Park was closed today due to the coronavirus outbreak. Very disappointed, I was hoping to get away...

Empty trails, apocalyptic vibes

Started Dipsea Trail and came down Steep Rivine to end, a bit muddy coming down but nothing to extreme. The ladder aside the waterfall was a great treat -would definitely give this trail another go.

Beautiful hike. We did old mine trail first and then headed into the steep ravine. We saw ocean views on the down hill and had the river by our side during the uphill. The sounds of the river and waterfalls kept us motivated. It’s difficult doing an uphill at the end, but there is no way to get around that for this hike. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful climb.

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A combo of fire road and narrow trails. Some parts are rocky, and near the top or summit there are a bit of scrambling around. It’s a great loop that offers great view of the city, Mill Valley, Pacific Ocean, and the bay. You great views of the Bay Bridge and Richmond/San Rafael beach. Parking fee at Pantoll Campground is $8 and limited. One can also start at Bootjack campground same limited parking but there are few “free” side road parking. Don’t forget to take the detour to Mountain Theater. Some parts are exposed to the sun while there are portions that are shady. It’s a great trail.

Gorgeous trail but I was expecting a little more. The first half propose a nice view of the ocean but it’s pretty boring. The fun part starts in the second half, where you start climbing back. Lot of small waterfalls and big trees. I overall recommend it!

Drops down to canyon then takes you up to the Alice Eastwood picnic area, then back the way you came. Great workout.

bridge out
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Started on the dipsea trail from Stinson Beach and went all the way to Muir Woods, then made way back up to the dipsea trail through Muir Woods and took a cross path called old mine trail up to steep ravine trail which eventually led back to dipsea and to the starting point at Stinson. Highly recommendable if you’re looking for diverse sceneries from astounding ocean views to being deep in the redwoods alongside creeks. Pretty strenuous but there is a few water fountains/refill stations. All around absolutely worth it and gives off a very mystical vibe almost the whole way.

Excellent loop thru the redwoods. Stop for a beer at mountain home inn.

Very pretty! Ended up being closer to 4.7 miles.

Wonderful views, varied landscape, not too too crowded.

Try it on a clear say for the best views of the ocean. Saw a pack of coyotes not far into the hike off Matt Davis Trail about 500 yards off the path.

This is by far one my most favorite trails in all of California! From the beginning you instantly feel like you have stepped into a scene of Hook (Peter Pan) the movie. If you really want to surprise some friends in town visiting, I would highly suggest this trail. The 1st mile and half is downhill so be prepared for the rest of it to be an incline but you won’t regret the sweat you break completing this one! The redwoods and fern gullies are mind blowing, then you have several old wooden bridges covered in moss and don’t forget the many fallen trees that have created fun obstacles along the way! The ladder climb is just icing on the cake on this trail amigos! Have fun! Wear good shoes with grip and enjoy the trail! I promise you will feel like you’re in a different country/world the entire time!

Amazing trail, highly recommend. Pictures cannot do this place justice. I parked at Whitegate ranch trailhead and went up steep ravine to the ranger station (quickest but steepest way to get to the top) then back down old mine trail which takes you to views of the ocean then to dipsea back to the gate. Dipsea has more stairs, steep ravine has the ladder.

Start on Old Mine Trail at Pantoll Station to add 1 mile. There’s an option to go down to Stinson Beach once Dipsea turns into Steep Ravine, which I believe adds around 1.5 miles each way to the hike.

Beautiful trail! The loop is very well maintained. The loop is so easy, it’s mostly flat and didn’t take long aside from stopping for views. We were lucky enough to go on a clear afternoon, you could see the whole bay. Also took the trail up to the fire look out. That trail is shorter but steeper. The fire trail starts with a walk way for the steepest portion, but some of the trail is climbing over decent sized rocks. Took about a half hour to get up there. Took less than 10 minutes to get down.

Beautiful hike with a panoply of views - from Redwoods to waterfalls, the deep quiet of a ravine to the expanse of the ocean, and even a small glimpse of the SF skyline. It includes a challenging stairway and ducking under some fallen redwoods, but is a generally moderate trail. One of my favorites in a long time!

Very nice hike. All shaded and cool. Can be slippery in certain places so be careful. Not for the amateur person...but doable.

Wonderful trail! We went down alongside the creek with mossy fallen trees, beautiful bridges and also a ladder! It took us about 2:10 hours at a very moderate pace. Climbing up opened up to a stunning view of the west coast of the bay, with the city landscape and the Marin headlands. Highly recommend

From the spectacular ocean views to the endless number of waterfalls, this hike is nothing but gorgeous. But it does come out at a price. Your legs will be begging for mercy by the end. It probably didn't help that before doing this hike, we hiked 5 miles at Muir Woods in the morning

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