Great short hike. Took our younger hikers on this trail and it took a little over an hour to get up to the falls and a little under an hour to get back. Make sure to have the proper shoes as the trail is pretty rocky and on an incline the whole way up. Pack plenty of snacks & water and a hat is a good idea. The trail has no coverage so recommend hiking either early morning or past the noon hour. The falls are a nice and a pleasant reward for making the hike up with plenty of photo spots. Be sure to use the restroom before you head up this trail and a hiking stick might be a good idea as well.

Great hike. Not as dirty as people say it is. At least not recently. Beautiful scenery.

good little trail. pretty crowded with novice hikers that don't know the rules of a trail. Nice water fall.

great hike for the whole fam bam
.wear good shoes the trail rocky

Like this trail because it's a little steep which gives you a good workout. However you MUST take proper shoes because it's pretty rocky. If you take kids under 4 or 5 be ready to carry them on your way down or up.. They will get tired and the ground it's pretty hard for their little feet.. Saw many parents carrying their kids and they looked tired. Also saw people with flats shoes... In a place like that you will injured your feet with those type of shoes. With that said. The trail allows you to take cute pictures. It ends at the small waterfalls. There are other trails that you can take that lead to this one, you will find them on your way. Trail it's pretty traffic wich it's good for safety, lots of families.

Beautiful trail - straight out and back. Pretty steep uphill and gravelly. It’s unfortunate how much graffiti has taken over the falls, but still pretty. Make sure to go early as there is no shade.

Not impressed. Dirty and it takes forever to get to the nice part

Great short hike, no shade but fun waterfall at the end. The hike is pretty rocky so I don’t recommend strollers. Please do not park outside the gate saw several cars towed and dozens getting tickets...

Fun hike with the kids!

10 days ago

This is a nice hike. It’s all incline and the waterfall is nice. I went during a weekday where there is less foot traffic and we sat on the rock to enjoy the soothing waterfall. I would recommend it for anyone who is starting to hike since it’s a good 4 mile hike. Take lots of water because it can get very warm.

Good workout, it was an overall very nice and clean trail with beautiful views.

great hike!! my kids enjoyed the water at the end near the falls.

Easy hike up to the falls. Would be prettier if I could get past the trash people leave behind and the graffiti on the rocks...disappointing that people trash this place. Parking is a pain unless you get there super early.

on Etiwanda Falls Trail

13 days ago

It was a moderate challenge as a beginner from the midwest (where there are mostly flat trails) because the ground is uneven and the trail has some steeper inclines at some points in the trail. A lot of rocks and gravel, so have good shoes. -But- it was beautiful and only mildly crowded. The waterfall the the turnaround was a nice place to cool down and enjoy a pretty view.

This is a great trail to bring the family out and enjoy the sun! (No shade until you get to the water). Right off the bat, parking is at the beginning of the trail but the entrance is a little shady. There are some dips and bumps in the road that can mess up a small car so be prepared! The trail up is rocky with an incline but with the right shoes is doable! The beginning is not very scenic but once you’re into it, it’s very scenic. The only reason I give 4 stars is because of the graffiti at the falls and the carvings into the trees. The amount of traffic is also a downer. But great views, waterfalls, and an easy hike make it great for a family outing!

I really liked this trail. I’ll admit, I’m not the type of person that does this often but I was able to get through it. There is incline so be ready for that, overall it’s a great trail. It says no dogs but there was a lot of dogs walking (my two included lol), I just wish people were better about cleaning after them and/or taking the poop bags. The scene was nice, worth the hike!

Great short hike with a lovely set of waterfalls. Unlike other waterfalls in the area, I felt that this trail was better maintained and looked after than Bonita Falls. Very crowded to the falls themselves, but fantastic none the less. The interpretive markers are awesome and shed some light on the early days for the region. I learned a lot venturing around the loop and even made my way up Day Canyon to see stone gauge building after seeing it on one of the interpretive signs. Now that’s a gem that doesn’t get much traffic. One of my favorite hikes in the region. Will be doing it again soon. :)

It was a beautiful hiking trail excellent for the kids. The waterfall was beautiful and peaceful. Great place to sit and relax and let the kids enjoy themselves in the water.

Great, uphill hike to a fun waterfall at the end. I didn’t notice too much graffiti like other reviews suggested. A bit rocky but doable in tennis shoes. Overall, awesome workout!

1 month ago

Done this one a few times now. It's a favorite to bring the kids. It's not easy for those that never workout but if you do it will be. Kids might complain on the way up but they get through it and love it at the end. There are multiple routes to the Falls, I recommend it. On hot days go early. Oh, and I did see a snake last May but it wasn't a rattlesnake. This is a good one. I took off 1 star because it's really rocky but that's not a complaint I'd just rather them not be there myself.

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