Beautiful falls at the end the trail, worth seeing

Great views. Waterfall was flowing. Just a bit rocky on the path

9 days ago

Fun, easy to moderate hike. We went clockwise like the other reviews said to and I think it was worth it. Starting off there are some interesting info boards about the preserve and area that are worth the read. The middle of the hike I would consider the falls, which are beautiful. The last part of the hike is the most boring but just a straight stretch which is okay, because towards the end of the hike we just wanted to get back to the car to go eat.

12 days ago

My son told me about this hike and him and I hiked to the waterfall. I personally wouldn't classify it as easy (pretty much uphill all the way to the falls) if you're in good shape it won't be a problem. If you're not in good shape this hike will have you sweating and sucking wind and feeling the need to stop and take a few breathers. It was a rewarding experience getting to the falls. A beautiful hike and I would highly recommend it. It was cool to get out with my son and hang out.

Wonderful! However trail is full sun until you get to the waterfall so don’t plan on doing this midday as we did! Views are definitely worth it though!

Fun, easy hike to a small waterfall. Disappointed with the amount of dog poo left on the trail and the graffiti at the water fall though.

Went clockwise as others suggested. Not difficult at all but it is a very rocky path. Probably would’ve had more of a workout going counterclockwise. Didn’t know no dogs allowed but encountered about 6 other dogs along the way. No shade until you get to the waterfall so I wouldn’t suggest going in the summertime.

Really nice hike. The waterfall at the end is so beautiful.