Started this hike around 11 am on a Tuesday and we only saw a handful of other people. Took a right at the first fork and a right at the second as well. Then walked for about 3 miles on the shore. Definitely need hiking boots or good athletic shoes the rocks aren't stable and move around under your feet. Can easily make this as long or as short of a hike that you want. We walked for about two miles north on the coast and then walked back to the second fork and took the left path. That path is much more steep there are some stairs built into the mountain but they don't make the incline/ decline much easier. Some of the best views in the area. If your lucky you'll see seals we saw plenty of sea life in tide pools.

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Beautiful views

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Heavily trafficked but nice views and variety of skill levels with a couple different beach access points. Plenty of free parking near the Trump clubhouse. There is a nice park with picnic tables near the trailhead by the clubhouse.

A great Saturday morning walk. But don't expect solitude, there were lots of people on he trail even at 7am. Good for me and my dogs. We had fun!

I was very pleasantly surprised by this trail. I went on a Friday around midday and I only saw a few people in the 5 or so miles that I did.

First of all, the scenery is gorgeous on pretty much every part of it--you are right along the water for a lot of it. Definitely the prettiest hike I've done in PV. Most of it is unpaved except in the area right by the golf course. There isn't much shade, unfortunately, but the coastal breeze helps. Bring water!

Second of all, it really is a truly moderate trail. I followed the map almost exactly, and it has its fair share of hills--you'll be going up and down for about half of it but that makes it a nice workout. I didn't go all the way down to the water on every side trail but that would definitely make it more strenuous because of a steep uphill trek on the way back.

The golf course also has public restrooms and a free parking lot just for people using the trail (golfers aren't allowed).

Would definitely do this one again and recommend it to others!