Had a fun hike up Black Butte today. A little chilly, but it warmed up just enough. Black Butte Lake was shimmering and the view from the top overlooking the lake and nearby mountains was worth it! There’s a map at the beginning of the trail, I’d take a photo. I used mine as a reference a few time since the trail at times can be elusive. I hiked from the observation point, across the paved overlook, down a gravel road and over onto the osprey trail which goes to the top of Black Butte. Most of the trail is over grassy/rocky hills so look for the paths in the grass that have been trodden down. I also used the AllTrails map as reference too making sure my gps matched the recorded trail. The cows in the neighboring field provided some company as you could hear them mooing from a distance. I will definitely be coming back and exploring more of the trail. It’s a nice hidden gem.