Road to trailhead was closed and we didn't want to hike in to the trailhead. We had to park half a mile downhill from the Pantoll entrance and walk up. Changed our plans to do the Matt Davis trail to Stinson Beach and were very happy with our choice! The trip back up from Stinson is brutal for the first mile or so, but definitely worth.

May 30 2020 Beautiful hike right after a light rain. Very few people on the trail. As others below mention, start from Candelero where the road hairpins into Forest drive. There’s a small section to the side of the road after you turn up forest that you can park at. For us it was 7.6 miles.

Completely blocked off and cant reach trail

Went on 5-24 and trail was open to walkers and bikers but all trail heads are closed to parking. First part is up a road and then into the mt! Would do again!

started at 8:15am. Beautifully wooded. Didn't make it to the lake but plenty of other trails as options. Lots of bikers on the ridge/fire road. Definitly steep in some parts. Would go again. parking is tricky.

17 days ago

Unable to get anywhere near the area. Main road into the area is closed.

every possible entry to this trail is closed, no side road parking.

Parking now is closed so we had to park along the road which added 1 mile to the hike. Fog over the bay was magical, but east pick views were way better, this is why I would give it 4 stars, not 5. I like the hike because of a variety of sceneries. And it is mainly shaded, so it is good for a hot day.

Lots of fun! Beautiful views! Did this hike during Covid restrictions so there wasn’t hardly anyone else in the area. The road leading up to the parking lots is closed so be aware that you might need to walk from the bottom of the hill while those road closures are in place. Certain parts of the hike can get fairly steep but overall a really beautiful hike with mostly shaded trails. You get to hike along the lake for a chunk and you’ll see some waterfalls too. Wish I would have brought the dog ! Also wish you could jump in that beautiful lake after those 10 miles!

Hi is anybody able to tell me if this trail is open and accessible. if so, how is the parking situation. thank you

Amazing views! ended up taking a side trail because original was too steep for our liking today.

Trailhead currently inaccessible to vehicles - Sky Oaks Road is blocked - but it seems you can still bike into the park.

Trailhead is currently inaccesible to vehicles, but at the moment you can still bike into the park.

Great loop .. no water in waterfalls . Shady .. yes poison oak but clean wide paths .

first half is amazing. do it twice. last half is road.

We went last weekend and you couldn't park at the trailhead (closed for covid), so that added some extra mileage (ended up being 14.5), but we had it all to ourselves - except for at the beginning, and at the top. I'd definitely recommend going counter-clockwise if you would rather go up the steep trail rather than down. It was nice to take the slow and easy fire road down from the top.

Excellent trail! Bit of bouldering at the top. Steep fern creek. Clouds and creeks and waterfalls.

1 month ago

Road Closed for Covid-19

Very nice did a portion. Noice flat road, easy for walking with family.

Gorgeous trail, seems longer than the AllTrails map

no shade
2 months ago

Great, moderate trail! Limited parking available at the head, only about 20 spots or so. Next available parking is 1 mile down the road from where you come, some street parking spots there. Counter-clockwise around the loop is the quick steep ascent followed by the gradual descent down. mostly uncovered with short periods of shade, bring a hat on a good day!

LOVED this trail. easy to navigate, a good mix of flat and climbing, half fire roads and half single track, and stunning views the entire way. start is at the dam, beginning of kent pump road. no cell service, but there’s a map at the trailhead. first 3.9 miles is flat on kent pump (fire road). then turn onto carson falls trail, single track. climb begins. at 4.6 miles you hit the top of ridge and turn right on oat hill (fire road). at this point there are rolling hills until the final 3 miles. at 7.6 miles you’ll reach the top of oat hill, trail turns into grass. turn around and backtrack for about a half mile until you get to vree (fire road) and turn there. at 9.6 miles turn onto kent pump road. downhill ends. flat to the end save for final climb to the trailhead. 11.8 total

There are some minor technical challenges, but in general, this is an excellent trail loop trail for a family that doesn't want to work too hard but appreciates a nice range of different scenery and topography and it's excellent for picnics. If you go clockwise, the initial uphill is short and scenic. The initial downhill is fairly steep but generally fine, although there are some tricky parts. The walk along the lake is easy, as is the long, easy ascent. Families wanting only to have a nice picnic, can start where the trail emerges onto the road and go counterclockwise for a short, easy hike to the best picnic locations and then return the way they came. As noted in the recent review by Heather Wenzel, there are spots as you make your initial descent (going clockwise) where the trail becomes a little confused. However I found that if I stick with the path shown in the AllTrails map, it worked out fine. Also as she and Chris Faith noted, there are two or three washouts of the trail (in the initial downhill section) but only one of them presents any significant challenges and it just takes a couple minutes to pick your way through it. Some parts of the downhill are slippery, so hiking boots would be good to have, but my wife wore tennis shoes with realtively flat soles and she was able to do well by walking down those parts on grass that was parallel to the trail, although it was try at the time. There are also at least a dozen outstanding places for picknics, including some places with groups of rocks that are well-suited for sitting and others that are flat grassy areas. Virtually all of these spots are sunny, and there are some flat grassy spots with faboulous views of Alpine Lake that you will encounter about two-thirds of the way around the loop (going clockwise). You will see them shortly after you start your ascent after walking along the lake. They face the southwest and are therefore sunny into the late afternoon. As noted above, families that want minimal effort to get to these picture-perfect picnic locations can just park their car where this trail emerges onto the road (going lockwise), but then go counterclockwise instead. It will be an easy descent to these southwest-facing picnic spots. Then afterwards, it's an easy hike back to the car...very easy yet very rewarding. Overall, I would say that this is a great family trail because it's generally easy, it can easily be done in a couple hours, including a stop for lunch at one of the nice places that lend themselves to picnics and because it has a wide variety of beautiful scenery.

Up and down, that's all this trail does. I prefer varied straight always with both downhill and uphill. This trail was just consistent steep up and steep down.

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