The description of the loop is deceiving. There is no signage in the parking lot says you need to hike at least 4 miles before the loop trailhead. The trail that starts at the parking lot is part of the Coast to Coast Trail. The trail is actually the size of a small road..well maintained. Moderate walk, with the exception of the hill as you go towards the parking lot. Did not seem so steep on the way in!

after you drive all the way out here and finally get to the trail it says you need a permit. of course the permit had to be obtained from somewhere else... Lame!

Steep clime to Patty’s point from Gwine Mine Road great views

on John Bull Loop Trail

3 months ago

More of a walk than hike but the view at the top is well worth the time spent. Don’t miss the Olive orchard off the coast to crest trail while you’re there.

Nice hike. No lake access.

This trail is like what the others said.
Although I will say that if you are not already in the area don't go out of your way.

You should go LEFT when the trail splits, this way the elevation climb isn't so bad, however coming down the other side is very steep. Other then that, I don't think the trail is used much, lots of over growth.

Also when entering the trailhead area do not drive over the bridge, your just going to walk back across to get to the trail. Instead try and find parking on the same side you come in.

And! There is apparently fishing, there were a few guys there when I started.

Great trail, but must have a pass.

9 months ago

It's just a gravel road for horses. You need a permit and they don't issue it at the "trailhead". There is also no lake access.

Please note: no dogs allowed. Also, permit is needed from East Bay Mud.

Winding one lane road about three miles from highway 49 to get to trailhead. Need pass from East Bay MUD. Wonderful hike through woodlands, crossing creeks, meadows. Moderate level. Lots of poison oak on trail. Bring bug spray and water. Best early in the day or on a cooler day.

Good to be outside. Great this spring.

Beautiful views in the spring. Great for kids as well.

Tip: go left if you want a gentle climb, right for more intense.

Well worth the trip

10 months ago

Loved it. The hike was comfortable and undemanding, which was perfect for my wife as this is our first hike in over 3 years. As mentioned by another review, March is a beautiful time to go as the hills are lush green and flowers are beginning to bloom. The river was running quickly, but serenely and the brooks coming down the sides of the hill provide a tranquil gurgling that almost begs for a sun salutation to be done.

I really appreciated the review that gave directions. Going down the single-lane road I began to question whether I was on the right road or had missed a turnoff, but I remembered that another reviewer had stated that it was nearly 3 miles down to a bridge. Also appreciated, were the heads up to purchase the permit at the trailhead. I paid $10 for the yearly permit at using my phone. Very easy.

My wife and I had a wonderful time hiking, listening to the river, brooks, and birds. I also liked that there wasn't garbage all over the place (e.g., water bottles, snack wrappers, etc.). We will be back with our 6 and 5 year-olds to hike part of the trail and picnic--the whole loop is a bit much for them.

Permit required, $3, can be purchased online. EBMUD I believe.
The trail was relatively mild as far as elevation.
Lots of cows and people riding horses.

Great hike! It's well marked with easy access from the Middle Bar Bridge. Requires a permit that you can buy at the entrance via your smart phone for $3. March is the perfect time of year while the hills are lush and green. Wildflowers are starting to bloom. A great spring hike!

Be prepared to back-up if you meet another vehicle on sections of the narrow single lane access road. The trail traverses beautiful country and is worth the drive. You can purchase a permit at the trailhead if you have a smartphone with internet access.

3.5 (Hiked to the Pardee overlook)

To hike the trail a daily parking permit is required. Very inexpensive ($3 for the day, $20 for the year?)

The trail itself is wide, mix of gravel and dirt. The trees are spread apart. Not too shady so if hiking during a sunny day or the summer, bring a large hat, sunscreen, water!!

The hike was mildly moderate/easy from my experience and duration. Rolling hills. Small streams caused by the rain we've recently received. At the top of Pardee Overlook, great views westward toward Camanche and the valley.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

This was a nice hike, but not great. The trail head is located about 3 miles down a rough, single lane road. After parking, cross the bridge and veer left. There is a check in and several signs indicating that a permit is required. We did not have a permit and did the hike anyway. Trail is well marked and you will pass through several cattle gates. We did not see another person on the trail. The first portion of the trail follows the river and was very green and wet. As we came away from the river, the landscape became more pasture and we could hear and see cars on Hwy. 49. The section of the trail that follows the river is very pretty and feels remote. It's the second half that made me give it a lower rating. Not a difficult trail, and took about 2 hours at a leisurely pace.

Monday, January 30, 2017

It was so green and a great walk

Well marked. Restrooms in parking lot. Nice views. It says you need a permit from EBMUD, but they don't say where to get the permit. So you risk a ticket...part of trail bear hwy 49 is noisy, but that part is short.

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