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The most beautiful hike I’ve ever done!

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4 days ago

Beautiful hike for the whole family to enjoy.

It is challenging, but stunning. You get beautiful woodland as well as gorgeous hill top views. Wear good footwear, bring lunch and plenty of water and stop to enjoy the amazing beauty.

Great moderate workout!

12 days ago

This was a great hike. Mostly moderate until the climb up to Verna Dunshee which was very steep and rocky. But the views were outstanding. We were grateful it was a clear day!ill do this one again for sure!

beautiful up hill the whole way.

Great hike for all ages. Amazing falls all the way up.

it was a beautiful hike, next time we'll make it all the way, we only hiked halfway because we were out of shape lol it is steep all the way up

Nice, easy, beautiful hike around the lake.

One of my favorite trails on Mt. Tam. I generally start at the Firehouse on Pano Hwy and hike up Hogback, then take RR Grade up to Westpoint Inn for a panoramic view of the bay area. The Matt Davis Trail from Westpoint Inn back to the firehouse is an excellent narrow trail through the redwood forest hugging the side of the mountain. Lots of twists and turns and tree roots to step over. Excellent views on a clear, sunny day looking south and east. One of the best things about this trail is that it appears that there is very little poison oak growing on the sides!


15 days ago

Pretty hike. Very steep! Beautiful waterfalls almost the entire way up. We stopped at the picnic grounds - someone told us there isn't much to see beyond there.

15 days ago

Great outing. The trail is almost entirely fire roads, like most trails in the area. Good amount of parking and great signage. The falls were small but nice. Great for trail running.

Nice, easy, not too many people. Fun to find a new area for hikes, lots to explore.

Nice easy walk, mostly flat. Shade, forest trail on the west side and sunny on the east side. I suggest to start at the water dam parking side early afternoon, and hike around the lake counterclockwise for a pleasant sunset final loop ending. Shore fishing is common on this last segment.

My 7yo and I had a great time! Even with so many people on the trail it was peaceful and quiet. Lots of dogs on the trail and folks were great about keeping them on leash. Was surprised to not see many birds/animals/insects. The picnic area near the end of the trail is a great place to stop for lunch and refuel for the rest of the hike. Even on a cold day, we stayed warm with all the climbing. Worth the drive to get there.

18 days ago

Beautiful trail, but if you have any knee issues this might not be the trail for you. There are a lot of very steep steps.

beautiful trail! recommend getting there early for parking. only downside was that the trail was very slippery, and with the ups and downs, that made it a bit scary.

This loop is for hiking only. No bikes allowed. Instead if you head down the hill from the firestation, you'll find a fire road that leads to double bow and then to railroad grade.

What a great hike! We took music stand to cut off some of the elevation. Not one complaint. Definitely worth it.

Great hike! I’d go again, but do NOT bring a dog. I brought mine, and we ended up pulling about 50 ticks off of him!

Beautiful hike with a few redwood groves along the way, easy for conversation because it’s not too difficult

Favorite trail so far in Marin. Provides for nearly four different types of terrain and a blast to hike or run with my wife.

This trail starts out gently but after a half mile gets steeper and then quite steep in places, but well maintained. It eventually levels off some and gets to the protected top of the mountain, where there are BIG old growth redwoods around Collier Spring and Northside trail to the north. After the springs, which are not advertised as potable (but I have) you can climb another 400 feet and half mile not quite as steep to Ridgecrest for a great view. I prefer returning by other trails to make a loop and avoid the slippery gravel sections of Collier Springs, which could be dangerous if in a hurry. After rains this can be a wonderful, noisy little cataract trail for sections, although you may have a tricky ford at the bottom.
This is one of my most favorite trails for cardio, as you can just walk fast once it gets steep and have a no impact workout.

did the loop once last spring it is more like 12 miles the fall are alot better after a heavy rain

great forest trail down into Muir woods. pay attention to trail markings and gps. We got side tracked a couple miles but worth the detour! pretty moderate especially bc of the length. took about 4hrs with 9ppl @ ~23min/mi.

Really enjoyed this route! I see a variety of descriptions here, some of which don’t match up with my experience....

Middle Peak Fire Road; Lakeview; International; Upper Northside; Eldridge Grade Fire Road

If you go counterclockwise on the loop, it’s towards the easy end of “moderate” - I felt like the whole trail went down or level, but somehow I magically ended up where I started (meaning the climb was so subtle it didn’t really register). Steepest climb on my route was hike the highway back to my car in the east peak lot.

You do need to pay attention to your route though! There are several unmarked trails that can easily lead you off course. And in future, I’ll start from the International trailhead instead of the east peak lot/middle peak fire rd.

Most of the views everyone talks about are on the Eldridge Grade portion and at the trailheads/parking spots. Beautiful trek through madrone and oak woodlands to redwood groves at Collier Spring. I hiked it after a decent storm so there was a lot of downed limbs on the trail. And I had it entirely to myself for everything but the last mile when two mountain bikers passed by on the fire road.

1 month ago

A beautiful hike with rewarding views. The climb up definitely feels a bit harder than moderate but it’s a much easier return. As some have noted, coming back down all the stairs and downward train can be a little rough on the joints. I’d mark it a 5-star trail if it had more regular alternation between the up and downhills.

If you’re not up for the full hike, within the first mile you’ll have seen most of the prettier landscape.

The perfect 6 mile loop trail that winds past Phoenix Lake, through mossy groves, and up to steep and climby fire roads. Views are abundant of Mount Tamalpais, San Francisco, and the East Bay.

This trail will kick your butt about 80% of the time. Take breaks as needed, bring lots of water and a joy the beauty.

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