trail running
11 days ago

2 months ago

Not a lot of people

mountain biking
3 months ago

Started at the church on Rios Ave and took the Trail all the way to the Main St. staging area and then up to the Bayshore bike path on Palomar. Headed back the same way and ended on Palm Ave (right next to church) for a decent about 8.5 mile ride. Nothing super steep or technical but a decent workout. Kids might struggle a little w/out a bike with gears. Homeless are there, but nothing like it used to be. Like the earlier post, I've never been bothered/harassed.

3 months ago

nice quiet trail riding along river with lots of trees and green. This is a great out and back without anything technical. Homeless camps are in the area but I have never been bothered.

Lots of colorful wild flowers on this trail.