The Pahrump Valley in the north, the Mesquite Valley in the southeast, and the California Valley in the west join forces in this desolate, seldom-visited Wilderness. Alluvial slopes in all three valleys ascend gradually southward into the northern Kingston Range, which also lies within the Wilderness. In the mountains, you'll find a rugged piece of earth with many canyons, winding washes, and bajadas. Elevations range from 2,720 feet on a valley floor to 4,569 feet on a mountain summit. The three dry valleys are dotted with desert shrubs and yucca. Wild burros are protected here, and you'll probably see a few of them, along with desert bighorn sheep, desert tortoises, and golden eagles. An old four-wheel-drive track crosses the area from northwest to southeast, and a long waterless way it is. The northeastern border is the Nevada state line.