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Point Reyes is a few miles north of San Francisco and offers a number of great hiking options. There are short hikes to the beach from several entrances, as well as longer backpacking options. There are many campsites near the beaches with water and facilities. The lighthouse on the point is also a major tourist attraction, as are the wildflowers in the spring. Hours: sunrise to midnight

Wear pants and long sleeves because you’ll walk through tall grass for an hour. Beautiful trail with wildflowers.

Beautiful and mellow hike. Bring a jacket for Tomales Point, it gets chilly! Lots of wildlife to see and wildflowers everywhere.

All I can say is WOW! This is hands down the hardest hit as well as the most amazing.
Why is it the hardest?
The terrain.. so wear SUPPORTIVE shoes.. actual hiking shoes seemed to be the shoes of choice!! There is poison Ivy towards the end but As long as your body is covered for that part you should be good
Why is it the most amazing?
So far it is because of the views, you get forest, ocean, lakes, beautiful trees and at the end a beach!! It was an all day hike for us because we laid out on the beach. Pack lots of water, clothes to get wet in if you didn’t want to go in the ocean or the waterfall and food to snack on.

I was sore for about 4 days but it was worth every ache and pain. I want to go back soon!

Loved everything about this trail towards the beach!

10 days ago

Nice hike, especially if you add on a stop at Sculptured Beach as some other reviewers have recommended. A few suggestions if you go on this hike: the trail is overgrown in many places with a lot of poison oak in the area, so I would highly recommend wearing pants; the Fire Lane Trail is quite exposed, so it is worth doing that portion of the hike in a cooler part of the day if it is warm/sunny (as it was when we hiked it).

on Tomales Point Trail

11 days ago

fantastic hike. timed it perfectly for lunch at the point as the fog cleared to reveal some whales spouting about. wildflowers where just past peak but still outstanding it was a great just shy of 10 mile hike!! loved it!!

Awesome trail with varied ecosystems from shrubs to covered forest to sandy beach. It’s a well maintained dirt path, beginner level up until you get to the cliffs by the ocean at the upper falls which is what makes it intermediate. There’s some scrambling down rocks for about 100 m (that you’ll have to climb back up upon return). If you’re a beginner take your time, have good treaded shoes, and you should be fine! The small offshoot path to the falls near the end is easy to miss and surrounded by head high foliage. Make sure to check a map or ask someone else. We arrived at 10 am on Saturday and still managed to get parking right outside of the parking lot. There were already a lot of people. This is a great hike to take your visiting hiker friends on. The upper and lower falls are fantastic! Watch out for poison oak at the last bit towards the falls. It WILL touch your clothing.

Fun for a quick day hike! Beautiful views for such a short distance!

13 days ago

Great trail!

an easy walk, gorgeous views and fresh air! very busy trail, gotta start early to get some solitude and place by the falls

Very interesting hike. The trail runs along the ridge line of a peninsula which forms the western side of Tomales Bay. Wild flowers are in full bloom, especially the pink and white radish bushes which are 5 ft high and the sweet smelling yellow lupine. Two negatives: the last mile of the trail out is sand which is tough to walk on. Also, this area is very windy. But the area is unique and Tomales Point is very dramatic, not to be missed. Saw lots of Tule elk and also a bobcat. Total hike: 9.7 miles, 3 hr 50 min.

15 days ago

Was difficult as a beginning backpacker but awesome ocean views. Hiked to Wildcat camp. Would be a very nice day hike. Trail was crowded during the mid day with other people going to the falls. Elevation change was tough at times with a pack. Very buggy, got eaten up by bugs on the trail.

I had a blast on this trail, I got there at around 10 and had to park about a quarter mile from the trail head - although heading out I saw that cars were parked over a mile and a half down the road, so I consider myself luck that I had evening plans!

The trail has an excellent mix of covered and exposed hiking, I definitely recommend a hat and sunglasses. It winds over sea-side cliffs, through temperate groves and through underbrush tunnels (my personal favorite part of the hike was winding through the vegetation after the almost hidden turnoff.)

