Rough test of endurance! Great views all the way to the Ocean and of the San Vicente Reservoir.

A very nice hike! Lots of ups and downs and the trail is very well marked. Bring lots of water.

Knocked it out today with my PCT gear. Great workout. Awesome views with the clouds. Water on this hike now too, although not enough to really drink.

18 days ago

Amazing workout but extremely hard! It took me 6 hours to complete this hike, but the views were very rewarding!

This is my third time hiking El Cajon Mtn. I focused on an easy pace and foot placement as I've gotten some nasty blisters in the past. Great hike and a heck of a lot easier than the first go around.

trail running
1 month ago

I'm from Utah and wanted to make this hike, glad I did. Great hike and awesome views. Hiked uphill and ran downhill, made the round trip in just over 3 hours.

1 month ago

I was a bit nervous about doing this hike after reading lots of reviews online but it wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. Took us 5.5 hours in total and we summited El Cajon Mountain ...other option is to follow the trail at the top to the right which takes you to El Cap instead. We wouldn't have made this without trekking poles, the steep hills were really muddy and slippery. My friend who wore sneakers suffered more than I did as I was wearing hiking boots. If you pace yourself and take it easy I'm sure most fitness levels can do this, just be prepared that it will take 5-6 hours...I did see a few families with little kids...not sure how far they made it. Oh and bring LOTS of water!! We finished our camel paks and wished we had brought more!! I think the return journey was faster than getting there which is different to the reviews I had read online... I guess the excitement of getting back to the parking lot pushed us more and we did jog back on the downhill steeps.