Is it still open? Planning to go in two days

Is this still open? Pls let me know

over grown
5 days ago

The Stewart rd section of trail is a wide unpaved road-good for walking or biking. The green picker section was a narrow 1-person wide trail with lots of bugs and plants brushing against your legs. No cell signal in the area as we drove and for the start & lower part of the hike. we picked this trail by chance since we thought it was open and the trail we originally wanted to take was closed. However, this trail is also closed due to Covid19. We had warnings on the cars when we came out that we were in violation of Marin social distancing rules.

Great trail. Easy to miss the path heading to the falls but it’s usually marked with an arrow. Worth the trip

If you plan on taking Fire Lane Trail: after 2 months of COVID-19, this trail is heavily overgrown and I’m talking 5-6 feet high! At large sections you can’t even see the trail anymore. Needless to say, it was a pain in the butt to hike this trail. Don’t take it right now!

This is one of my favorite trails, but right now is not the best time to go. The road is closed about 1.5 miles before the trailhead, and the section of the trail where you turn for the falls is heavily overgrown with poison oak. We went through it and enjoyed a great solo day on the beach but are now paying the price with poison oak rashes.

Very hard hike! We felt it the next day. But it was so memorable. Everything was so picturesque! BEAUTIFUL! We took my 6 year old. He made it there, but struggled back to the car. I wouldn't reccomend for young children. This trail took us about 5 hours from parking lot to the falls and back. Be sure to take a warm jacket it gets really cold once you get to the Fall. Have fun!

Get ready to walk

Went there yesterday and it’s closed

Hey! For anyone who is trying to figure out if this hike/trailhead is still open/accessible. Today (5/11/20) I made the drive out to this trailhead and had to turn around (literally a few minutes from the trailhead) due to the road being closed and blocked off to the trailhead. Also all the streets have no parking signs and there are also signs posted by the residents that are not welcoming to strangers during the shelter in place. I have hiked this trail before and remember if being amazing. I guess we will have to try again when the shelter in place is over. Good luck!

Been here 2 times, and would do ot again! Great hike with an AMAZING reward at the end. Fantastic views, Coyote sighting, Deer and all types of bugs. Go very early in the morning, because it get crowded later in the day.

Kooks go home

This hike is so worth it! I love it! I’ve hiked this like four times! Waterfall by the beach! Who wouldn’t want to see that! It’s beautiful! Going down to see the waterfalls is kind of scary. Just be really careful going down and up the mountain. But it’s so worth it!! Relax and enjoy it!! :)

This is one of my favorite hicking spot. I recommend going early in the morning, the mist in the woods gives a good feeling.

Trailheads are closed right now (Covid) but you can park along highway 1. I did the hike clockwise. The first half from the trailhead to Alamere Falls is pretty over grown at parts and the worst: lots of poison oak! It’s almost impossible to avoid it. The trail down to the falls is also very over grown and you have to push though it. Again not a good idea with all that poison oak around. That stuff is responsible for the worst 2 weeks of my life! Let’s hope I got away with it today. Anyway the second half is very nice. I took the route along the beach and rejoined to trail by the camp ground.

Did this hike a few years back with my wife and friends. Awesome hike and beautiful waterfall check photo out. It is a LONG! hike and feet did hurt a little once finished lol. but definitely worth it.

I do not remember this being 13 miles but we did go all the way down to the bottom of the waterfall. It's super cool. We almost got lost a few times and it is scary scrambling down the rocks to the bottom. Thin , slippery slate rocks for like 10 or 20 minutes. I would never take my kids to the bottom of falls. Ready to go back!!

My favorite place to go

Lovely trail through the woods. A decent amount of uphill but not too bad. There isn't a view at the peak if that's what you're going for, but going past the peak a bit gets you to some ocean views.

Get ready for a long all day hike! Well worth it for the waterfalls

This is a wonderful trail when it's open. Did it last year and it was well worth the trip to get there. The last bit was overgrown but once you come out of it you're standing at the edge of the ocean with amazing views. Large rocks where you can sit and relax by the water. Saw beautiful groupings of elk on the way. One of my all-time favorite trails.

In agreement with what Nick, the last review, is saying. Went there today and the road was closed. There was a park ranger or some sort of park authority who made us turn back. We tried two additional hikes in Marin which were the same.

This trail IS closed due to COVID, and has been for weeks. As of today (a Saturday) they are ticketing and towing people at the lot 2.5 miles before the trailhead.

This hike is one for the books! I suggest not taking the short cut for your time because you will miss out on some breathtaking views! Taking the short cut back was what we did and it was perfect. Pack enough water and take food! There is a bathroom at the horsecamp at the beach.

Trail is NOT closed due to covid, just the road past 298 Mesa Rd. There is a parking lot before the gate, and if you park there and walk, it adds an extra 2.5 miles (5 round trip). Bicycles not permitted on the trail, but locals seem to be riding their bikes to the trail, and then riding them on the trail, so you should feel empowered to do so if you wish.

Beautiful coastal trail with a lot of wildlife! Saw elk and coyotes. Closed recently due to COVID19.

Great trail and definitely a good burn but the pay off view was well worth it!!! Highly recommend it.

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