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Great hike your heart rate climbs as you get moving along hikers friendly and helpful
Take plenty of water not much shade in places

This trail is a real butt buster, and not for the faint-hearted. I definitely recommend going early in the morning or during the evening when it is not so hot because it WILL kick your butt!! I would also recommend starting from the southern side of this trail and making your way down the north side; the south side is SIGNIFICANTLY steeper than the north, and therefore much harder to go down at the decline.

Great views after a tough hike.

Yes, good uphill workout. Going counter-clockwise the descent can be a little steep and treacherous.

Great workout ! The major incline towards the end will kick your butt! Definitely go early on hot days.

Great hike. For beginners it will be challenging. Uphill mostly. Might be challenging for small kids. Great hike for moderate hikers. Great practice for backpacking.

Moderate nice view

Went hiking at 4am to see the sunset it was amazing

we hiked from Equestrian path to groove trail and down to ol melvenny trail... It's a workout but we got lured by the pretty flowers lol... the wildflowers were pretty but half way up to the top, we found out we hiked the harder way lol...so coming down was easier and very plain nothing floral loll....next time we may try other trails lol

Great work out! Sweet view.

Great hike & workout. Uphill the entire way; there’s an “easy” trail and a “hard” one. Great time to see wild flowers and beautiful views of the valley, Santa Monica Mountains, and far off in the distance downtown LA.

The last hill is very steep, but not long. Excellent views.

Good way to start preparing for Half-Dome.

First time here! Very nice trail. Will be back...

Such a great workout! My butt and calfs were sore for days. The bench at the peak was my fav with, one if my fav quotes engraved into it. Burned about 1800 calories doing this hike. Major incline on the way up.

Did the hike starting on the left (clockwise) IT IS HARD. Steep incline the entire way up to the top. Zero shade. Bring extra water. Once you get to the top it is well worth it. Cute little box with pens and paper to leave a note. Nice view. Second half of hike is relaxing and all down hill.

6 months ago

Great views of Valley and Downtown on a clear day. Hike is fun an with options of making your hike strenuous or moderate.

Did it counter clockwise, which is "supposedly" the easier route. MmHmm. There is also a bench about 2.5 miles up, tree shade and a "Box for your Troubles" (you write on a piece a paper your troubles and slip it into the magical box. It's a pretty good work out. Quite a few steep areas before getting to the bench. No shade except at the 2.5 mile mark - so it would be really hot in the heat. After getting to the bench to continue to the plaque, we ended up taking the steep route not realizing there was an easier way to get up there. It's alright, booty gains! The views are really neat. You can see a lot of the north, east, west San Fernando Valley and the aqueduct. Probably even South SFV. i dunno but you can see far!!

Excellent ! We enjoyed in family!

You can't complete the loop unless you have poles because it's ridiculously steep. Just FYI

Beautiful trail. Challenging but yet doable for most people will definitely be coming back plenty of times

Up, up, up hill

This trail is definitely not for beginner hikers. The incline is pretty intense and there is almost no shade. That being said, I personally enjoyed it although it was a little challenging! If you’re looking for a good workout with many beautiful views, this is the trail for you! It provides almost a 360° view of our beautiful cities and when you reach three trees, there is a nice bench to sit (in what’s almost the only shade on the whole trail!) and enjoy the amazing views.

little bit of a challenge, very uphill but the view is definietly worth it, i wouldnt suggest bringing kids though because they would definitely get tired.

This was my first time at this park. I hiked the equestrian trail loop, going counterclockwise from the parking lot. It was beautiful and peaceful, and perfect for someone like me who is trying to get active again after being out of shape for a few years—slightly challenging without being too difficult. My route was just under a mile from start to finish. There were other trails that branched off from the one I followed, and I’m excited to come back and explore more of them!

Moderately strenuous hike with some steep inclines peppered along the way to give you a good sweat. Would absolutely recommend, but remember:

Wear appropriate footwear
Bring at least 72 ounces of water
Practice “Leave No Trace” etiquette
Ascent has right of way
No one wants to hear your music, keep the speakers in the car and be courteous of others who are trying to enjoy themselves

Moderate at times a little steep.

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