Would've been more stars if the trail wasn't closed a mile in, went early morning on a week day hardly any other people on the trail except for bikers when I got to the closed trail portion. Lots of little trails that lead down to the lake. The stretch on the way back is along the bike trail, so I just turned around to stay on the wide dirt trail for the way back instead. I couldn't imagine how crowded this would be during the weekend

Easy trail. Good for pets and kids.

Limited hiking. Hit a lot of dead ends first Folsom prison then a rock slide on the bike trail. For a close quick walk near SAC. Not bad.

Part of the trail was closed along the river, something to do with soggy cliffs. I don't know what the remedy for that is - maybe pour a little less milk next time.

Great for dogs.

First... $10 parking.

Second... the lakefront size of the hike is closed due to mudslides

Final... NO BIKES. So many bikes trying to share the tiny trail.

What is with all these older people doing whatever they want. Dogs off leashes... bike when not allowed... It's kinda sad the disregard to others they have.

...beyond the little stuff. Not a bad little loop... when you can loop.

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