Pretty hike, a steady uphill climb of 1300 ft elevation change that follows the PCT for the first 1-1/2 miles or so before it veers off to the peak of Mt Williamson for the last 500 ft. As others mentioned, continue following the Pleasant View Ridge to the next peak after Mt Williamson for a better 360 degree view and a guestbook to sign. I found that it wasn't worth following Pleasant View Ridge once you get to the third peak (at about 2.5 mile into the hike) and right before the steep dropoff to the (lower) fourth peak and the fork in the road. I found that the view after the dropoff and at the end of this map's route wasn't worth it, and the steep climb back up to the third peak lacked any helpful switchbacks, so it was very challenging. Overall, a good solid day hike that can be completed in a few hours.

Followed the pct for the first stretch, then turned left at the junction to Mt Williamson. After summiting the mountain, you can continue further down a steep slope, then back up, then back down. The trail splits to continue pleasant view ridge on the left or to the ridge on the right where you can see old airplane wreckage about .5 miles in.

Overall fun trail with challenges and great views. I went on a rainy cloudy day in Los Angeles and the clouds were like a blanket laying over the basin below. Very scenic!

29 days ago

A very short but enjoyable hike. Combine this with another trail nearby and it's worth it.

Made it to the top 1 week ago. There's plenty of shade until you get to the top of the mountain, then another two miles to the end. The trail is not easy to follow 5 miles into the hike, sometimes found yourself rock climbing just to follow the path. Overall, there were some advantage points with breathtaking views. The view is rewarding way to end the hike

Monday, October 27, 2014

This is a nice (very) short hike for a couple of reasons; you can check another summit of your personal San Gabriels peaks list, and the summit area abounds with awesome views in all directions if you are willing to do some pleasant exploring to find them.

I have seen reviews of this trail that describe it as an "easy" hike, since it is only a half-mile trail. Nonsense. This trail is not easy. It may be short, but I would liken it to climbing a 500-foot staircase. In other words, steep. The first half of the first half is the very steepest part, and the last third of the trail mellows out a bit, but is still much steeper than most other trail sections I have encountered in the San Gabriel Mountains.

I really enjoyed the summit area of this mountain. Lots of beautiful spots to sit and enjoy the rewards as the sweat dries off of you from the climb to get up there. We found the top of the mountain to be literally covered in the tracks of both Bighorn and deer. We even spotted fresh bear track the day we were up there.

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