This was a good winter hike. Here it is mid-December and it hit 82 deg today. If I did it again I would park before the road turns to gravel and skip the upper part of the loop— the hike is not very interesting in the beginning. The best part comes at the end with the rock formations near the peak and the awesome view. Enjoy!

This trail only goes to False Gower which is a better view and a much more pleasant hike than going to the actual peak. (Getting to the real peak is difficult because it's really overgrown and there isn't a trail over to it.)

The first 3.5 miles are pretty straightforward. steep spots up that drop down. the trail is well maintained.

when you get to the open granite area, LOOK AT THE GROUND FOR THE WHITE SPRAY PAINTED SPOTS. follow the junction to the LEFT where the white spots start and that will be the direction to take to scramble up to the summit. We totally missed those and started to go up the summit a different way. The trail itself just ends at the granite slabs so look at the ground very carefully before you get to the slabs of granite.

beautiful views up there. follow the white spray painted markings to get down.

took us less than 4 hours even though we made a 20 minute mistake to get up the summit. take tons of water and use gloves if you don't like touching rocks/trail during the scrambling part. start super early as it warms up fairly quickly out there.

I love this trail. It's the right level of difficulty and length for me. Awesome views. Only drawback imo is it takes me 45 minutes to get here. At the time of writing this there were small piles of rocks to help mark the final leg of the hike to the very top.

Definitely off the beaten path. We only saw one other group of hikers out here during our 5 hours on the trail. Leave early because this trail is a butt kicker. Up and down and up and down... and up again! Great workout but on our way back, it was getting too hot to be out hiking. Bring plenty of water. To make it to the peak you'll have to basically climb the side of the mountain to make it to the top. Do it. Totally worth it for the views and sense of accomplishment once you're up there.

It was a good hike finished in just over 3 hours. Not as much traffic as other local spots. We parked before the gate and took the cutoff at the trail head to save a little time. Trail can be a little hard to follow at the beginning and end. Lots of growth from winter rains. Recommend starting r early to beat the afternoon heat.

Put 70 lbs on my back, did it in about 4 hours up and down. If you're in good shape, very fun and rewarding hike. If you're not in shape, the up and down will make your legs burn but it's doable. Great view and not too crowded. Way better than stupid iron or potato which are crawling with annoying loud littering people. Def recommend this one. My puppy handled the scramble to the summit fine.

I'm not sure why this is rated moderate, I mean it is moderate, but compared to other all trails ratings it seems like it should be ranked hard. It's steep at the end.

I have been looking at Mt Gower from my backyard for almost 25 years - and I finally hiked to the top! I would classify it as "hard" since I had to scramble up rocks to get to the peak. The views are incredible - and I am so grateful that I did not see any rattlesnakes on the way up or down!

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