The trail itself is fairly well-maintained although I found a disappointing amount of fruit bar wrappers and even a lunchables container and water bottle (all of which I picked up and toted with me.) Bring a little bag to pick up stray trash and pack out any trash you have with you and everyone can enjoy the trail a little more.

I found it enjoyable that so many people from all over the place were hiking to the beach. I even saw a teenager with a giant flamingo innertube! But I was fairly unbothered by the people, having arrived fairly early I was able to remain in my own bubble of solitary hiking for the majority of the trail.

Perfect weekend morning (early!) hike with lunch at the falls, planning on returning.

Awesome moderate hike. Make sure you go very early so you won’t have to park a mile away. Awesome views along the way. There is a shortcut to the waterfall which can easily be missed if you haven’t gone before. It is a little after 3.75 miles out. The shortcut will look like a small opening through the bush on your left. If you continue start however, you’ll end up at the beach regardless. It’s just another mile or two out to the beach and once you reach the beach, you’ll have to hike another mile back to the waterfall. If you take the shortcut, you’ll have to go down the rocky mountain which could be pretty challenging. Make sure you got grippy shoes and never jump down from one area to another because that’s how I injured my right knee. It’s all better now but at that time, I was afraid I wasn’t going to make it back. :) The hike back is good just tiring because of all the fun you had at the beach drained the energy out of you. Loving couples you see at the beginning holding hands are probably separated now because one doesn’t want to wait for the other. Hahaha. have fun and be safe.

So beautiful!! Easy hike, minor uphills for a few sections. Elephant seals we also it in full form!

Great moderate hike. Beautiful wild flowers, breathtaking view of the oceans, birds and majestic trees were amazing to behold. The climb to the top of the falls is an added plus to the experience. Nature at its best!

Very nice hike but very crowded. We went back hiking on the beach to the fall. The climb back to the trail at the fall is a little be tricky.

Good hike, beautiful views of the coastline. Only wish we would have been lucky enough to see whales!

19 days ago

Beautiful secluded beach with interesting driftwood. Hiked here from our Point Reyes kayak-in campsite. We saw a lot of the wild elk in the walk to the trail head. My fiance proposed to me here which makes it a little extra special of course. :)

The wild flowers are surreal!!! super beautiful!!

Nice trail to take to Wildcat Camp.

20 days ago

Great hike. Although the last half mile or so is severely overgrown.

This hike is basically a steady hike up and down a fire road, and mostly tree protected. It is a little boring as far as the terrain and scenery. Extend the hike by turning left at the beach and walking a mile to Alamere falls.

Beautiful trail with a variety of views. Hiked this in early May at 10 am and saw very few people until our last couple miles. Sculptured Beach was a stunning side trip - succulents, flowers, shells and white sand. I’d avoid Bear Valley trail if I did it again - more like an access road as it’s wide, flat and filled with more people.

Excellent trail. Beautiful lush green scenery the entire distance. Glen Camp provides peace and serenity deep in the woods. Bathrooms and drinkable water are available at the campground. Highly recommended for a head clearing reconnection with the outdoors.

A great hike with a variety of scenery. The climb down to the beach was a little difficult with people trying to go up and down at the same time. But other than that it is an amazing hike.

Such a breathtaking hike! The mix of costal and Forrest makes for a nice balance. Parking is a bit difficult so I would definitely recommend getting there early!

One of my favorite hikes. The landscape changes as trail progresses and it rewards you with a beautiful waterfall and beach. Ultimate hike!

Ticks. I’d not do the second half starting Woodward trail. It was all tall grasses and scrubs. Tons of caterpillars and ticks along that trails for almost two hours. I got bit by a wood tick I think. Hopefully no disease transmission. No rash or fever so far t+12. The first half was beautiful. That’s the only part I would recommend.

Very enjoyable walk. Nice mix if Sun and shade. Plenty of parking in the main parking area, even on Memorial Day. A lot of hikes to choose from in this area, so there should be something for everyone. Of course picking one that has a goal of getting you to the shoreline such as this is definitely a nice goal to set!

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