I frequently do this hike with my dog. The uphill is great along with the view and the ruins. Great run down. Great workout.

I would not recommend going on a weekend. Unless you like a scene, a line of people, and people playing music from speakers for everyone to hear (who started that btw?). Put some headphones on.

Very narrow path for how heavily trafficked it is. No trees until you get to the top. If you want a foresty scenic trail don’t do this one. Seeing the casino and train ruins were cool though. Not my cup of tea for a hike, but it’s great for trail running and even some mountain biking.

Uphill the whole way, but not too hard. Still a good workout, great views.

Great workout with an excellent view at the top, one of the best day hikes in LA. Bring a lunch to enjoy at the top!

Hit this trail at about 7am on a Saturday. Already somewhat busy, but moreso as I was coming down. I wouldn't hike up any later than 7am. I'm a relative n00b, so I didn't make it all the way to the top. Ran into two bikers and lots of larger groups (5+ people plus their equipment). Rare to find any shade covering, and the trail itself it reinforced well. Watch out for rebar-type reinforcements sticking up out of the middle of the trail, especially if you're on a bike. Great photo opportunities of the entirety of L.A. and surrounding cities.

I’ve done this hike several times and every time is as challenging. When this weekend which was a bit windy. Usually traffic in the morning but you can easily pass people by if running. There’s lots of sun to soak up so prepare accordingly with water and sunscreen. Mostly uphill so a great workout. It also connects to inspiration point.

Nice short hike beautiful views the entire way and historical sights at the summit but very busy during the weekends. I have done this hike at least 20-30 times (mostly in 2009 & 2010). Unfortunately, there is graffiti in some areas now and mountain bikers were frequent (8-10 in 2 hrs) this morning. I would rate it a 3.5 or 3.75 out of 5 but it's not possible on this site.

Gorgeous yet strenuous trail. At the summit we took a left and went down Sam Merrill until we reached echo peak (half way point~). It was super cold today but the views were worth the windchill.

To be done early morning to stay away from the crowd.

The switchbacks can be killer but you're rewarded with gorgeous views and lots of history! I'm a sucker for ruins and this did not disappoint.

A nice hike with great views the whole time. The climb is uphill all the way to the top. The trail is narrow so watch for mountain bikes, dogs, and other hikers.

Pretty steady ascend. Very beautiful view!

Excellent hike with ruins, forest, and payoff at the top. I wouldn’t go if over 75-80 degrees as there is no shade on lower section, and sun is really intense here in SoCal.

Views are great !
Ps* do the trail early in the day. It does get warm out

It’s good trail, long an healthy

Trail is all uphill and very narrow. Please be mindful while passing through. Wear hiking shoes and bring plenty of water as the trail has a lot of loose rocks and the weather can get hot depending on when you go. Great view of Pasadena, DTLA, and the ocean from the top. Happy Hiking!

it's a good work out I'll tell you what not much to see but if u want to get a good work out it's not to bad of a place.

it's a good work out I'll tell you what not much to see but if u want to get a good work out it's not to bad of a place

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