This is a wide crescent-shaped beach that marks the northern gateway to the coastline stretching south of San Francisco.

Pretty easy hike with a fabulous payoff of stunning views at the end.

This is a great short hike. It's about an 1.5 hrs at regular pace. It's mostly tranquil and beautiful. Lots of natural flowers and if it's clear, the view is amazing. It's does provide for some strenuous activities to get you sweating. Very nice hike.

It's somewhat of a steep trail going up, but very manageable during spring/fall, however, it wouldn't be a bad idea to have walking sticks too. Gorgeous views of the ocean and forest (tree views on the way back.)

One of the best short hikes I've ever been on. There are a few parking spots right before the tunnel. Trail was fairly muddy but that wasn't a big deal. Very low traffic. I saw maybe 5-6 people total the 2 hours I spent there. Amazing view of the coast at the top. Definitely would recommend.

on Rockaway Point Trail

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Beautiful view