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take the brown gate that goes up by the water tanks. this will connect to Otay trail and you can circle out while seeing views into Mexico. trail is well maintained and can be used by about any vehicle.

This trail has great views and meets others so that you can circle out. there are lookouts into Mexico. It is extremely easy and can be done in about any vehicle.

7.5 hours It was beautiful! Pictures don’t even do it justice!

The map is self explanatory. Great hike, beautiful views as long as it’s not foggy. Once you reach Dog House Junction, make a right and head westbound down the truck trail. The World War 2 bunkers are approximately 1.5 mile down. Don’t make the same mistakes as us by pausing the recording of this app. Reason being, you will eventually pick up Mexican Cell Towers and will have a hard time reconnecting the app. I suggest to record and stop it when your done.

Wanted to post to specifically say I was able to drive end to end since the last poster said they were only able to make it halfway and ran into the road crew... definitely some nice freshly packed road... Drove it with my stock Lexus GX460, easy drive... no problems... it’s really more of an unpaved road than true “off-roading”, probably upwards of 90% can be done in a 2WD passenger car (my SUV is full-time 4WD, no 2WD option...) I entered on the western end... the hardest part is at the very beginning... it is a little narrow, passing and can get nerve-racking with a steep drop-off but it can be done safely with patience and cooperation between both parties... I saw some pretty wide off shoots but didn’t venture on any of them... amazing views, lots of wild flowers, totally worth it...

Got about 8 miles in and was blocked by crews laying down new pack. No worries...keeping it maintained. The tail was VERY smooth and compact. Good for the novice rider or off roader. I road it on my DRZ400 and had a blast. Most turns have mirrors which is also a plus. Can't wait to ride it the whole way through.

off road driving
2 months ago

Ok to off-road! Watch for other vehicles!

Very easy trail as long as you stay on the maintained road. Many incredible views. Great get away for a day run and lunch. Can be busy and not to many turn outs for head on traffic so both vehicles will need to be creative on how to pass head to head.

Took this trail today for the second time. Passed about 10 cars. So not too bad for a Sunday noon trip. I recommend going in through the far end by the shooting range. If you don’t, you risk the border patrol terminal/gate being open, meaning, you’ll be sitting in a line for 1/2 hour. If you enter on the far side, you don’t get stopped and it spits you out at Otay lakes. Great easy 2wd trail.

This trail is rad. It can be easy if you stay on the main trail but there’s some wild off shoots. I wouldn’t take them on unless you have really good clearance and you’re confident in your vehicles abilities.

This was my first Off road trail in a Tacoma 4x4 off road, entered in the small brown gate just after the convenience store. The initial part of the trail is very narrow and intimidating. For a beginner it was great. I used 4hi until I got a few miles then went to 2wd. After the initial stage of the pico campground the trail was very easy and the views were amazing.

Highly recommend! Well maintained trail open to the public. You will see a lot of border patrol agents cruising through. I came in through the entrance by Alta Road (32.5819788,-116.9190373). There’s a sign that says private property and a gate. I spoke to the border patrol agent there and he said it’s actually open to the public. Although the border patrol agents sometimes lock it. I did this drive in a stock 4Runner and only dropped it to 4hi a couple of times just for comfort. Easy trail with beautiful views of San Diego.

Couldn’t find where the trail starts :( anyone have any ideas?

Entrance near the border is closed. Google maps took me there. Sign says private property and says to go to the Mountain Trail entrance next to the RV campground

off road driving
3 months ago

Spur of the moment off-road trip with my wife on 02/16/19. Easily accessible right before an RV campground. Did this trail in a stock 2016 Jeep Compass 4x4 and it handled the entire trail like a champ! It had just finished raining so good news was there were a few puddles to get my Jeep nice and dirty. In the beginning there are a few turns that looked to be deteriorating from the rain which was a little nerve wrecking but halfway up the mountain and all the way down was a nice easy trail. Crazy how it’s rated HARD and this was actually my first time going off-road where I’m the one driving.

Great trail. Surprisingly technical on the western entrance but nothing anything with sufficient clearance can't handle. Tacoma was in 4Hi but like others have said you'll likely be fine without it. We had our cat in the back seat and he fear pooped. 8/10

off road driving
4 months ago

Fun trail for beginners excellent views of SD. Road is easy but little steep at the beginning. Road conditions were good even after the rains. Highly recommended the drive.

Took our stock Jeep Wrangler JKU. Amazing views and very beginner friendly. There are lots of off-shoots that we saw for more advanced off-roaders too. I will have to come back here when I gain more experience.

If you start at the little store along otay lakes road, you might be tempted to turn it into about an 18 mile loop by taking left (north-ish) turn at about mile 9.5 or 10. Don’t do it. First, that trail that cuts north does not exist. It’s not far so you might be tempted to bushwhack over to the road on the other side of the hill. Don’t do it. The brush in this area is crawling with tics. You’d be better off hiking the 2 or 3 extra miles to go around and hook back in to the road further down. I don’t know, you might get lucky and avoid the tics. But it’s a real bummer to get home and realize your blood is getting sucked by little critter and then accidentally kill the thing trying to get it out. Now you’re going go urgent care. Not worth it.

This road is awesome. Been twice in last few weeks, each time it has been wet and semi muddy. Stock 2016 Tacoma Rwd. 4x4 not needed for main trail even after rain. Just need a vehicle with decent ground clearance. Fantastic views and plenty of places to make room for on coming vehicles. Went to top then down to East Mesa but gate was locked at bottom. Drove back up and then Continued on main Otay Truck Trail again to bottom. There are quite a few side trails that would definitely require 4wd.

The regular road from the Pio Pico Campground was closed by Chula Vista city. If you go through the brown gate and then turn right to go up past the water tanks, the trail is pretty rocky and interesting. I did this in a stock Jeep tj and go stuck because I wasn’t running mid tires. I think if it was dry I would’ve been fine. I didn’t follow the trail all the way but it seems to follow along a barbed wire fence.

it was a good driving trail, I thought it would be more challenging but it wasn't. My favorite part of this truck trail is the spectacular view of the san diego/Mexican border,it was awesome!

Amazing views in this trail. I did it with a stock 2012 Subaru Forester. No problems. Skid plates would have made me feel better, even though I didn’t scrape at all. There were a few parts in the trail, especially in the beginning, that were kind of nerve wrecking (probably where the difficult rating came from?) but once you pass those parts, it’s an easy ride and has beautiful views.

It was fun but easy. Took my 96 4Runner, stayed in 2WD the whole time. Good scenic trail but nothing hard about it

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