Very challenging hike, steep but worth it! Make sure you bring your water and arrive early before the heat behind.

so much fun running down! awesome echo phone :) amazing old incline remnants

really fun. safe to hike at night with a headlamp. Watch out for poles, cables and uneven parts. beautiful views of LA

This was a great cardio session for me. Started off at the Sam Merrill trail and reached Echo Mountain, and then from there, I continued towards Inspiration Point via Castle Canyon Trail, and made it to the top. It was a very hot day, and this made the hike more difficult than it should be. I didn't come back down the same way, I took the loop hike and went back down via Middle Same Merrill trail. This was a nice long hike back and forth, but on a really hot day. I took 3 litters of water and it wasn't enough. I really underestimated this hike and didn't bring enough water. I actually only had 3 litters of water. On the way back down, I was resting and two cool dudes came by and helped out with giving me an additional 1/2 litter of water and that saved me and gave me the energy to make it down in one piece. I've been hiking for a while, but this time I didn't make the wise decision to take more water. So remember, take water with you, and if in doubt, take more water with you. You will need it, trust me. Now keep in mind, I'm about 6 feet, 1 inch tall and my weight is around 215, and lift weights, so my body is use to constant water need. We're all different, but still take water with you, more importantly on hot summer days.

Went by this past Monday, for the first time. The trail was more of a workout than I thought, which is awesome. It's great cardio. It was really hot and that of course might make you slow down a bit. Take a lot of water, and once at the old resort take it all in. Not your usual destination at the end of hikes. If you're feeling good, hit up Inspiration Point via Sam Merril trail to Castle Canyon Trail. I'll leave a review for that hike as well, which is a great workout. Back to this trial, many, many switch backs and this might mislead some to think it's too short, not at all. You'll back and forth, back and forth and finally hit the top, and once there, you'll feel the sense of accomplishment.

8 days ago

One of my favorite trails... I've been here in mornings, afternoons, and nights. The city view on Echo Mountain is awesome

I went over Memorial weekend, early in the morning and I'm glad I did. It was tough but doable. Go early so the sun is not on the side of the mountain when going up. Have water, you'll need it. Pack a lite lunch that you can enjoy while taking in the spectacular view once you get to the top.

Great workout and chill view at the top! I went mid day and so the heat was pretty intense but all in all worth it!

It's a very popular trail so I feel safe if hike alone. Make it to inspiration point! The view is worthy.