The entire trail is pretty unappealing at this time of year, but it is definitely worth the hike.

The entire first part of the hike is rocky and there is absolutely no shade, but when you are at the end of it, you are greeted with a gorgeous, shaded, lush, area where water runs through. It's not a long hike, but during the heat of the day, it can be tough, so bring enough water.

Another note: when I had gotten out of my car, one other hiker warned me about someone breaking into their car. I looked around and saw theirs and one other car that was broken into. Don't leave any valuables in your car if you plan on hiking this.

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9 days ago

Cool easy trail with a nice prairie like view, just alot of rocks to watch out for.

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11 days ago

Most of this hike is within the dessert brush leading into the mountains. No shade in direct sunlight. Incline is continuous and moderate, as other reviews said, it's not "easy" but it is an "easy hike". Road is dirt so prepare for that. Top is worthwhile, not often you end the trail at the top of a pretty waterfall. Keep walking back past the first fall to see a few more small falls. Very cute hike and my 4 year old somehow pulls it off.

This is closer to a moderate level hike then easy. It is a steady grade up and the trail though wide is rocky and uneven. So don't be fooled by the EASY rating.
Parking can be a challenge and the city of Rancho Cucamonga TOW you if you park anywhere outside the entrance on city property

Not my favorite. The waterfall is nice but most of the trail is loose gravel. Not much of a workout either.

18 days ago

had a great hike! really rocky so watch your step

It's not a bad trail, but it's really disappointing how much trash there was, bottles everywhere, graffiti on the rocks and carving all over the trees. We need to treat out planet better. I'm gonna start Taking a trash bags with me on these SoCal hikes