Dog-Owners! The main trail here is mostly fine, but some of the side loops off the main trail have cactus lining pretty narrow pathways. Some of the cactus overflows. Mostly observed on the adjacent loops heading up and east, not the side loops heading west to the water.

Side note - Dear Admin, If this trail is owned and run by the Palos Verde conservatory, can we change the name on here? Thank you!

fyi. this is not owned or maintained by Trump properties. Its actually Palos Verdes Conservatory

best hike its my fave we go twice a many ways to hike easy trails tough trails dwn to the ocean trail benchs over looking the ocean to have lunch on..

Amazingly scenic. In fact you need to be careful to watch where you are going you don’t run off the edge of the trail and off a cliff.

Lots of hills so it is quite a good workout Especially if you take The switchback trails down to the beach and back.

fuck this place I will not step foot on any if this buffoons property

Beautiful views and great versatility.

Great place. Only draw back no shade. None. Bring a hat and water. Windy too so lip balm would be great too. Beautiful ocean views and some inclines. Especially if you go down to the tide pools. I went on a Sunday and the parking was full when I left. Lot of dogs and most were following the rules and had them leashed. Watch out for bikes. I did not know they allowed them.

Amazing views. Not much of cardio. If you want more workout take couple of to the beach and back sub trails.

Nice hike from my girlfriends condo down to the beach. The short, steeper trail down to the beach was a nice workout coming back up. Weather was perfect today!

Beautiful Hike.. Go USA. Love the American Flag!

Went to the Trump Trails for the first time on Sunday morning, & I fell in love with the trails. Beautiful views to relieve some stress. Less crowded in the morning.

This trail serves multiple purposes and is great for a walk, run, or hike. The trail overlooks the ocean and consists of moderate climbs. It also contains various activity levels so you can casually walk or challenge yourself to increase your heart rate.

Great trail to run .

Nice Moderate hike!

Good all around trails. Beach access on a couple trails challenging at most but doable for my 6 year old. Fun all around great views nice rocky beach.

Lots of beautiful trails of the main trail! It was a fun hike and had very challenging potions.

4 stars for scenery. I recommend an early evening hike to catch the sunset. Trails are rather easy.

Nice trail . Nice ascending and descending routes. Beautiful scenery rain really change
Things for the better . Will be back for more.

The view is amazing. Always so peaceful every time I go. I've definitely become a regular.

Started this hike around 11 am on a Tuesday and we only saw a handful of other people. Took a right at the first fork and a right at the second as well. Then walked for about 3 miles on the shore. Definitely need hiking boots or good athletic shoes the rocks aren't stable and move around under your feet. Can easily make this as long or as short of a hike that you want. We walked for about two miles north on the coast and then walked back to the second fork and took the left path. That path is much more steep there are some stairs built into the mountain but they don't make the incline/ decline much easier. Some of the best views in the area. If your lucky you'll see seals we saw plenty of sea life in tide pools.

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