on John Bull Loop Trail

20 days ago

More of a walk than hike but the view at the top is well worth the time spent. Don’t miss the Olive orchard off the coast to crest trail while you’re there.

Nice hike. No lake access.

28 days ago

This trail is like what the others said.
Although I will say that if you are not already in the area don't go out of your way.

You should go LEFT when the trail splits, this way the elevation climb isn't so bad, however coming down the other side is very steep. Other then that, I don't think the trail is used much, lots of over growth.

Also when entering the trailhead area do not drive over the bridge, your just going to walk back across to get to the trail. Instead try and find parking on the same side you come in.

And! There is apparently fishing, there were a few guys there when I started.

Great trail, but must have a pass.

6 months ago

It's just a gravel road for horses. You need a permit and they don't issue it at the "trailhead". There is also no lake access.

6 months ago

Please note: no dogs allowed. Also, permit is needed from East Bay Mud.