Beautiful views and very peaceful!

Trail was closed today due to maintenance/weather

This place is great for family hikes, easy and fun for big main trail and small fun rigid trails cut through it.

Great place for a hike! Love Palos Verdes and the amazing views!

Beautiful well maintained trails with fantastic views of the ocean. Most of the trails seemed pretty easy. It is definitely hard to find close parking if you are not there early. Good trail for walking dogs.

Good hiking, but very difficult to find parking if you don't get there early enough.

Cool place to take your dog for a nice walk.

Go early for simple parking. Was a great hike for the dog as well. We will be back.

Very crowded, hard to find parking but great views.

Awesome hiking area! Varied trails which you can take all the way to the shore. Family and pet friendly.

went with my husband and kids. didn't do the full loop but still had a good time. there are porta potties at the top of the hill but I suggest you bring toilet paper with you. other then that a great hike and we will definitely be going back.

6 months ago

This is an excellent trail with wonderful views Palos Verdes is one of the best locations for hiking take your time and really appreciate the fresh air this is definitely something special

I've made these trails into 5 to 6 mile hiking here cause I can make a easy short hike into a challenging hike with so many different trails in this area...

Great first go, challenging but worth it

Great warm-up like, not overly traveled, beautiful views of the ocean, must remember that it's at elevation in mid day it gets hot. Clearly marked trails can be very challenging. There are maps of the beginning of the trails that are very accurate

Beautiful, scenic views.

Crowded! Since this became a well-known trail, it seems like a tourist trap in the open land. Mountain biking and hiking groups now in fast this area. Every weekend. Not enough space for so many people to be visiting. Go to Malibu, go to Angeles crest, go to big bear. If you want The "Disneyland" experience, be my guest…

Also some other things to mention…

Unmaintained trails! Too many thistle and fox tail! Fleas and ticks Galore! We finished our hike some more dogs were infested with fleas. I had flea bites all over my legs and arms.. Do not bring your dogs here, if you do, keep them on a leash or they will get covered in the fox tails and you'll have to spend the entire evening plucking fox tails and just close out of there for. Along with the ones that attached to your socks in your pants and your shirts…

Beach access is minimal! Very treacherous trail down to the beach where there is a Co and rocky shoreline. Heavily monitored by the sheriffs department because of so many drownings in the area.

Very nice views of the ocean. But not worth the drive, parking hassle, and dealing with all the people…

I didn't enjoy the straight up hike on the way back due to trail closures. It was not a very pretty hike, to me.

Went yesterday for the first time with my boyfriend. The view is beautiful. We didn't expect to have to go downhill first and when we turned around to go back we had to walk uphill. Got a good workout of it. We would recommend it.

Beautiful view.

This is a nice little walk. The views on our trail weren't anything to write home about so I wouldn't bother if you're facing a long drive. Came early on a shady day and the enjoyed a pleasant breeze.

Loved this trail. Hiked down the bluffs, saw amazing tide pools. So much marine life. Saw very large abalones. It was a fun hike. Hiking back up the bluffs was easier than hiking down.

Great trails. Some were closed due to being on private property but amazing views

Tough hike through hills. At the top of Crenshaw.

Beautiful view!

Great day for hiking. Ishibashi trail is in great shape. They just started clearing Paintbrush Trail and it is overgrown and closed about halfway down

Great hike, but check which way you want to come back so you have a way for a round trip

This loop is really made up of several different intertwining trails. My only complaint was that the trail that starts the ascent/second part of the loop wasn't labeled as the loop trail so I had to keep checking my map to see where to turn uphill - after I had already passed it and hiked more than I planned. Plus, there are a couple of trails closed for repair/maintenance so the outer loop isn't an option.
Otherwise it was a great trail and Ruca had fun! All other dogs were either on leash or extremely well behaved except one, which was a clueless owner with an untrained dog on leash who was very excited but didn't have very good manners.

It was a beautiful way to spend a Sunday afternoon and amazing scenery I will be back seen pic on Instagram had to go

Never found that waterfall???

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