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With its golden grasslands, iconic oak woodlands, stands of redwood forest, chaparral, and views of the Golden Gate Bridge, Mount Tamalpais State Park captures the heart of Marin County. While fog is a defining aspect of the ecosystem, on clearer days hikers can see the Farallon Islands, the San Francisco bay, the cities of the East Bay, and even as far as Mount Diablo. More than 50 miles of trail are within the park and connect to a larger, 200-mile-long trail system. Bicyclists are challenged by old railroad grade, or the twisting road to the highest point of the park's summit. Camping at Bootjack or Steep Ravine makes for a great overnight trip. The park is open from 7am to sunset year-round. Dogs are not allowed on trails, on fire roads or in undeveloped areas. Dogs are permitted on leash in the picnic areas and campgrounds, except in the Environmental Campground.

Got there around 715 Plenty of parking however pretty small lot. Trails very good condition. Knees hurt on the way down & lungs hurt way up. When it comes to Redwoods that are close - great. However if you want real redwoods need to get out of the Bay and explore

Very exposed to sun. Slow hiking down because of need to take small steps on a steep trail. Beautiful views of Stinson Beach and the ocean.

Hiked this trail on Tuesday; purchased parking reservations online day before as required. After previous week's rain, trail was in good shape, not as muddy as expected. The ascent up trail into the woods canopy was an easy one accompanied by sounds of trickling Redwood Creek along the way with various birdsongs. There's a waterfall cascading on the right down canyon wall as you cross a footbridge. A bit breezy at one point, then quiet until you reach the more swiftly moving water of Fern creek and a cool bridge walkway supported by what looks like the long large trunk of a fallen Redwood. A lot more people than expected but then I remembered it was Spring Break with families out and about. Still not nearly as crowded as in the Summer.

Did this hike on Saturday March 9th. It was raining for the first hour or so. Ponchos are a great addition to your hiking pack for the rainy season. Expect lots of mud. Highly recommend starting at the Matt Davis Trail, on the road past the fire house and church. The first two miles are uphill but beautiful views. Waterfalls gushing. This is the second time I done this hike. Trails are marked well. Thank you to everyone who works hard to keep this trail maintained!
Not sure why it says that it’s 6.8 miles. It always turns out to be more like 9miles. I park at Stinson Beach and walk up to Matt Davis trail head.
Matt Davis connects to Pan Toll, then Ranger station (bathrooms, picnic tables, water fountain, maps) then I take Steep Ravine Trail, to Dipsea Trail.

Great hike this weekend. Even with the rain and all the extra traffic from a trail race the trail was still wonderful. It’s a beautiful area. I couldn’t decide what was more beautiful the forest or the ocean and to be able to see both on one hike was bliss. A big thank you to all who take the time to keep these trails maintained!!

Great hike with fabulous views on a clear day. The hard rating is accurate: quite a workout, especially the long fairly steep climb from Stinson Beach to the ridge via Willow Camp Trail.

Second time doing this trail. There is a pretty large downed tree. On the trail where the stairs lead down. It was fairly easy to move around tho

This was a really fun trail but it’s not easy for a beginner like myself. I did it counter clockwise and there are a lot of hills. I was extremely tired at the end, but it was worth it.

The first half was OK but the second half was really fun as you go deeper in the forest and start seeing waterfalls and trees with incredible density. There were some points where some trees fell and blocked the trail, so I had to climb over it.
The wood ladder and passing through a mini river was really fun.

The trail was muddy and slippery so I’d recommend good shoes and a trekking pole. The pole actually saved me from falling pretty bad.

Overall I’d highly recommend this trail.

Fantastic hike today. I definitely suggest going up Mount Davis Trail, and not on the Dipsea since the incline is much more gradual and easier to accomplish. Due to the rain lately the waterfalls were going strong.

Incredible hike! Just over 5 miles, beautiful weather and a little bit of everything along the way. If you start the hike by taking the right side of the loop you end the hike with a remarkable view of the hillsides overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Just awesome.

Beautiful hike with amazing views and lots of waterfalls. Pretty muddy after the rain, but it was okay.

Beautiful hike with amazing views and lots of waterfalls. Pretty muddy after the rain, but it was okay.

Amazing hike. Went the wrong direction bc we follow the dipsea trail which took us to a lot more stairs. so we took a longer route but we had lots of fun. We hike earlier in the day so by the time we finish, we got to watched the sunset and picnic at the beach. Beautiful day too.

Enjoyed the varied landscape including an open view of the bay, mini waterfalls, and a large redwood stand. Next time I would love to add the beach to that list! We went in the late afternoon and still had time to make it around (counter-clockwise). Fairly well-marked trail.

Scenic, views of redwoods, waterfalls, and the bay. Not particularly interesting or challenging hiking wise.

washed out
27 days ago

Beautiful and challenging trail. Closer to 6miles. Many parts of the trail were washed out and we had to climb over some fallen trees. We saw a mountain lion! Can’t wait to do this again when the rain lightens up. Tip: after you leave Muir Woods, you have to walk to the parking lot and cross the street to get on the dipsea trail.

Great trail, fairly well maintained and the park rangers are very helpful. Definitely more like 16 miles. I recommend going counterclockwise and saving the Matt Davis portion for the last bit. Taking a break at West Point provides some lovely views and the restrooms came in clutch. Lots of incline on the way to the peak, naturally, so be ready for that. After the rain I was surprised to see how well the trail drained but there were still parts that were quite wet. The restrooms at the peak are currently out of service. For your planning purposes.

We went after the month of rains. The waterfalls were roaring, the sun was out, and there was no fog. FANTASTIC. This trail is a true intermediate and mostly shaded until you hit the coastal bit halfway through the loop. It’s one of my favorite trails near the Bay hands down. There’s a variety of terrain: flat wide trails, narrows steep inclines, stairs, redwoods, shrubs, pastoral with a view of the coast and SF in the distance. You can do this in ~3 hours but we took our sweet time and did it in 4ish. There were birds and huge banana slugs. Moderately trafficked that day but it clears up the further into the loop you get. The river runs all along the first half of the loop counter clockwise and epic coastal scenery meets you at the top halfway through the loop. It wasn’t too muddy despite rains and is really good for trail running. Highly recommended!

The biggest choice is which direction to take the loop. My recommendation is take the ravine trail down - starts to the right. Steady decent until you hit the Dipsea trail taking a left. Steep steady accent for 1/2 mile then slow accent thereafter with forest then open ocean views the last mile.

2/16/19 Update: the trailhead has “Do Not Enter” tape strewn in front of the foot bridge (at the starting point of trail). Unsure of reason for closure but possibly water related.

Start the trail to at the Community Center. Steep climb for about 2 miles but it’s worth it to start here. That way you can enjoy an easy breezy past price at the other side at about 5.5 miles in. Very divers trail.

mountain biking
off trail
1 month ago

Tried biking here, not recommend :) Other than that, it’s awesome with nice views and jungly and there is a river. What else would you like?

Good hike with good scenery . Recommend to start from Matt Davis trail head!!

Gorgeous views of the beach, followed by some amazing waterfalls and a secluded lake. This trail was fun and challenging, but pretty crowded on the cataract trail. We also cut back along the service road as some other reviewers have mentioned. A little steep but the views were amazing!

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