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This beautiful park, with its striking, oak-covered ridge, features hiking, biking, and equestrian trails with very limited development to keep its wild nature intact. On a clear day, the ridgeline offers stunning views of the Tri-Valley area, and the canyon provides a lush and scenic hideaway not too far from the heart of Pleasanton. Park Hours: 8am to sunset (varies seasonally) Fees: No fee Website: www.ebparks.org/parks/pleasanton

nice riding

I’m not super in shape and it wasn’t too bad! Amazing views. I was definitely sore and I think we did a little short cut but it was nice! I will go again.

mountain biking
2 days ago

This trails are awesome when it's dry ,if is muddy ,not too fun..but I'm still doing it ...ride it's a ride..I will recommend this trail on summer time..

This trail is okay. Good for dog walkers and mountain bikes. It is crowded, lots of freeway noise.

A consistent pump some spots are a hit challenging but a great workout..downhill is awesome..lots of things to jump off of..will do it again.

Beautiful ride..however the cows are free roam including the bull..yikes..so that threw us off our planned trail a bit avoiding him lol... Had a beast of an incline starting, and almost too soft gravel on the decline in certain areas..overall a good Saturday morning strole through Sunol.

Easy, free street parking. Super clean bathroom at trailhead. Well marked and maintained trail with beautiful views of tri-valley.

3 months ago

The area is multi-use, so you will be sharing the trails with mountain bikers, hikers, trail runners, equestrians, and cows. Most people start at the parking lot at the base of Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park off of Foothill Road.

Most of the Ridgeline Trail section has very little shade so expect a lot of sun exposure. The air can also be quite dry during the dry seasons, and temperatures can get into the 90s during the summer. There are more shades from trees when you get to the Shady Creek area, and it is also quieter once you are on the other side of the ridge away from the highway.

There are a lot of intertwining trails so it’s easy to make a wrong turn, but often (but not always), if you keep going it will reconnect back. When you approach some of the steeper peeks, you typically have the option of going over or around.

There are more connected trails beyond Shady Creek Trail so if you are so inclined you can go well beyond the ~14 miles covering Ridgeline and Shady Creek. I suspect you can do a 50k loop out of this ridge system, but haven’t tested it personally.

You could go south on Ridgeline Trail instead of north, but it ends relatively quickly, and I personally didn’t find it as worthwhile as heading north so I have done it once, and haven’t gone back since. It just ends at some private property so it really isn’t worth going there unless that was your property.

Most of the creeks in the Shady Creek area are dried out by late summer, but if you go in winter or early spring you may need to get your feet wet at a few of the creek crossings.

I use AT&T, and I had a signal most of the front section of this loop, but I did not have any signal near the back section of Shady Creek. Very few people venture that far back so you may be quite isolated back there. Though I did make a wrong turn and saw a house on top of the ridge so there must be some kind of road back there.

Good trail the last part is a bit steep buts it’s worth the effort u could see the whole of city from the height

This is a very busy park. It sounded like a UN meeting with all of the foreign languages that were being spoken when I arrived this morning! There are lots of foot, bicycle, horse, and dog traffic. Nice vault restrooms and the parking was ample but dusty.

Christmas trail is not marked. Thank goodness I had my Garmin with me. I meant to take a picture, but forgot. Best way to spot the trail is there are two white pipes sticking out of the ground on a knoll to the left - that is the trail you want to take. Not sure if you want to though. It is very steep in areas and there weren't a lot of foot prints - so limited foot traffic, but a lot of bicycle tracks. If a cyclist was racing down this hill, you could wind up in the sticky bushes or worse. Not to worry right now, once I reached the summit, there was a sign stating the trail area was closed! There was not a sign from Sycamore Grove Trail stating that.

The rest of the trails were fire roads. Some very nice views of the area although you could see the freeway a lot. Good reminder to take your time and enjoy the peace of nature before you rejoin the rat race below.

This is a nice trail for locals to use for exercise. Too many people walking with radios on for me. Very little wildlife.

Enjoyed this one a few times. It wasn't crowded any time I was in this trail system.

nice open trail with good views. we did it at sunrise and it was awesome!

trail running
6 months ago

I was expecting more single track through the woods etc. it's mostly just a dirt road except for the last last downhill section. no technical aspects. the views are great at the top but scenery on the trail itself is a little boring, oak trees and the dried up native grass. the best thing about the trail is that it is steep and provides a good uphill workout.

Great hike at the time... Packed a lunch with a gf. A few views to the west that you won't see anywhere else.

Enjoyed this trail system. I've done all of it a few times.

6 months ago

Nice little trail done as part of a much longwr hike.

Start early, not much shade, bring lots of water, it was ok

Great scenic workout!!

I liked it. Good amount of incline and decent scenery. Tons of wildlife if you’re into that jazz. Hiked it in 90F and there isn’t much coverage so expect to work up a huge sweat. Good after work hike. Took us 90 mins

For an urban trail this is just great lots of woods to walk through as well as the usual open California chaparral

The pictures don’t do this trail justice! I’m from flat as can be Houston Texas. The hills (mountains in my eyes) are beautiful and rolling. A camera simply does not pick up there beauty as seeing it in person does. The views from the top are amazing!!

Good hike. Nothing spectacular.

I loved it here! There was some overgrowth on some of the trails but it wasn’t too bad. There are some shaded areas so the sun isn’t overwhelming

My husband and I hike here with our dog very often. It’s really close to where we live so it makes it easy. It’s so beautiful, great views! Most of it is slightly uphill so it’s a good workout

mountain biking
8 months ago

south peak

9 months ago

Gorgeous views

An enduring, well worth hike. Lots of fresh air and scenic. A moderate walk and rewarding at the end.

Great trail run this afternoon!

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