Quick in and out hike. Currently says trail is closed but lots of people were hiking it anyway. Nice to see water flowing after the rains.

Nice short in and out hike on clear trails. Waterfalls flowing again Jan 2017

nice place but no,water in the falls

good for a quick hike

no waterfall today 5/3/16

My wife and I decided to stop here and go see the water fall. I have gone for years and never seen water. This year was different. I really enjoyed it. This hike is great for kids! A very easy and small hike. Only a 10 min walk from parking lot.

Took a dog; good ten-fifteen minute walk. As of March 2016 the trail is back open; though to get to the falls you have to walk around a short fence and make your way through a bit of debris. Not a problem though, good trail for anyone and all ages.

The trails are still closed due to the mudslide.

It's a fun and easy walk to the falls, which are very seasonal. It's pretty popular on weekends and lots of families are walking with their kids and dogs. Please note that it is temporarily closed as of Dec 3 2014 due to a small landslide after a recent rain. So, check before you go out there to see if it's been reopened.