Pismo State Beach offers all kinds of attractions: hiking, swimming, surf fishing, and digging for the famous Pismo clam. There are tree-lined dunes and the beach is popular with bird watchers. The park has the largest over-wintering colony of monarch butterflies in the U.S. Ocean Lagoon has a wheelchair-accessible fishing overhang. Several restaurants are within 2 blocks of the campground. ATV rentals are available within 2 blocks of the park. A trolly service provides access to the surrounding community.

3 months ago

The southern half of the trail has beautiful coastal dunes. The northern half of the trail is crowded boardwalk which can be skipped.

nature trips
4 months ago

Nice scenery spliced with back and forth between forest and ocean/beach. Very nice trail indeed.

4 months ago

Wow not sure how so many people rated this low. This is a beautiful trail especially at night with a full moon. I have walked this trail lots of times and it has never gotten old or boring.

beautiful walk, takes you into Pismo.

5 months ago

So everyone knows before you arrive, Pismo Beach is a recreational vehicle beach area. If you're looking for any type of peace and quite along a beach, this is not the trail for you. My group was very dissapointed

7 months ago

April 2017. Be prepared for bugs and more bugs, mosquitos and ticks as you go through the marshy areas.

Nothing to see. Unless you are camping here and are just doing a a walk, not worth it. The path is not maintained, small portion of it is paved, and rest of it is ugly, full of weeds and partially blocked with tree branches. Also portion of it It is not accessible as it is gated off. To top it off it borders a merky and dirty lagoon. Do not do it alone. But in my opinion, do not bother. Not worthy of even being on this list of trails to do.

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