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The best hike in the Bay Area in my opinion. So many different ways you can approach East peak from Stinson, this is a “figure eight” that gives you the most diversity of trails. Get to Stinson before 8am to beat traffic.

One of the best hikes - super green and creek along the way to reach the falls.

totally different hike in winter vs early Summer - so many waterfalls and high water in creeks. In the Summer the trail is lined with flowering plants. Always a great time, but bring trekking poles for Hogback Rd; it is very steep and covered in loose rocks. I would absolutely have been on my butt without them

Gorgeous hike. Steep! Close to 7 miles round trip if you start in Stinson Beach, 3.5 each way. First time we hiked it back in Feb 2019 we parked at the top of Steep Ravine, went down to Stinson Beach, then back up. Second time in Nov 2019 we parked at Stinson Beach and went up and back. I preferred the up and back to Stinson Beach, that way you can hang out at the beach and rest at the end, or get some food in town. It's a steep hike with stair climbs and switchbacks but absolutely beautiful. Ferns, moss, redwoods, and creeks are everywhere, not to mention the amazing views of Stinson Beach after you hit the Dipsea Trail. I tend to spend the entire hike staring at the amazing views in every direction. There is one section that requires climbing a wooden ladder next to a small waterfall, it's about 10-15 feet high and it's at an angle, not straight up. It can be a bit slippery when the waterfall is really flowing.

This was an absolutely beautiful hike. Definitely a lot of incline and pretty rocky but well worth it. There is tons of little waterfalls and nice greenery. We started at Stinson Beach and walked the loop.... ended up being about 6.8 miles

I didn’t tired enough

Lovely loop in Mt Tam! Park in the lot across from Mountain Home Inn then make your way up the road past the fire station. If you go clockwise, the first half of the loop goes through shady trees and is very lovely. Some mud still from the recent rains. Views at the top are outstanding and the walk down the fire road has lots of nice views as well. The very end was REALLY steep, a little painful on the knees. Overall, very enjoyable hike.

I would also suggest starting at whitegate trailhead. I would also suggest going up dipsea trail and down steep ravine as there are more stairs on dipsea to aid your climb.

Hiked this route on 12/28. We scored excellent weather and magnificent views. Thanks to recent rains, the creeks had a lot of water too. It took us 11 hours, including a 30 minute breakfast at Pantoll and a one hour lunch at the summit. This is a technically easy but streneous hike. It took a lot longer than I had expected. My fitbit showed 19 miles total. We did it counter-clockwise, starting with the Steep Ravine Trail and coming down Matt Davis Trail. Either direction would be great I think. The price on this hike are the views towards the top of the mountain.

Lovely loop from Mtn home inn parking lot. Muir Woods section like Disney land full of city slickers. Rest of trail pure nature.

Awesome hike, took us a little longer, took some detours to see other sites along the way which made it a 20mile roundtrip hike, but worth the beautiful landscape.

great hike! awesome views of the bay from the peak

A tough hike, rated as moderate but was definitely hard. We accessed this hike from Panoramic drive and hiked about 2 miles before getting on to Bootjack trail. The conditions were perfect, cooler weather, sunny day, dry and well paced trails and very few tourist once we entered Muir Woods from the back entry. The hike is primarily shaded with endless canopies of gigantic Redwoods and incredibly quiet except the healing sound of the steam all along the rim of Bootjack trail. Once we left Muir Woods after having a nice lunch at the cafe, we had to hike a straight incline of 2 miles back to where our car was. This hike ended up being much longer than originally planned for but very gratifying just the same. The best benefit of parking on Panoramic drive is not paying the $30 entry fee to get into Muir Woods plus no hassle with registration of parking at Muir Woods, often days in advance. Furthermore, hiking in this location on weekdays is best to avoid the crowds in the Muir Woods Park. If not going in to the park then weekends are good but you must get to the Panoramic drive parking area early or it will also be difficult to find a parking spot.

