7 hours ago

just another walk really. good for conditioning. Enter from 14th or from the main entrance. Dirt trails give a better workout, and plenty of rocks for bouldering. Great sunset views from the cross or the rock benches past the cross.

Fairly quick and easy hike.

7 days ago

Love this trail! Amazing view

Great trail and it’s paved good to do some laps on. Great views and friendly people.

19 days ago

I definitely like this trail. I love how populated it is and how the 2.7/3 miles feels like nothing. However, I do not believe it is an easy hike! Lol. But I can understand why it would be classified as such.

22 days ago

on Mount Rubidoux Trail

24 days ago

1 month ago

No parking and was very busy. lots of dog poop on the road. some people are two lazy to pick up after the pets. beautiful views

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