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signage was pretty good, this is a tough one. seems to be just a relentless climb and remember, you are starting the trail at 6000 feet so air gets pretty thin as you near the top.
For an old guy like me (62) it was rough and I took alot of short breaks, but finished, which is all that matters.
Great forest to walk through, very peaceful.

4 days ago

Great loop trail at the top of the tram. Recommend going counter clockwise on the trail so you get the harder rockier part of the trail out of the way going up.

Absolutely beautiful day to hike today! Always great scenery and always have fun tram ride to the station. This is the easiest hike of the six pack of peaks but one of the most rewarding. Highly recommend going on first tram up.

Great hike! The tram up is amazing and the hike itself I loved. All Trails map was on point

Awesome! Tram is well worth the money. Great scenery and summit views

Warning to parents hiking with kids under 13.... kids *may* be susceptible to altitude sickness. If your child starts getting a mild headache on the way up....go back down ASAP and summit another day. The mountain can wait. My 12 year old (very fit) son started with a headache 500 feet from the summit, then vomited immediately (4x). Had to rush him off the mountain to the tram parking lot. Ah...the life of SoCal 'flatlanders'.

Incredible hike and change of scenery along the way. The tram ride up was well worth the money as well, very cool experience shooting up through the mountains. In terms of difficulty, I’d say it’s on average a moderate hike compared to most 10-12 mile hikes of similar elevation gain, nothing technical and never need to use hands/knees, very manageable if conditioned for this distance. Go on a clear day because the views at the summit are beautiful and 360.

It was my very first summit hike. Loved it! Will be back again.

Wasn't into the section where you bump into all the people strolling off the tram for a leisurely walk.

Nice trail kinda short for Backpacking
but we went to the summit back down the other side to little round valley fill up water at round valley last chance for water

This trail was amazing. Should not be rated as hard, as the incline was very minimal and gradual over the whole hike. Beautiful views and even got to see some snow at the top! I highly suggest this hike, one of the coolest ones I've done in Southern California!

Worth the walk. The views from Wellman's Divide were excellent. I am planning to hike to the peak soon, so this was a warmup. Rather than a straight out and back I took the high trail back from Round Valley to extend the hike a bit (bear right at the junction). It was a great afternoon on San Jacinto!

This hike took us 5 hours and 44 mins total. Our GPS said it was 13.2 miles long from where we parked at the trail head and back down. We used this as a training hike for the Grand Canyon. It is definitely one of the hardest hikes my husband and I have done, both physical and mentally. The first two miles are the steepest, and the last mile up is pretty steep as well. Pretty hard on the knees coming back down. Take hiking poles/sticks, they will help out a lot! There is an area with bushes that brush your legs. I wore shorts with long socks and came out fine. We will definitely do this hike again because the views at the top is worth it!

It's a nice peak, worth hiking. For a real butt kicker, do the cactus-to-cloud trail which starts all the way down in palm spring. One of the hardest day hike. I'd say that just doing the summit is a bit dull - compared to other hikes in the world. I don't know much more what is around there, but the way from the tram to the peak isn't all that exciting. But the view on top is nice.

Took on the challenge and summit via marion mt trail. it was good to see plenty of hikers and pct trailheads on this lovely sunny day. completed on 04/29/2018 (bleedingumz.3y3)


Everything about this hike is great! The trail itself, the different experience of taking the tram, and the views!! In our Top 10.

Beautiful hike in beautiful weather. the trails are so well maintained it makes for a wonderful trip. We brought Yak Trax but didn't need them. There is still snow, but it's minimal and none is on the trail itself

Great overnighter! We hit the Mt. San Jacinto Peak also in this trip adding 4 miles. We chose to ascend up the Willow Creek Creek Trail (recently opened up after 5 years, due to fire) essentially doing the trail "backwards". The slope is bit more forgiving with the same amount of elevation gain. Camped at round Valley campground (don't forget your permits, for the State campground and Wilderness pass for Forest land, rangers checking) water not a guarantee here) then summited in the morning, descending the PCT afterwards.

Beautiful hike! ♡

Great trail. Views were amazing through the trail and breathtaking from the desert view points. Will be going back for several hikes and improve my stamina for longer hikes.

I was not expecting this peak to be so rocky, no wonder why people get hurt and rescued around here, specially if covered in snow. As of April 21, the trail is mostly clear with tiny patches of snow here and there, and the temperature is comfortable. The top was crowded already what makes it uncomfortable to walk and get pics with so many boulders where you have to keep your balance. The first and last thirds of the hike are steep mostly. The views are good. There is a source of water half way through the hike. The drive is long specially, after getting off the highway 15, you’ll encounter way too many red lights along 79, before entering the park area.

There is no snow left on this trail as of 4/17, only patchy bits off to the sides. I’m 50 and have been hiking for about 3 years. It took us 4 hours 56 minutes to summit. And 3 hours and 3 minutes to descend. The weather was chilly in the 40s with a little wind that changed to moderate wind at the top. Last year I did San Jacinto from the tram and it was my favorite of the Six Pack of Peaks. This year, I still love the San Jacinto wilderness but not sure if it will be my favorite this year!! Lol. It was a relentlessly steep but my hiking pals, meeting through hikers and the spectacular views made it all completely worth it. I highly recommend hiking poles. I, for some dumb reason, chose not to bring mine today. Lesson learned.

holy crap that was brutal! but so very beautiful! yes snow and ice. I used yaktrax and a pole and was fine. tough at altitude.

on Round Valley Loop

1 month ago

Apparently one must take the tram to get to the trailhead. I’m not sure why the All Trails review failed to mention that. Would’ve been good to know. I had no interest in a tram ride so did not end up hiking this trail. Pretty disappointing.

Great day hike on a beautiful day.

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