1 month ago

Beautiful view! Street artist put graffiti all over the rocks and rubble which I loved.

2 months ago

It was very short, dirty and disappointing.

5 months ago

Nice little area to hike and explore. Tons of foot traffic and proceed with caution.

place is cool but be careful after dark, had 2 different groups of friends robbed at gunpoint

I was confused when I first parked at the park, but soon realized there's not a entrance you have to hop the 3ft cement fence wall in a certain spot that will lead you to a big hole under the other fence.. Ignore all the trespassing signs. This place is dope! The views are amazing.. Just wear some sturdy shoes.

11 months ago

Sunday, October 09, 2016

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The view is breathtaking

Monday, August 29, 2016

pretty cool place to go and explore. super easy to get to. firefighters were training and repelling down one of the cliff sides while we were there. entered from where the park is. was able to find a semi easy way climb down to the water.

Thursday, August 04, 2016

So beautiful has a park nice stop if your close.

Monday, August 01, 2016

Finally made my way to Sunken City in San Pedro. Easy Parking and great site views. There are 4 ways to enter... the hole that is near the park and it's a big hole to go under. I wasn't sure from the pictures if I was gonna have to get dirty going under. I am a bigger girl, so all I had to do was grouch down and walk through. The same place where you go under the gate, you can actually walk to the edge of the fence and just walk around. I seen that after the fact. And despite some of the stuff I did end up reading, the edge of the fence or going under are no dangerous or hard. We brought our 8 year old niece, although she did need help with some of the climbs.

You can also enter through the fence, which is a walk through. It's right in front of Carolina street. I made the mistake of following the trial and missed it. But in order to fit through the fence you have to be around 200lbs of less. I saw a lot of people try to pass through who not fit and the only person who did fit from my group was a child. So best to enter at the Point Fermin Park.

Now if like me you missed or didn't read reviews, I didn't fit through the fence and had no idea where the hole under the fence was. So we jumped the fence at the Skate Park. The Fence is only about 4 Feet high and I am over 250 lbs and had no trouble jumping it. So those are the 4 ways to get in.

Parking is free on the streets and at the Park. There are plenty of pics to take, places to eat across the street, a Roach Coach and Ice cream truck at the park if you want a snack afterwards.

I recommend you wear good shoes with good traction. Some of the trial is steep and rocky. Especially if you go down to the water, which we did. Also if you don't have good balance maybe even bring garden gloves. There is a ton of glass everywhere from people not picking up their trash and having all those broken beer bottles everywhere.

So have fun and hope this review helped.

Monday, July 25, 2016

So it was a lot of fun to explore, but sadly very dirty! Once we hiked down the mountain beachside we were bombarded by disgust. All the leftover old Dead Seaweed on the shore with seagulls pooping and eating crab! It smelled like old fish and a lot of gross flies! A lot of lower class roaming around and it feels like people just dump their old belongings over the ledge.. It is beautiful from the top but once you get down its just nasty!