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Steep for a while at the beginning. The fire road and second road has a bunch of bikes. Not that great until fern trail. Then at the top there’s a parking lot so not too secluded. Eh ok hike. There are others.

We loved this hike!! The amphitheater and West Point inn make excellent resting spots and there are plenty of bathrooms along the way. Gorgeous views the ENTIRE way. Good mix if forest and meadow. So many beautiful water falls when we went last week. It says 8.8 but we found 2 extra miles somehow. Can’t wait to do this again!!!

Wonderful views of the ocean and SF.

Wonderful hike in Mt. Tam with gorgeous views! We did the full loop, starting clockwise and took a little over 4 hours including snack stops and time at the summit. Wildflowers are popping up all over the place, and there was a ton of wildlife viewing as well! We’ve had a lot of rain recently, so waterproof footwear is a must until runoff is calmer. Overall a great morning!

Combine this with Fern Creek and you have a great loop. I agree with the comments on difficulty. The first half is more challenging than the second half

Hiked clockwise this time and counterclockwise last time. Both ways are enjoyable and worth repeating. Good hike, very scenic and a decent workout. Clockwise has more uphill climbing - going clockwise Bootjack to Mountain Theater is the steepest part of the loop. Clockwise time: 3 hrs.

Multiple terrains and ecosystems on this big loop that goes down into Muir Woods and then back up on the high side of Panorama road. We hiked from the parking lot at Mountain Home, clockwise, It was a terrific morning! We spent some time walking around Muir Woods boardwalk a bit then continued back up Bootjack trail. Lots of trees and waterfalls. Nice!

Agree with others, it’s definitely a moderate and not a hard. Still beautiful, and love the rest stops at the inn and the amphitheater, but tack on one of the peaks to add a bit more exercise to your miles.

Crazy steep at the beginning but totally doable, and once you hit the fire road it mellows out...until the stairs :) Big elevation gain in a short distance, my reading was 1,600 total not the 1,300 listed. Great workout and spectacular views if you’ve only got a couple hours.

This was such a gorgeous hike! You are surrounded by ferns, trees, and moss for most of the hike. Gets a little strenuous at times but should be a fairly easy for the avid hiker. I did come home with a tick stuck to my back so take precaution.

Easy and well labeled trails. Quiet, beautiful views of the BayArea and where the ocean meet. Hike with kids and dog. Plenty for them to climb and touch along way. If traveling with dog, some trails allow, some don’t. Bring doggie poop-bags (none provided). We did not do entire loop. 1/12/2018.

Awesome hike. Not for those just starting, but if you've done just a few hikes you'd do fine. There is bathrooms, water fountains and plenty to look at along the way. The east peak is where you want to go, it's the best view, but not the only one. The downhill part is definitely nice as well.

4 months ago

We hiked on New Year’s Eve there were a lot of people this day near the summit. The hike was a bit challenging as we were not expecting the rocky terrain. It was as if we were hiking up a creek bed. We had hiking shoes on but still a tough climb up and down. Once you get a mile from the visitors center it is a lot of switch backs and the incline eases up. We made it to the top with a visitors center, super clean restrooms and a parking lot. Looks like people can drive to top Vs hike. It was a bit foggy but the views were gorgeous. We loved it. .

GPS doesn’t take you directly to trailhead. Need to go toward Fern Canyon rather than continuing on Summit. Views are great! Loop at the top takes you to fire tower. Beautiful!

Hiked the train in the winter, and the mix of trail time under tree-cover and out in the open was perfect. Barely anyone was on the trail. The amphitheater was amazing to visit, and it offers an awesome view.

Beautiful hike, but mislead by AllTrails... this hike is NOT dog friendly. We had to turn around and abort because it was very clear that dogs were not welcome.

Beautiful hike. Took me 5 hours. The Fern Creek trail is steep so if you want to go down it (rather than up) then go clockwise and start with the Old Mine trail. I really appreciated the clean bathrooms along the way :) Mt Tam is awesome

Amazing scenery, views of the bay and the coast as well as the mountains.

While we did cut this hike a tad short to avoid darkness, all I could think after reaching the top was “Why would anyone choose Mt Diablo over this?”

Mt. Tam appears to be better in every way. It’s was challenging but not frustratingly difficult, the trail is far more lush (and somehow less overgrown and generally better maintained), you encounter streams and tiny waterfalls multiple times, and the views are just...stunning. Diablo may be taller, but it doesn’t hold a candle to this hike.

This should be one of your must-do hikes if you have a limited time in the Bay Area.

6 months ago

Really nice trail. Infrequent traffic. Lots of zig zags after half-way point.

Beautiful hike with nice stops at the West Point Inn and crossing through the Mountain Amphitheater. Very steep at the beginning but moderate the remainder. Took us 3.5 hours with a slight detour that put us at 7 miles total. Free parking on Panorama Highway near the trailhead.

Loved this trail. Loads of variety, great views throughout and East Peak is pretty spectacular. My favourite on Mt. Tam for sure

Park at Pantol then do the 9 mile loop clockwise. Great open vistas with panoramic views plus deep forest sections plus must see places: Mountain Theater, West Point Inn and East Peak. Very steep 1/2 mile section on Fern Creek Trail just before the East Peak parking lot will provide a workout. This hike really showcases the mountain. Hiking time: 4 hrs.

Loved it...took fern creek down from east peak then railroad to Matt Davis.....added another mile...pantoll to peak and back took 5 hrs

Really nice hike with views on the city!

9 months ago

The immediate steepness on a hot day might make you question the worth but those thoughts instantly fade once you reach the top and head up to the fire lookout. A good pair of hiking shoes is a must!

9 months ago

Beautiful, quiet, narrow trail that offers increasingly spectacular views toward the summit. It is a consistent rocky incline with many uneven surfaces / loose rock that will challenge the undetermined hiker, but it's doable for a fit adult with sturdy shoes. I would not encourage bringing kids under 12 who aren't accustomed to serious uphill battles. My solo ascent took 1:10 from Summit trailhead to the junction w Verna Dunshee trail, only a few minutes more to the fire lookout. North of that junction on the VD trail, there's a short trail to a scenic overlook, which I'd recommend. Decent on the same route took 40 min.

Awesome hike and views, love Fern Creek Trail although it gets a bit congested; make sure to start early and have lunch at the many picnic tables near the Visitor's Center just below the summit.

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