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no shade
washed out
2 days ago

Agree with previous reviews: counter clockwise is NOT for the faint of heart. Bring good shoes and trekking poles to make this trip manageable. The way down from Jones' Peak could be considered grade 4 scrambling at times. As of time of writing, lots of washed out trail due to recent storms.

The hike is great. Takes about an hour and a half in and out. Its a straight uphill for 1.5 miles so its a bit challenging but nothing crazy.

Beautiful but way too crowded.

Parked in the residential area near the trailhead. Went on a cloudy day but be prepared since parts of the trail have no shade. The trail is well mainted with some foot traffic. However bring warmer clothes if you decide to hike in the winter since there's likely snow. Also if you run out of water, the observatory provides a drinkable water faucet at the top.

I went counter-clockwise on this trail and I have to agree with previous reviews, the section from Jones Peak to where you meet back up with the main trail is SUPER steep. Coming down this trail was not fun, I would definitely recommend going clockwise.

Nice walk (3-Jan, ‘19). 3.5 hours up and 3 hours down. The trail is well marked and maintained. I will do it again soon. We didn’t find it too difficult, we are accustomed to distance walking and fit-ish

Did this about a week ago when a friend was in town and didn’t have much time. Not very strenuous at all, nice hike to see some views if you don’t have much time and need to get out.

Very steep from the park and was afraid of falling on the way down. Usually able to handle the mileage but the incline here at the beginning was just too much. Again was worried about the trip down.

We just hiked this Christmas day. Gorgeous canyons and vistas. It feels like you’re in another country. Venezuela or Columbia. A pill was surprisingly doable considering it was 2500 feet straight up. Down hill was smooth sailing.

Not sure why it is called ‘heavily trafficked’. Beautiful and well maintained trail.

A grand view from the Jones peak is spectacular. Downhill from the top to the junction is very steep, not recommended to the beginner. Suggest to hike this trail on a cloudy day.

Went up to Mt. Wilson from Sierra Madre. Long and steady climb, but nothing too steep. Just take your time. Took me about 5.5 hrs of actual hiking time to reach the top and back. I wanted to come back via Jones Peak but the trail connect Jones Peak to Mt Wilson Trail from the north side looked a little sketch with fallen trees so I decided against it.

currently closed due to high risk fire season

Had to learn to pace myself when running this trail. Good hills, nice views, overall had a lot of fun.

Great hike. Saw a few folks on the way up with a 6a start. Not the best sunrise hike unless you start 90min before sunrise as you’ll miss much of it. But amazing views and a few benches on the way down to sit and enjoy

I liked this hike a lot of inclines which is what I prefer. It starts off with a very steep hill going downward, this part will kick your ass in the end, but that's the hardest part. This hike is full of views of the hills and all the cabins! This is an old camp ground. Parking is $5, even if you park on the street which I thought was stupid!! I removed a star for that alone. Women be advised if nature calls they have no feminine care on site, nothing that can be purchased either. The information office said people would vandalize them. Lol ok...

It looked like a good option on the map, the climb up to the ridge was a good workout and a good trail. Going down from Jones was rather miserable, steep and slippery, loose sand. Multiple braids to the route, make your own path with or without switchbacks. Trekking poles probably would help. Might be easier going up the ridge and come down the good trail? I did this on the way back from Mt. Wilson.

Great hike! Not much water at the top but overall hike definitely worth the views! Trail didn’t have too much traffic and well kept up and easy to follow. I also saw deer on the way down :) Would definitely recommend!

There must be a better way down then the super steep scramble that may have you sliding down instead of hiking down. I did manage to come strait down from Jonas peak but thought it was a bit difficult. Wear pants due to the waist high slight bushwhacking down. Legs could get a bit cut up without pantsh. I could see how hiking sticks may come in handy. The switchbacks on the way up we’re a bit trying and at times steep. Found a cool lookout zone at the trail split from mt Wilson going up towards Jonas. Following Jonas peak trail going through what looks to be an old creek be careful for poison oak. Wear sunblock n bring enough water. Even in October I went through 1.5L. FYI: if you drive straight to this location Wilson trail head park has restrooms before you hike up so plan accordingly. Seen mountain lion poop and trails of paws coming down from Jonas peak. But no animals in sight...All in all enjoyed it.

Always a great workout. I think most people take this trail to First Water or Orchard Camp, but if you continue all the way up to Mount Wilson, you'll be rewarded with amazing views of LA. The parking here is much easier than Chantry Flats, which is a disaster. Just park on the street in the neighborhood, and you're good to go. Granted, the Gabrielino Trail from Chantry is beautiful, but if you just need a good workout and an extra 600 feet of elevation gain without the parking hassle, I highly recommend this trail.

If your looking for a trail hike and not a fire road this is it. From dirt to rocks, shade to sun, cool breeze to no breeze this here trail is #1.

Nice hike all exposed bring sunblock and water all incline till you get wherever you’re going

I like challenges go all the way to the he towers.

Great hike. We left a car at Bailey Canyon Park and started at the base of the Mount Wilson trail. The connector trail is tougher than I expected and is not shaded for the most part. However once you get to the ridge it’s pretty much all downhill to Bailey Canyon unless you want to detour up to the top of Jones Peak, which we opted not to do today because it was getting hot. Lots of wildflowers still in bloom even this late in the summer.

I saw a baby bear there on July 2. It’s a good hike but start early as there’s little shade and the sun is very strong in mid afternoon

A good warm up trail for Mt Whitney training.

Great hike!

Very fun trail that is close to the city, but you're immediately in a forest once you start on the trail. I parked on the street just across the park and walked up the paved street to get to the trailhead. It was moderately steep, and after hiking through the shaded area provided by the row of trees, there is eventually no shade until the end where the creek is located.

We saw a mama bear and a cub on the hiking trail!!!!!!!!!!!!

like I can just Trail because it is challenging and gives you a good workout. today the trail is starting to look more and more like spring. yellow flowers everywhere, some purple flowers and some Periwinkle bushes. there is plenty of water in the Babbling Brook. and the morning was nice and cool but not cold. great time to be out there.

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