Nice walk if you only have a few minutes and want to see the headwaters, but if you have a little time, do yourself a favor and head up Everitt Memorial to either the Gateway trails or farther up the mountain for some much nicer hikes. Spring Hill right across the street is also nice, but all uphill (and downhill on the way back).

Pretty spot for a walk. Sketchy characters hanging around and too bad the pot smoke was so thick I couldn't smell the trees

Nice place to stretch your legs, and let the dogs out!

Small park and small trail but interesting because of the creek. A lot of people here just to take home spring water...

Interesting big time because this is where the headwaters of the Sacramento River begins. It simply starts coming out of the rocks and forms a stream. Confusing pieces of trails here.

This isn't a trail, just a walk around a park. It is really pretty by the water. Lots of outdoor people enjoying the Devils lettuce in the parking area.

Wouldn't call this a hike but it's beautiful and the magical headwaters are a must.

Nice trail in the summer heat.... if you don't mind all the hippies meditating and bathing in the creek.

Thursday, November 24, 2016