This hike is pretty brutal on a sunny day. I am in good shape and this hike wiped me out. Definitely make sure you pretty plenty of water and SNACKS. Be aware that any sunny day will make this hike much harder. Coming back isn't as bad but definitely know your limits because I can easily see people getting into trouble on this trail. This is a much harder hike than Cowles, Mt. Woodson, or the other San Diego hikes so just be aware! It has an incredible view at the top

This hike is perfect for pushing yourself. There is no escaping the uphill because it is both ways. I saw a rattlesnake so keep your eye out.

5 days ago

This hike is not for the beginner and This hike is NOT kid friendly. I’ve always read other peoples reviews of hikes saying how hard the hike is and there is always that one person who says the hike is easy. You won’t find that person saying that about this hike. This hike will test you. I’m not kidding when I say it’s up hill both ways. Bring a lot of water and food. I went through 3 liters and it wasn’t very hot out. Take breaks and enjoy views. The last 1/4 mile to the main peak is brutal and rewarding.

Definitely the best challenging hike in San Diego! You have to go to Borrego for anything more challenging! This is our training grounds for the JMT and so many other trips we take annually!!!

The trail lived up to its reputation. Quite the challenge. Our legs were weak by the time we hit El Cajon Peak. Didn’t have the energy to cross to El Cap Peak in the same trip. Now we must return for another 12 miles to cross them both off of the list. The way back is only challenging because of all of the uphill the first 6 miles. Trekking poles encouraged, especially for coming back down the steeper hills. Went trough almost 4 liters of water, and some electrolytes.

12 miles and 4000' elevation is quite the challenge. It is absolutely just as hard to get back as it is to reach the summit. Definitely recommend poles. All in all, took my group about 5:40 to complete.

This is a great training hike. Challenging and tough!

This hike is so tough but fantastic.