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23 days ago

Great place

1 month ago

Beautiful little lake at the bend of the loop, beautiful views all around

Awesome place. Good vibe. Amazing views. Had a dog with us and he did fine. It’s the middle of January and the weather was perfect. As soon as the sun sets the temp drops... fast! Totally recommend if you’re in the area!

First mile or two is completely uphill and is unforgiving if you're out of shape like myself, so just be prepared. After uphill you head through a redwood forest, then out into the open for some amazing, absolutely unforgettable vistas.

Great hike! A few snow areas that are iced over and you need have the right foot gear with you. A few trails are under a few inches of water, but you can maneuver around most of them.

2 months ago

Very peaceful hike that starts off a bit depressing as you walk through the remains of a recent fire. You'll have some amazing views at the top of your ascent and eventually the lush green of the forest returns. Hiked this trail counter clockwise and it seemed to be frontloaded climb wise. Enjoyable and definitely recommended if passing through Quincy.

2 months ago

this is actually part of the Spanish Trailhead system (see pic). 2 sections make up this loop. the Spanish Traverse Trail 1.5 miles and the Spanish Ridge Trail 1.7 miles. singltrack and switchbacks take you up where you'll get glimpses of beautiful views. but just wait. there are 2 benches placed for viewing the sunset and overlooking the valley and Quincy. Spanish ridge has a 360 view that is quite stunning. I'll be coming back here to finish the other sections soon!!

2 months ago

Very short hike along a paved path but we had the place to ourselves and there was enough good snow on the ground for a good old snowball fight.

All trails direction sends you up the main road past the Frazier Falls turnoff sign. that road is blocked. we doubled back and took the brown Frazier Falls sign turnoff. that road is a bit icy in places. driveable though.

plenty of picnic tables and benches.

2 months ago

there's a big rock for someone's house a bit to the right of the parking area. there is also a wood barrier with a "private property" sign attached to it blocking the help road. look to the left and you'll see a trail. there's a 3 foot burm (hump) at the start of the trail. Just follow it down to the river. frost covered rock and a little moss covered area are interesting.

I'm not rating the trail as it is more a foot path, rating the springs. once you get past/used to the smell this is a relaxing place. invigorating to dip in the river then jump back in the springs. also had some great conversation with the people we shared the springs with. 8 total on a sunny brisk day. few went natural but they asked if anyone minded and were respectful. fun time and kids absolutely loved it

3 months ago

Great trail for all levels and ages! Easy hike with a beautiful view, a bit windy windy at this time of year

This trail is beautiful. However, as of Nov 25, 2017, we found several patches of the trail under snow. This made it hard to follow the trail. But this trail is breathtaking.

Agree, this is an EASY rating. It’s a short hike on a decent path with a nice photo opportunity at the end of it. A good one for those who are physically less able. Be forewarned it can get more windy / cool than is felt at the car park.

i think anywhere out here in this area is gorgeous, all trails worth it! we encountered quite a bit of snow Nov 25,2017 post holing occasionally but it's still worth it!

There's no water flowing but it's a. Ice hike. Quick and easy.

4 months ago

This trail is Hard. And, like other reviews it is not maintained past Paul’s Creek Point. My suggestions is that you only attempt to ascend the peak if you are comfortable scrambling up off trail. I used downloaded map in the app to stay as close to or on trail as possible. Lots of downed timber and hiking through thick brush. Our legs are shred up, but it was lots of fun.

Got a light dusting of snow this morning. Trail was still easy to navigate. Stunning views. Hard to beat.

nature trips
5 months ago

This place is under new ownership as Feather River Hot Springs. you are supposed to reserve your time at least 2 hours ahead by text or calling and it is $5 cash in an iron ranger.
We arrived at around 9 am on a Friday and it was busy. we didn't know it had new ownership and we had no cell service so we just paid and went it. it was awesome. It is far less than .6 miles. maybe .2

5 months ago

What a great day. Doing this one again for sure. Maybe hiking boots next time.

Great trail. No major inclines or declines with good variety of scenery. Completed in late september with some snow on the ground with a group 25 people ages ranging from 6-70 year old hikers without any problems.

Great trail. Amazing sights and wonderful lakes!

nature trips
6 months ago

Awesome hot springs! Came on Wednesday afternoon/evening and had the hot springs to myself. Beautiful location with the nice cool river you can jump in and cool off.

There are 3 tubs. A big one, a more bathtub sized one, and then a natural variation that has a bunch of rocks holding the water in place (I liked this natural one the best although it has the least amount of water).

The hot springs are actually hot and I'd estimate the first tub is around 100-102° with each tub getting progressively cooler as the water makes it way to them.

Also, realize this is a natural hot spring so the water has lots of minerals and smells of sulfur. The big first tank has the clearest water, but there is still sediment within it.

Will definitely come back!

7 months ago

We took a variation of the All Trails Gray Eagle Creek/Waterfalls hike and turned it into a loop including Smith Creek and Smith Lake. This ended up being a fairly strenuous hike, at least more so than we had counted on. After starting on the Gray Eagle Creek trail we took the cut off that goes over to the Smith Creek trail. This trail goes up and over a ridge with a few nice views on the way. Then we walked toward Smith Lake on the Smith Creek trail - upstream and uphill all the way through forested area. The Creek is pretty as it tumbles down with several small cascading falls but it would have been prettier if we had seen them walking downhill. We side tripped to Smith Lake then came back and crossed the bridge and went down the Smith Lake trail to the parking area not far from Gray Eagle lodge, picked up the Gray Eagle Creek trail to head back to where we started. Great views of the area from the top of the Smith Lake trail. If I were to do it again I'd make it a point to point by taking the Smith Lake trail up to the lake and the Smith Creek trail all the way to Mohawk/Plumas Pines.

Great section with some awesome ridge line walking. Got it class of 2017.

Wonderful hike! Beautiful views at every turn. Great for 2 active Border Collies with lots of water to drink and swim in.

Beautiful scenery and lakes to swim in. Good for kids and dogs.

Great hike. my 4 yr olds first backpacking trip. we camped at long lake eventhough it was "restricted". my son was too tired to hike out. this would have been nice to know before we got uo there.

Great views and varied terrain. Highly recommend!

The initial accent is not "easy".

This trail is beautiful. The first stretch in Lassen NP really shows the devastation of forest fires. Few things are growing and it has been 4 years. Thanks to all the trail maintainers out there!

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