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The purpose of Placerita Canyon State Park, in Los Angeles County, is to preserve and protect the site of the first discovery of gold in California, in 1842. Designated as a State Historic Landmark, the unit is situated in the transition zone between the San Gabrial Mountains and the Mojave Desert, and contains sandstone formations, seasonal streams and riparian oak woodlands, as well as stands of cottonwood and native sycamore trees. The unit's location provides significant linkages connecting the Angeles National Forest, the Santa Susana Mountains, the Simi Hills and the Santa Monica Mountains. The unit contains the remnants of an historic ranch. Park & Walker Ranch Trailhead Hours: Sunrise to Sunset

A mildly challenging hike (my 2 year old climbed 3/4ths of it without help). However, it is short and the last peak of the hike is overgrown.

1 month ago

Chris, I can't see any other way to contat you so I am using the "Review" on this site. My name is J.Rupert and I am trying to contact you to see if I can get your permission to use one of your photos as the background for the outdoor interpretive panel on geology for the new Braille Trail in Placerita Canyon Natural Area. Please contact me at . thanks much.

The placerita to waterfall trail still is "closed" but easy to access behind a makeshift fence. There was a tiny bit of water flowing in the riverbed about half way up, enough to make one part of the trail pretty thick with vegetation. Since the trail is closed and has no maintenance activity and low traffic it is starting to get a bit overgrown in a few places in the canyon section. Still a great hike with lots of shade. Very few people on the trail and I got to see some blue birds, lots of lizards and a deer.

The "Heritage" trail was a very short paved walk to a tree. The trail on the map is something else that is closed due to the wildfires last year. Very misleading.

2 months ago

It was open, though most of the other trails were still closed.

Great hike, nice and challenging!

trail is still closed. has been for a year