Great weather, cool at the peak.

Great hike. Curtis' directions were very helpful. Great views, tons of hawks & eagles flying around. Was lucky enough to watch a thunderstorm pass to the north without us getting a drop.

Definitely gets tough towards the second half of the hike, bring plenty of water if you're going on a warm day.

Great views

I agree with all who have said this is a fantastic hike. If you're looking for a true hike, in the wild, with few people around, this is the one. I started at 6:30 am on Saturday and finished around 9:30. I was the only one on the trail until I passed two groups of two near the beginning on my way back. I broke every spiderweb haha.

A few tips:
Take the Espinoza Trail, but when you reach an open area with a sign, go right! It will say no outlet, but that's the way. You will see pine trees immediately on that trail. Follow this until you reach another semi-open area. You will see a faded birds of prey sign, go straight there for Corte Madera.

I should have worn pants, my legs got scratched up from the narrow trail with impeding weeds/plants. There was so poison oak along the beginning of the trail, but I did not run against it and came out unscathed.

Breath-taking views from every spot. Native trees, shrubs and plants abound. Flies are a nuisance, but you're in the wild, deal with it.

Get your parking pass at Pine Valley Store beforehand.

I hiked the trail fasted, just take water and some electrolytes. Anyone in moderate shape should be able to handle this no problem if you take proper precautions.

A nice variety of terrain with just a few steep sections. The last half mile or so to the top is not only very scenic, the pine trees make the air smell great. The constant bugs are definitely annoying. The view at the top is great in all directions and big flat sections of rocks to rest on a while and enjoy the view before heading back. It was a total distance of 7 miles from where I parked on Corral Canyon Rd.

Bring bug spray, the flies were super intense

This was tougher than I originally anticipated. We went on a Monday around 9:00am, got to the top around 10:30 & stayed up there for probably an hour (decided to lay out on the rocks!) Made it back down by 12:45pm. Great views, And there was no one else out there! Which I think was the best part. Great trail, steep climbing at times. If you are not regularly active this may be very difficult.