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Mount San Jacinto State Park is all about the San Jacinto Mountains. The park's namesake, Mount San Jacinto, rises to 11,000 feet at San Jacinto Peak and offers hikers stunning granite rock faces, subalpine forests, and a lush, fern laden forest floor. San Jacinto Peak is the highest peak in the California State Park system, and the second-highest point in southern California. The northeast face of the San Jacinto Range sharply descends down 9,000 feet in just four short miles, and is thus one of the steepest escarpments in America. Only a few hours from Los Angeles, Palm Springs, and San Diego, this 14,000 acre Southern California state park is crowd pleaser. With miles of hiking trails, a tram ride available from Palm Springs, and multiple campgrounds for overnight stays, this park is a great way to take in the southern Sierra Nevada mountains. Most of the park is a designated wilderness area enjoyed by hikers and backpackers. At the park's Mountain Station you can enjoy a restaurant, gift shop, and the state park visitor center near the Long Valley Ranger Station. The park also offers picnic areas, a ski center, and nature trails.

A beautiful hike with 1” of fresh snow. Will do it again.

***One of the best hikes that I've ever done, consistent climbs with gorgeous views and pristine natural beauty. We summited the Deer Springs Peak, which is a total of 12.4 miles from the parking lot (round trip). Just 2 important tips:
*The parking lot sign says Deer Springs Trail, don't get confused, it's the same as San Jacinto Trail, they coincide after a few miles.
*A permit is required (as per signage) on the trail, which is free and can be acquired at the Ranger Station which is a mile down the road on your left hand side right after you pass Idyllwild's downtown square ish.
Overall, a must do hike, I'm eager to see how it looks in the spring

Beautiful views, not very crowded.

What a wonderful hike. Beautiful trees. A perfect workout. Enjoyed every step that we took. According to the app, it would take almost 8 miles to get to the peak, we sere 2,5 miles in when we saw the sign saying we have 7,5 miles more to get to the top. A bit frustrated but we continued for another 4 miles and we got to deer spring summit and we rested for about 45-50 mins than head back. It took us 5:27 hrs to do the hike. We even saw a lot of snow which was amazing. Later we found out you can actually camp at the top. Btw, at first you’ll the sign for deer spring, don’t get confused. You’re on the right path. 20 miles of beautiful nature, amazing weather and scenery.

Hiked this trail up to the fire tower and was not disappointed. Long but easy trail; last 10 minutes to tower pretty steep but well worth it. Views are amazing and would definitely do it again.

Beautiful hike. Currently has snow at the top, in case you were unaware of that like I was. Weather was great in shorts and a t-shirt for the lower half, upper half was a little cold for that. Great hike in SoCal!

relaxing hike with amazing views at the end.

went here in the snow and it was fantastic!

Hardest day hike I have ever done! I was not in the best of shape so it took 14.5 hours for me to summit. I was cramping out towards the end of the first 8000 ft. I stretched out at the ranger station and gutted the rest of the hike out. I want to improve my time and do it again in October which is when we went in 2017. I do not recommend doing it in the summer months. No water until the tram and I used every drop of the 4 liters I carried with me by the time I got there.

To start go to the end of Mesquite, park across from the trail park. Walk west on Mesquite until you see the trail head, there is a map and sign. I goes up, up and up on switchbacks, not very runnable. At the top is picnic tables, a lot of people just go to here.

Continue along and great views, eventually you will find another set of picnic tables and another viewpoint, this section of the trail is very runnable, as is the switchbacks down, although is technical.

Then you need to decide what to do....finish it off with a short run in the sand and run back to where you left your car via the road, or back up, across and down.

6 days ago

Pretty but really freaking crowded with people who know zilch about trail etiquette.

Tough hike for the beginner. Made it to Wellman’s Divide but had to turn back cause I was spent and couldn’t make it up the peak before the sun went down but still great views and a great trail. Snow was great too!

I was on the trail in mid October 2017. Great hike with some of the best views. Got to the trailhead at 6:30am and finished at 6:45pm. That includes some photo op breaks and a nap at the peak.

Awesome hike for the serious, well prepared only. Super steep, long, and treacherous at upper elevations with snow. Very challenging, very rewarding. Cold beers at the tram station are on me! Enjoy

This registered as almost 8.5 miles on a fitbit, so it's a bit farther than you may expect. Beautiful hike! Excellent workout!
Get a free wilderness permit at the ranger station and park on the side of the road near the Deerwood Springs Trailhead. Ranger station is about a 1/2 mile away from the trailhead. Parking is free. There is a bathroom at the ranger station for those of us who prefer the luxuries of indoor plumbing.

One of my favorites. If you are in peak shape and have an extra 4 hours to blow then take this trail. Or take it easy and explore. It’s so fun! It can get busy but too bad past Welmans.

13 days ago

Beautiful hike!

One the hardest yet beautiful hikes I’ve ever done. This ones a challenge. I don’t regret anything, view at the end is just amazing.

Tough running

Beautiful trail. Great hike!
Make sure to check in at the ranger station before you head up the trail.

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