Be prepared to back-up if you meet another vehicle on sections of the narrow single lane access road. The trail traverses beautiful country and is worth the drive. You can purchase a permit at the trailhead if you have a smartphone with internet access.

3.5 (Hiked to the Pardee overlook)

To hike the trail a daily parking permit is required. Very inexpensive ($3 for the day, $20 for the year?)

The trail itself is wide, mix of gravel and dirt. The trees are spread apart. Not too shady so if hiking during a sunny day or the summer, bring a large hat, sunscreen, water!!

The hike was mildly moderate/easy from my experience and duration. Rolling hills. Small streams caused by the rain we've recently received. At the top of Pardee Overlook, great views westward toward Camanche and the valley.

This was a nice hike, but not great. The trail head is located about 3 miles down a rough, single lane road. After parking, cross the bridge and veer left. There is a check in and several signs indicating that a permit is required. We did not have a permit and did the hike anyway. Trail is well marked and you will pass through several cattle gates. We did not see another person on the trail. The first portion of the trail follows the river and was very green and wet. As we came away from the river, the landscape became more pasture and we could hear and see cars on Hwy. 49. The section of the trail that follows the river is very pretty and feels remote. It's the second half that made me give it a lower rating. Not a difficult trail, and took about 2 hours at a leisurely pace.

It was so green and a great walk

Well marked. Restrooms in parking lot. Nice views. It says you need a permit from EBMUD, but they don't say where to get the permit. So you risk a ticket...part of trail bear hwy 49 is noisy, but that part is short.

great trail with river access and nice views from the top.

Beautiful winter hike. Lots of history if you look closely.

rolling hills, gravle road, not much shade, lots of cows and no dogs.

3 months ago

Very pretty and quiet trail. Everything was so green with gorgeous views at the top.

Pretty area, nice rolling hills. Surprised to see signs saying permit from EBMUD required to park and use the trail. Lots of equestrian activity here - perhaps that's why. Nice wide gravel trail the whole way.

Hiked this today with my 10 year old. We did 7.9 miles (according to my fitbit) - I think we went a little further than this exact trail. Definitely lots of areas without shade ~ but a great hike. And, as one person mentioned before, watch out for rattlesnakes. A fairly large one (about 4.5ish feet long and fat) crossed the trail directly in front of us. Otherwise, saw plenty of squirrels, a deer & birds. Oh, and for summer hikes, bring lots of water:)

Wonderful area! Lots of grazing cows. Don't bring your dog. Not dog friendly. The steams are running and nice water fall! Quiet and clean area. Watch out for all the cow and horse droppings.

easy nice hike.the trail is near Middle Bar bridge. veiws are awesome.