Great hike, even after the fire.

Great place for beginners to start hiking!

A good portion of the park was burned in the recent fires but they've since opened some of the trails again. Went today and there were several crews surveying the damage and tractors removing dead trees. The hiking is always good here, though. Easy trails good for running.

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2 months ago

Not my favorite, (kinda boring), but I come here because it’s my local trail. Some great climbing, well maintained terrain, not much shade via the east ridge route. It can get very hot during the warmer days. VERY popular on the weekends, so I go during the week. Many hikers go here with their dog children.

Peters Canyon Trail
Relatively easy trail with minimal hills and nice shady spots. Easy for everyone!

East Ridge View Trail
More hilly and can be steep at parts. No shade from trees. Nice views of the houses though!

Nice short hike that is easy to get to unfortunately the recent fire burned the natural vegetation it’s starting to grow back

Closed due to fire :(

Keep in mind that Peter's burned in the Canyon Fire 2 and it may be while before the vegetation comes back. For now, it is closed.

Temporarily closed from recent fires.

Burnt on 09OCTOBER2017 from Anaheim Canyon Fire

Tough to hike @ 104 degrees

It's an easy scenic trail.

Cool views open space helpful signs

I love the hills on this trail, great workout! Go early there isn't any shade! Beware of rattlesnakes! Have seen 2 in the last week!

The lake loop is easy. There is another trail with hills and is more difficult.

Easy trail around a lake. Comes with two inclines that is the only "hard" part. Relatively boring because you're still in the heart of a suburban neighborhood. If you come here at dusk or night, be prepared to get netted in the face by webs.

Must do of the Peters Canyon trails !

I have completed this trail multiple times .It is definitely a moderate hike as it comes with some steep hills (both when you head up and then hike downward ).Recommend to pack lots of water especially if you take your pet on a hike !

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