trail running
5 days ago

Definitely start early, like 6-7am. You might even be above the clouds for part of the hike. Don't psych yourself out with the mile markers, but be humble and know when to stop. It's an up and down hike that is hard on the feet. Once you get to the top, you still have a deceivingly long climb to the summit, but find some shade up there and relax. Like everyone says, you can't have enough water.

Hiked over memorial day, was a great hike, that challenges your stamina. Its a long one with a lot of elevation gain. Its going to get hot over the summer as it was already getting pretty hot while we hiked. Trail is in fair condition, as you get higher up it breaks down a bit but very well marked. If you're ready for the challenge, go for it, don't forget to bring extra water and some food.

We did this hike on 6/12/17 and it was about 78 degrees and breezy. I have done longer hikes before but I definitely think the elevation changes made this one a challenge. It was pretty much uphill or downhill the whole time without much flat ground. I think this would be doable for anyone in good shape if the weather is decent and you are prepared with water, snacks, and good shoes. I went with running shoes and did okay but it was quite slippery at times so I agree with other comments that hiking boots and maybe even hiking sticks could help. The path was very well marked which I appreciated. The views were very pretty. We finished the round trip in a little under 6 hours including breaks.

13 days ago

Fun hike, a lot of steep ups and downs. You're going to need a lot of water. And watch out for the poison oak for the first mile that would make you hike unpleasant. There was a lot of wind for our journey up.

Hiked up 3 miles today and it was toughest hike ever but well worth the views. Please bring plenty of water which I didn't and had to be rescued from 3 nice individuals and rangers, I definitely learned my lesson today. That's my word of advice. Water , Water

Difficult, but worth it!

This is a fantastic hike with spectacular scenes probably not suitable for the beginners. We started at 5:00 am took us 2hr10min to reach the top, about 10min on the top and ~4.5hr round trip. We did it too fast though. It has steep hills (42% grade) mainly start at the beginning of the 3rd mile. The last 1000ft of the hike is also challenging, there is almost no trail just make sure to follow the green signs. On mile 3.25 there is a fork, I suggest to continue on the main trail as the alternative one is a notch shorter but even steeper. We took it on the way down and paid a toll on our knees. Enjoy the ocean view at 3700ft!

Great hike with gorgeous views of San Diego County. However, it was the hardest hike in San Diego County. But it was well worth it. It took us 6 1/2 hours of hiking, then we spent another 1/2 hour at the top. Highly recommend.

Hard hike to summit not for beginner's!!