Nice beautify hiking and bike ride

one of the best trails in So Cal ! not an easy trail but very fun on the descent!

This walk was chill. Nothing special. Super easy. Brought my dogs.

1 month ago

This trail needs to be closed to mtn bikes
Riders are not staying on the trail causing bad erosion
Riders are not yielding right of way to pedestrians or equestrians
Save the arroyo Ban the bike

kind of a moderate hike not too much shade no water anywhere this time of year but a pretty good panoramic view

we did this hike a few months ago it should be better when there's more water in the Stream

2 months ago

Headed up Fern Truck Trail to El Prieto for early morning elevation before heading up Gabrielino to the Brown Mountain Dam, as recorded. Streams were super low, but poles came in handy. Got an early start and had a great hike. Mountain bikers weren’t too much of a problem on a Sunday morning and all were really friendly.

We went there this Sunday morning to hike the shady trails. There were a lot of mountain bikers out. We were warned to beware of the fast moving mountain bikers that race down that shady portion of the trail. Beware - A section of that path is very narrow and having a cyclist and pedestrian there at the same time is trouble.
We turned back and headed up another path. Of course that was the sunny side. No big deal though. The views are beautiful and it’s always better to be outdoors enjoying nature.

4 months ago

Landed on this trail due to the closures of several Pasadena hikes today. We hiked the first 3.5 Miles, then headed back (which seemed to be a common turnaround for many). The trail actually extends 10 Miles to the Switzer Falls area. The first half mile is less than beautiful due to the proximity of JPL, but after that, you dip into the wilderness for what is a gorgeous, shaded, very EASY hike (more like a walk in the woods) that offers several stream crossings, wooded areas, and looming canyon walls. The air was at least 10 degrees cooler in the canyon, which was very refreshing. There are a few campgrounds along the way. This hike is good for most skill levels, is suitable for dogs, bikes and joggers,. The trail is a mix of single track and walk-and-talk. .

Fun trail, go all the way for some great views.

6 months ago

I loved listening to the water stream while we hiked, so relaxing.

I haven't hiked in a while, me and friend said, we'd do what we can. We didn't want to push ourselves. The trail was so easy, that we did the whole thing! Easy and beautiful!

nice refreshing stream, clean water and very green terrain

Easy hike with lots of shade.

Even though it was a very hot day, the hike was great ...!!

mountain biking
8 months ago

This is the classic weekend warrior or after-work medium distance ride for mountain bikers on the East side of Los Angeles. Heavier traffic on weekends means you have to keep your downhill speeds lower than usual. Most of the climbing is fully exposed.

nice hike today; foggy and good drizzle enhanced nature's aroma!

It was ok. Not the best views but it was relaxing AND i got to see a bobcat! It was so surreal. Also got to hear the beautiful sounds of birds and frogs.

The first 2 miles are not very nice and very crowded. Stick with it, the trail becomes lovely after that. Loved crisscrossing the creek. Be prepared for wet feet. :)

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