I would rate moderate. Bring this app with gps with you as it’s easy to go off course. It’s not labeled well at all the forks in the path, saw we were off course on the gps and had to back track a few times. Parts are narrow with lots of brush but also has well kept parts and a bench by the lake for a break. Also saw a rattle snake so be careful. Entrance to trail head is confusing.

Killer hike.

This hike was definitely not easy. It was more moderate than easy. It starts off easy but then gets harder when you start going uphill. It gives you a great workout for your thighs and glutes, though! Lots of breathtaking views. We saw a small snake so be cautious! Would definitely recommend for anyone looking for a challenge. I rated 4 stars but I don’t think I’ll be going again. Also, directions will lead you to an entrance of the trail but if you continue driving a bit further down, then it will lead you to a dead end where you can park and there’s another entrance to the trail. Have fun!

Lots of wildflowers this time of year and beautiful view of the ocean

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

I've done this 3.3 mile hike over 100 times, and it always satisfies. Great views looking both towards the Ocean and the mountains/valleys looking North. Lots of choices here on routes, with the route suggested being a solid beginner-moderate route that most able-bodied hikers can complete. There are some hilly portions, but if you are even moderately fit you can complete them. Beautifully maintained trails near the "pond" (which is usually dry). Sparsely-hiked trail -- I've never run into more than 3 people on this trail, and 90% of the time none.

If you get really ambitious, you can turn this hike from low-moderate to moderate-challenging by adding a leg off the NW portion of the trail toward Mulholland for a fairly steep descent. Alternatively, go whole-hog and take the spur off the SE portion of the trail near the pond and go all the way to the Ocean (which is a moderate-to-hard hike).

Monday, August 14, 2017