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Didn't get to finish it because I came too late. But it's a decent hike, but a bit narrow in the trails at times. I would not personally bring my dog who is a but rambunctious. Plenty of street parking.

I love this trail and hike it repeatedly. Almost all uphill on the way and when you get around the front to the backside of the mountains you find tranquility.

I recently did this hike with my dog during the week and started at 5:30 am. Owls hooting in the dark. The forest eventually was waking up with birds chirping. It was amazing. I would recommend. We got to orchard camp and had it to ourselves. It is a great run down.

Great hike. Some parts are pretty exposed so be sure to prepare for that if you have dogs with ya

Definitely all incline awesome hike.Make sure to pack lots of water and a snack. We did 5.15 miles roundtrip. I enjoyed this hike. Some parts of the trail have very little space to walk with no barriers. Be mindful and share the space by letting fast walkers pass you. I hope this helps. Happy Hikings!!

This was a very challenging trail -- up the side of a mountain on a narrow path with steep ascent and deadly drop-off on one side.

We made it to Orchard Camp but I'm sorry to report that the ~500 year old majestic oak tree in the camp had just fallen, on Christmas Day 2017, before we got there. We met a couple at the camp who had passed the tree (intact) early in the day, reached Wilson Peak, then on their return saw the tree was destroyed. Sad.

Here's a picture of the fractured trunk: https://photos.app.goo.gl/2jdoIBm97ZGoYr8E2

Only the lowest portion of the trail is heavily trafficked. Also, once you go off the toll road toward Hastings the trail is not maintained so therefore steep and somewhat brushy. It is also exposed. This route would be really hot in the summer but is fine for all but the hottest months.


Awesome hike.

my s health app recorded this hike distance to be 8.2 miles. It's more hard then moderate but it's a nice trail for those that are stepping it up from moderate to more challenging trails. The connecting point from mt. Wilson to Bailey is tricky as it seems the trail comes to an end but walk up and to the right you find the trail that is kinda hidden that will take you up to jonas peak then it's all down hill after that peak. there is a short cut in between you can take...keep an eye for it ..its marked on the map as well

Non stop incline. Nothing much to look at. It was pretty hard for me.

Started early AM (sunrise) .. wonderful experience. Came across very few other hikers along the way.

go early morning or late afternoon to avoid heat. trail faces Eastern exposure with minimal shade. Can stop at the falls halfway up for rest and shade.

This is one good tough climb
Stair master in the wilderness

From Jones peak down to Mt Wilson trail can be very steep on some loose gravel. I had to stop on the way down to work around some of the steep grades for my dog.

Left early in the morning (near sunrise) to avoid heat and crowds. Had my Aussie come along as the path is pretty dog friendly. Orchid Camp is a great resting place. Shade and places to explore.

A lot of 'calf burning' incline at start for about 2 miles and will slightly decline half way. I hiked during summer mid day so if you're physically fit and don't mind the heat, go for it!

8 months ago

Trails is a mess... Lots of fallen trees and huge boulders blocking the trail. Still ok to go around, but not really fun. Bugs are insane right now, got stung multiple times by wasps, mosquitos and bees.

Whole trail shaded in the afternoon

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