Amazing views

The trial head is a 1 min walk from the Fire House. The hike is marvelous. Like others have said, when you meet the fork in the road about 20-30 mins up, hang left and go up the Ravine trial to take advantage of the sweeping views when you go down. Once you hike up some rolling hills with views of the water, the trial hugs the creek under the lush dense forrest. The stairs like another reviewer mentioned is no joke! At one point, you actually have to climb a ladder— it’s somewhat short and sturdy but still surprising. In short, you’ll definitely be huffing and puffing in certain spots. The half way point is up at the Panholl Campground parking lot, where you can use the bathroom and fill up your water. To start your decent, follow the road to views of rolling hills and sweeping ocean views. Love how varied the hike’s landscape is. One you’re done, definitely elongate you’re hike by walking an extra min for lunch, coffee, or a beach picnic in the quaint Stinson Beach. Not busy. Lots of shade.

Outstanding trail as directed. Going up via the ravine will afford you better ocean views going down via Dipsea. Pls note that there is a sign at the bottom of the loop saying “AREA CLOSED EXTREME FIRE DANGER,” but there is no such sign at the top of the deep ravine trail, so you’re free to enjoy your day as if you were someone who started at the top. :)

Great hike w a lot of shades!

Great hike through some varied habitats. Amazing views if the clouds behave. I recommend continuing the hike just a bit till you reach the dam for another spectacular view.

Beautiful single track with great views and elevation. Beware of the rockadiles

This was not a hike. It was a StairMaster exercise. This makes it a much harder workout on the legs. I could see that I wasn’t the only one who didn’t like all the stairs. Some areas have paths worn on the sides of the staircases. Try walking there so you don’t get worn out too soon. Other than that, the views were nice. I especially liked walking along the creek in the trees. The beginning of the trail was littered with dog poop. Please at least flip your dog’s poop off to the side if you don’t have a bag.

It was a beautiful hike. I am totally dead after doing it! The views were spectacular, and there were a couple places to refresh with a mini river dip. We made the “mistake” of leaving at 9am on a hot day. We went the opposite way of what AllTrails said, and the hardest part (1200 ft incline in 1.7 miles or so) was during the hottest part of the day. But, the silver lining is I did it the hardest way. Any other day or time should be a piece of cake. The only issue I have is with AllTrails. I followed the exact trail, and the hike ended up being 2.1 miles longer than advertised. Definitely not upset about the length, just wish I knew exactly what I was in for.

We parked at Stinson Beach near a cafe from where the trail head was very close. We hit the trail at 8.20am and took the clockwise route as suggested by others in reviews. The first half the trai (via Steep Ravine) has a gradual accent with very serene and calming views. We were a bit disappointed as we couldn't see much but clouds on reaching the summit. However, the cloud and fog helped us keep cool throughout. Will go again to see the spectacular views on a sunny clear day.

Really an awesome hike for being so close to the city. Some steep sections and lots of diversity in terrain. We refilled water at a campground and at Westpoint Inn. The peak was crowded, there’s a road that folks can drive to an area just short of the peak. But overall a great day, lots of options to loop back on a different trail to the beach, as the trails tend to crisscross all through the state park.

Easily one of my favorite year-round hikes. It’s so gorgeous, has a moderate amount of elevation gain and still pretty pleasant in the summer. Definitely take the steep ravine trail back down if you take matt davis up, not just to mix it up a bit but because it’s absolutely worth it.

Starting uber early at 6a helped w/ a few things. 1. Didn’t see any other hikers till we were at the end of the trail (2.5 hrs later) 2. Hiked in mostly mist, helping to keep cool 3. Even when the sun was out, it was still quite pleasant to hike in direct light. 4. We had the rest of the day to eat, shop & explore SF afterwards I suggest going early as well to guarantee parking. I’ve always parked behind the fire station as it is just at the start of the hike, but quickly can be taken up. You can refill on water, & use the restroom, at the ranger station about halfway through. Trails are marked pretty well, so you shouldn’t get lost.

Amazing workout complimented with amazing scenery! Only approached this area via Mount Tamalpais because I hadn't secured a parking pass ahead of time. Very happy it turned out that way. Dropping in through beautiful forest, crossing creeks along the way was nice. Then arriving at the creek bed with all the redwoods towering overhead was the perfect touch. Only downside was that part of the trail at the bottom was partially closed for maintenance.

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