Fantastic views and great hike. Very popular trail with lots of people with dogs and baby strollers.

Super easy . Very crowded. Still very fun to do:)

Very highly trafficked, I would reccomend going in the early afternoon. The trail is paved and pretty easy, but lots of people hike off the trail and climb the rocks. I would not recommend this to novice hikers. Absolutely gorgeous views, especially during the golden hour.

Very interesting to find different routes for hiking. Yes at the side of the riverbottom there's a trail there. But the disgusting part, wherever trail you go, there are lots of animal poop that owners don't care about it.

Good trail..some incline. Nice views easy enough for kids. No bathrooms on the trail only at the park.

Easy beginner trail. (In my opinion) be careful there are rattle snakes. Even better of a hike during the evening! :)

Nice trail. It has great views. I will definitely visit it again!!!!

Such an amazing trail!! Loved the views!!

Super easy, all paved. Benches along the trail. Walked with 6 & 7 year olds & no issues.

Still has beautiful wild flowers!


1 month ago

Nice workout. Paved Traill, kid/ stroller friendly. Nice trail for an early morning/ evening run.

good for kids and dog friendly

Took my littles, 4 and 7 on this hike for the first time today. It was BEAUTIFUL!! There was a steady flow of people but everyone was very considerate to those around them. The kids were so excited when they made it to the cross!! We will definitely be back.

Great safe walk with family or challenge yourself and run up the back side!

This is always going to be favorite “go to” trail. I love the view and the length and variety that this trail has to offer. Free convenient parking is a short walking distance from the base of the trail on either the street or at the park. It’s also a perfect trail for strollers, dogs leashed, even children. Great trail the whole family can enjoy. Watch out for little critters passing by (just like you would encounter on any nature walk). Make sure to wear a hat and bring lots of water during the summer months because there isn’t a whole lot of shade. The trail can take anywhere from 1-1.5 hours depending on if you do the entire trail or just the quick loop around. As long as you’re staying on the designated paths provided, you’re sure to enjoy a safe and fun exercise :)

good for family. has nice views of the city.

Love going before the sunrise, the view is unbelievable.

2 months ago

Hiked up here on a beautiful morning. Great hike for beginners but I chose to scale some rocks up near the top as well. Architecture of the place is reminiscent of Old California. Missions and the like. Great hike and can’t say enough about the views from all angles of this trail.

Great for a quick workout. You can walk the trail or hike up the side trails. It gets busy with a lot of people depending on the time of day. I usually night hike which makes it a lot better to breathe.

Nice trail with great views, my kids love it!

Beautiful view and a great place to take your kids. My 5 and 4 year old enjoyed it.

2 months ago

This hike is accessible for everyone. The Paths are paved and kid friendly.

Was a very nice trail! Great view, high traffic! Lots of dog walkers. At the top is a great area to take a break and relax. Was a fun hike!

Kids love this place. Big cross on top of the mountain can’t get any better.

3 months ago

We went up from the dog park and BOY WAS THAT A STEEP GOOD CHALLENGE!!!!

Nice and steep

3 months ago

Nice trail a lot of people but definitely enjoyed it.

trail running
3 months ago

This is my go-to trail when i wake up to nice weather. It’s nice for all ages, stroller friendly, and pet friendly. There is a paved trail wrapping up the mountain but you can also hike straight up the side if you like. It does get crowded around 10, so I try to go earlier if I’m planning on running. But even when it’s busy, there is usually plenty of parking at Ryan bonaminio Park.

3 months ago

We hiked this for the first time today and enjoyed it.
Distance- about 2.5 mile
Time- took us about 1 hr. (we ran down)
Parking- free (yay) and easy (yay)...less than a 5 min walk from the trail at Ryan Bonaminio Park
Path- wide and paved (could even bring a stroller) and dog friendly
Sights and Views- cool bridge w/tower and large white cross at the top with terrific 360° views of surrounding hills/mountains
*why not 5 stars? not really an escape from civilization with surrounding neighborhoods, lots of people, and highly manicured terrain

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