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We tried to hike this trail Saturday before mother's day may 13th 2017 and could only get to a mile or so from the trail head due to snow.
So we were not able to complete the hike.

Recommend this trail for the beauty and creation of IN THE BEGINNING GOD CREATED.......

12 days ago

17 days ago

Very exhausting, down hill all the way there and up hill all the way back. A good hike none the less. Pack bug spray and lots of water!!

Decent trail, but due to the Frazier Creek Road still being closed (May 4, 2017) due to 2-4 feet of remaining snow and several mature trees fallen over the road it was a 5-mile snowshoeing trek for me. Do NOT believe the "accessible year around" claim.

21 days ago

I have visited Bald Rock twice now and plan to go back many more times. I just love this place. It's an easy hike with amazing views. I love that it is both kid and dog friendly. My kids had a blast exploring and climbing up the rocks. We packed a lunch and had a picnic up there. It's truly a spectacular, majestic place. If you have not yet visited I highly recommend that you do. It's defiantly worth the trip out there. I love it!!

This hike was incredible. Highly recommended. Gorgeous lakes, places to relax, views... just perfect.

on Big Bald Trail

1 month ago

my wife and i went today and it was simply beautiful. beautiful day to be on top of the rock. we climbed to the top hung our feet off the edge and ate lunch while overlooking the forest below. hawks flying directly in front of us made for the perfect setting for a picnic in the sky. if you haven't been to this place yet GO GO GO GO! you wont be disappointed. easy trails. plenty of room for kids to play and pets. just be safe on the drive up. the roads get very narrow with alot of turns!..be safe take your family and enjoy the beauty this place has to offer...and please...clean up after yourselfs. " you pack it in...you pack it out"..dont ruin it for the rest of us....be safe!

Jim & Crystal Martin

1 month ago

Born and raised in Plumas County, I can tell you for sure this is a great trail and NOT on private property.
2017 is one of the best years to view the falls due to maximum flow in Indian Creek!
Please respect this place and pack out your trash, etc. Thanks!

3 months ago

Not much of a hike but the view was beautiful.

4 months ago

5 months ago

6 months ago

Gorgeous views, wonderful hike.
Depending on time of year it can be very windy. Carry plenty of water for the backside as the only access to the lake is a short distance.

6 months ago

Private Property. Not good.