great wide trail with spectacular views on the mountain side

Trails along the lake and hills offer great views of the lake. Enjoyed the birds nesting in the grasslands...ducks, woodpeckers, herons, etc . Trails are great condition. Oak trees on the hills offer a bit of cover.

Go clockwise! Otherwise the hard part of the trail is at the end. Beautiful trail in the winter. I think this would be super hot in the summer. We had a great time.

Beautiful trail and nice hike. Only downside is that they seem to have put new "No Parking" signs at the trailhead, so we were not sure where to park. We parked about a mile away on the road where we could pull off. Maybe someone else can provide recommendations on where to park!

I took the trail clockwise, and that's probably the easier way, where you start by going up. Because of the fires north of Napa, morning was hazy and so the weather was very comfortable, even mid-day in late August. The hike is beautiful, highly recommended.

No drinking water anywhere, bring your own gallon jug, ticks everywhere. Will not do again.

Ummmm Rattlesnake. Ten minutes into the trail. It was a warm day of 86 but I was absolutely unprepared for such things!! Do be careful. She was laid across the trail so I heeded her kind warning and headed back with a quickness to the vehicle. Where I'm from....the State/County/City typically posts a warning of: Bobcat, mountain lion, whatever might be in the area. No rattlesnake warning in sight but now I know...and now you do too..!

Great way to start the day and earn your wine!
Two pointers:
- If you start on the right fork along the water, look closely for the sharp left turn to bring the loop around for the second half. If you reach another fence, you’ve missed it.
- Do a tick check after! We found three, yuck!

Very green with great scenery

This hike is beautiful and worth the drive. The only disappointment was that lake Hennessey has strict laws about dogs being off leash and heavy fines ($350 per dog) if dogs or humans get in the water. The whole lake is fenced around by barb wire and is such a tease on a hot day. Make sure to bring plenty of water for you and your dog and don't risk having them off leash.

Just hiked this trail. It was the first time I did the full trail. I am a hiking guide for over 23 yrs.
Have hiked all of the trials in Napa this is by far has the best views.
The trail is great for mid to advance hikers.
Would do this first thing in the am.

Nice! start with the uphill part first so you aren't exhausted at the end like we were!

Did the steep climb first, started at 9:00 finished in 3 hours. Took it slow and enjoyed the views. The last 2.5 miles along the lake were kind of boring, but still pretty. Outhouse near the trail head is the only opportunity for bathroom facilities.

Gorgeous! Mostly shaded, many beautiful view spots, wide trail that's not cement. No bathrooms or water fountains.

Nice trail. Kids and stroller friendly.

I loved this trail so much, beautiful scenery, I started from the shoreline trail and looped into the forest so I ended up doing 20 minutes of uphill Hiking but if you want to make u r life easy start from the forest so when ur energy is running low at the end, u won’t suffer :)

The view of the lake is lovely. The hike is not difficult, but it is long stretches without a tree cover and that can get really hard on a hot day. Take plenty of water and electrolytes.

Had a blast, mostly flat. Have to go early before it gets too dry!!

Awesome trail. Beautiful views.

So relaxing and great views

Great views of the lake. I enjoyed the variety of terrain throughout.

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