This is one good tough climb
Stair master in the wilderness

From Jones peak down to Mt Wilson trail can be very steep on some loose gravel. I had to stop on the way down to work around some of the steep grades for my dog.

Left early in the morning (near sunrise) to avoid heat and crowds. Had my Aussie come along as the path is pretty dog friendly. Orchid Camp is a great resting place. Shade and places to explore.

1 month ago

A lot of 'calf burning' incline at start for about 2 miles and will slightly decline half way. I hiked during summer mid day so if you're physically fit and don't mind the heat, go for it!

2 months ago

Trails is a mess... Lots of fallen trees and huge boulders blocking the trail. Still ok to go around, but not really fun. Bugs are insane right now, got stung multiple times by wasps, mosquitos and bees.

Whole trail shaded in the afternoon

This was our conditioning hike with the Long Beach/South Bay Wilderness Travel Course thru the Sierra Club. It's a long and strenuous hike up to the Mt Wilson observatory. The first half of the hike is mellow with good views of the canyon. The second half of the hike is a constant climb that seems to never end. There's a snack bar at the observatory but it's only open during the summer months. Bring plenty of water and snacks for the trail. When we were there the water source at the top was turned off. Get to the trail head early and remember to be respectful of the residences in the area. Stay quiet. I recommend this hike for anyone looking for a good workout.