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Muir Woods is a short drive (12 miles) north from San Francisco and is a part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area. This National Monument is known for its forests filled with coastal redwood trees, some of the biggest trees in the world. The area is often blanketed in fog which adds a mysterious atmosphere to any visit, and also helps the redwoods survive in the drier summer months. In May 1945, Muir Woods was host to a very special international event. United Nations delegates meeting in San Francisco traveled to Muir Woods to honor the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt with a special memorial in a grove of redwood trees. Please visit the United Nations Memorial Service for President Roosevelt at Muir Woods page for more information. Muir Woods has a rich and varied history, from its use by the Coast Miwok people, to its early days of tourism and the Mount Tamalpais Mill Valley Scenic Railway, to an era of conservation, to modern preservation. In each era, the forest has been affected by the actions of humans, for better or for worse.

Great trail I went on a weekday and the open grassland part was gorgeous with rolling mist. The part under the trees was green mossy and shaded. Ran into a mama dear and her baby on the trail and waited for them to pass before I continued on. Ben Johnson is a gorgeous continually shaded Redwood single track trail but a long continuous uphill had to take a lot of breaks! 4 instead of 5 stars because the half way point passes through the Muir Woods monument which was hectic with tourists. I lost them quickly as soon as I got on the Ben Johnson tho!

Loved the trail but there are a TON of stairs. I don’t know that I would call this moderate.. I brought friends and after the first mile up the steep stairs we all wanted to turn back. I wish I knew how to do this hike backwards..

Great workout! Lots of stairs and incline.
My friends and I started at the wrong trailhead...not sure how...but we ended up adding an additional 4miles roundtrip to the hike.

Just finished the hike. Decent kickstart to my hiking season. The inclines gave me a good workout. The trail itself is pretty exposed. The wind was pretty brutal today, but grateful for it because it would've been very hot if not for the wind. There is no shade at all. The coastal views were nice.

Awesome trail! We started from Bootjack Campground and hiked TCC trail to Cardiac Hill. Amazing views from there!

so much greenery, feels like a wonderland!

It was a fantastic hike and has some great views of the bay on Cardiac Hill. We parked at the Stinson Beach Parking lot. We ended up clocking 12.4 miles on the gps since there is a detour at Muir Woods from Fern Creek Trail to Dipsea Trail. I think this adds about a mile where you walk along Muir Woods road to the Fire Road/Redwood Creek Trail to get back to the Dipsea trail since the bridge is out close the Muir Woods visitor center.

Beautiful trail. Do note reservations are required ahead of time to park at the lot. We had to park at a different trailhead and backtrack to Dipsea.

14 days ago

Great trail. Lots of trees to get cover from the sun.
Lots of stairs to climb.
Tall trees and a creek along the way

Awesome Trail. I would rate this trail as moderate.

Step up to breathtaking views of this beautiful earth and feel one with our natural habitat on the Dipsea Trail. This was our first real Marin hike; definitely the gateway drug to other hikes in Marin/Mill Valley. Been going every weekend since. Just know you can’t get an Uber at Stinson beach.

Not really a heavy trafficed trail. Plenty of shade, lots of great vista points to see.

18 days ago

Arrived at the park first thing in the morning and barely saw anyone for the first bit of time that I was there. I'm so glad I took the recommendations to get there early, especially since I was able to actually enjoy Cathedral Grove in silence before the crowds arrived.

18 days ago

Pretty good trail, for first half of the trail there’s a beautiful stream on your left clear and clean water!
The canopies on these trails and big trunk trees give you the feeling of Lilliputians in the land of giants :)

Not too many people, so if you want to do this solo ... you have complete privacy! But if you want to go with friends, absolutely fun uninhibited.

Absolutely loved the weather on feb 3rd, moderate and the sun was out. Couldn’t record the complete trail due to phone issues, but the round trip would take you about 3-4 hours with short 10min breaks every hour.

21 days ago

24 days ago

Love this hike! You’ll have beautiful views of the creek as you go alongside it for almost half the hike. Lots of great stopping points along the way if you wanna take a break for a lunch in the woods! Muir Woods now require reservations for parking or the shuttle, so plan accordingly.

This trail is awesome! Can get very tiring with the ups and downs, but there are stairs built in to some parts. It goes in and out of trees and open areas. Great views


If you park where the directions on the app send you it will eliminate the need to make John Muir woods reservations. It’s better anyway because aren’t you there to hike? The parking area is just before you turn right on Shoreline from Panoramic Hwy. Looks like a turnout. There’s a sign there marking where the Dipsea trail starts.
You can do this hike with regular tennis shoes, not too difficult. There are some steep parts that will be a workout if you’re out of shape but they go by pretty quick. The scenery on the trail is great and the the trail is clearly marked the whole time. Once you’re in the John Muir section it’s all even ground, bathrooms, gift shop, and you’re walking on wood planks. If you want to avoid paying $10 at the welcome center go left where the road splits going into Muir Woods. If you wanna spend $10 go to the right. You could also be a decent human being and donate a Hamilton to Johnny Muir as a thank you for putting the wooden planks in to make the ascents easier. I would do this trail again.

Challenging uphills will tire those legs but the beautiful views are 100% worth it

One of my favorite loop trails in Muir Woods. I’ve hiked it about 4 Times now.

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