This off road area is among the most popular and unique of California State Parks. The 5 miles of beach open for vehicle use and the sand dunes available for off highway motor vehicle recreation are attractions for visitors from throughout the United States. Oceano Dunes is the only California State Park where vehicles may be driven on the beach. Passenger cars can easily drive on the northern portion of the beach. Four wheel drive vehicles are recommended for driving to the camping and off highway vehicle use areas in the park. Beach wheelchairs are available for loan at the Pier and Grand Avenue entrances to the beach. Surfing, swimming, surf fishing, horseback riding and bird watching are popular activities.

A great walk through a variety of settings, both fresh water and the ocean. Dolphins, seals, raccoon, fish jumping and a variety of birds. The beach is gorgeous!

off road driving
12 days ago

Easy hike. beautiful. usually hardly anyone on the beach.

off road driving
14 days ago

Tried enter the start location located on the map. Took me to Phillips 66 refinery and a locked gate. maybe the route is outdated. I've been out to the dunes I was just looking to check out that road on the map.

Still great spot, take trail to the ocean

Awesome trail.
Beach gets really windy, love it!

2 months ago

Hard to get to and most of the area is restricted access

off road driving
4 months ago

Very beautiful, takes you right onto the beach.

4 months ago

Beautiful day for a nature walk. This is an easy walk to the ocean with plenty to see and lots to read about the area.

This is one of my favorite places to visit. I'm very surprised of how well the lake is doing in this drought