I would've accounted for that and built a loop with Kelham in it.

Heads up: plenty of poison oak on sky trail.

Wear pants and long sleeves because you’ll walk through tall grass for an hour. Beautiful trail with wildflowers.

Beautiful and mellow hike. Bring a jacket for Tomales Point, it gets chilly! Lots of wildlife to see and wildflowers everywhere.

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