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Point Reyes is a few miles north of San Francisco and offers a number of great hiking options. There are short hikes to the beach from several entrances, as well as longer backpacking options. There are many campsites near the beaches with water and facilities. The lighthouse on the point is also a major tourist attraction, as are the wildflowers in the spring.

Great hike when you want something short and simple but with stellar views. I wasn’t aware that I would get to see elephant seals so that was a nice surprise!

Very scenic, views ranging from rain forest, to Northern forests. Also pretty easy, great to do it early in the morning. We saw deer as we got there early.

Got there at about 1pm, right as the first crowd was leaving, got great parking. Timed perfectly for a picnic at the beach, and sunset from the top of the ridge about one-half mile in. FYI: There is a dirt road for about a mile before the trailhead. Potholes

This is by far my most favorite trail. For 8.8 miles, you get everchanging views (ocean, forest, lakes), weather (overcast, clear and sunny), and terrain so that you’re constantly stimulated all the way to the end where there’s a tricky steep descend to get to the beach. But oh is it worth it!

nice spot to head to the coast. I'd love to camp here!

Very peaceful, fun hike. Took the Scout Troop. Very few views except trees, but well shaded and pleasant.

7 days ago

amazing hike!

While this trail is one of the more popular and busy trails in the park it really is a great one to try if you want to really experience what Point Reyes has to offer all in one place. The hike begins at an old farm house and after about a quarter mile later you are overlooking beautiful vistas of the sea cliffs. You'll encounter many different types of wild life on the hike as there are roaming elk packs and many different types of birds flying around. The hike is pretty easy/moderate as the 1200 ft elevation gain is spread out over a couple rolling hills along the 9.5 mile in and out trail. The trail is well defined and easy to follow but suffers a lot of erosion in places and at certain points becomes sandy. this hike is usually windy and there is almost no tree cover for shade.

It was a beautiful hike......

perfect length for a morning hike. We took the coast trail way, and at the beach went down to the water to hike that
.5 Mile portion with the rich sound of waves. brought our lunch to eat at the camp picnic table, and use the outhouse conveniently located before the last 2 miles back up fire trail to Laguna trail parking lot.

Fun trail, ends on a beautiful beach

It’s really nice hike with all combine. Bear valley trail is almost flat with no elevation gain along with stream and forest. Arch rock is already collapsed, so avoid it. Sky trail has smoothly elevation gain with good view of pacific.

We loved this hike and got so many opportunities to see elk, hawks (and various other birds), and other little critters. Definitely bring sunscreen and/or a hat as the trail overs very little coverage. I rated this trail a 4 because although the views were stunning, the out-and-back nature of this hike made the terrain a little boring and the uphill terrain made it difficult to really enjoy the views at every moment. I wouldn’t consider the terrain difficult by any means, but the length of the trail may make this one a bit more difficult for those looking for quick weekend adventure. The great thing about out-and-backs though is that you can always cut the hike to your desired length!

The weather was perfect and beautiful view all the way. Most of hiking were flat walking but we had some up the hill. It totally worth it the effort.

So many great views of coastline, vegetation, and water. many sections are shaded, and the hike was long but easy. I highly recommend this one, it’s one of my top picks for Bay Area hikes!

Great hike! Some just take the unofficial trail to go to the top of the falls. I suggest both this and moving forward to head to the beach. From there, you can proceed south to see the falls into the beach. Be careful for the rising tide as there is a section on the beach in which the water will go up to the vertical cliffs. I logged 16 miles in 6 hours.

This trail goes in and out of so many different types of terrain, you never get bored! Great views and the waterfall is a nice treat before heading back. We took Palomarin Trail Head out to Wild Cat Camp (pit toilets and water spout) then walked the gorgeous beach to the falls and back out to the trail head. It was just over 13 miles. There is a lot of poison oak, so long sleeves and pants is a good choice.

scenic driving
14 days ago

This was a nice little 10 min walk from the parking lot to the beach. So just a little heads up, there are restrooms, however there are no sinks and the toilets don’t flush, there are no toilet seat covers so bring your own or be ready to squat. I walked with my 15 month old son in a carrier, this was easy on the way down to the beach, on the way back up the hill, it was a bit tough with all of his extra weight plus the backpack I had on, just take your time going up. There are not a ton of people at this location, which is nice for a chill day, it was beautiful, it’s like hiking a trail, then you start hearing the beach, turn a corner and boom! Ocean! We brought lunch and a blanket, walked around the waves were a bit intense, so no one was swimming, but you could put your feet in, this a great place to take pictures, we saw a bunch of elk on a mountain on our way back to our car.

In winter time, this trail is very popular for whale watching and only accessible by shuttle bus, $7 pp. Definitely worth to explore: beautiful landscape, dramatic cliffs, long beaches and rolling green hills that are speckled with cows. Once at the parking lot for the visitor center, a small hill awaits. Passing some resident housing and the visitor center, the lighthouse sits on a cliff below. 290 stair steps lead down to it. Volunteers are readily available to share historical details and stories.

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