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Such a beautiful hike! My favorite hike in the area! So much to see on this trail! Heard bullfrogs, tons of birds, saw beautiful wild flowers, and wild turkey. The rushing of the water sounds on your right is amazing. Passing through watery paths were pleasantly unexpected. Bring good shoes or hiking bits because of the water and mud. You will not be bored!

Longer than 6 miles, but didn’t track exactly. (Watch died mid-hike.) We went counter-clockwise. Beautiful views; definitely challenging. 1800 ft elevation gain. Our 7-year-olds made it, but frankly I’m surprised. I wouldn’t have made them go so far if I had known it was on the tough side. Took over 4 hours with a short lunch break. Pack lots of water!

Amazing trail with waterfalls, creeks, spectacular views. Started at Regency trailhead, Donner Canyon Road, Fall Trail, Middle Trail, and Back Creek Trail, 7.1 Miles, elevation gain 1,555 feet, moderate hike. Lot of shades and wildflowers.

Amazing trail with waterfalls, creeks, spectacular views. Started at Regency trailhead, Donner Canyon Road, Fall Trail, Middle Trail, and Back Creek Trail, 7.1 Miles, elevation gain 1,555 feet, moderate hike. Lot of shades and wildflowers.

I was mid trail just as the sun was setting. The mountains and the lighting made me feel like I was in Hawaii.

Beautiful trail especially after rain

Beautiful trail during spring and specially after rain storm to see so many of these small waterfalls along this hike.

Great spring hike! Was longer than the posted distance, closer to 7 miles. Would probably rate it moderate instead of “hard”. We did it counterclockwise as other reviews suggested and enjoyed it. Waterfalls and wildflowers. Go early for good parking and less people.

Beautiful, well kept trails. No bathroom or water facilities so be prepared!

Fantastic, lots of wildflowers, waterfalls, and soooo green.

It took a bit to find the trails that actually lead you to the waterfalls, you have to look for the signs that take you the falls trail. The views and waterfalls were amazing. Wear good shoes that have good grips.

Gorgeous trail! The waterfalls were so beautiful and there are some spots where the views of the rolling hills are amazing. Highly recommend this.

Wow! Definitely a great hike! The waterfalls were awesome...a lot more water than I expected. Overall, great workout! It got pretty hot towards the end. Early morning start would’ve been much better.

Went March 31, 2018. Beautiful hike, even without waterfalls, but glad they were there! Spring seems like it might be the best time to go. It’s not hot yet, the waterfalls are going (if we have rain), and there’s a ton of wild flowers! Saw some turkeys, butterflies and heard frogs. Great spring hike. Everything was green. Great views of city below too!

Great scenic trail and a good workout! It was a moderate hike with beautiful views on a warm sunny day. Due to recent rain, waterfalls are flowing nicely, but they are small waterfalls. The area is very green with some wildflowers on the trail. I saw some California Poppies today, but there weren't many so I'm not sure if I' too early or in the wrong area at Mt. Diablo...

Loved this hike
Super fun

Very moderate trail if done counterclockwise. Beautiful views, but “waterfalls” are very small.

Wonderful hike this time of year with the waterfalls flowing and wildflowers and not too hot. I wonder what it's like to do the loop counter clockwise instead?

Amazing hike. I think it’s rated correctly

Moderate is a good rating. Perfect time of year, all the waterfalls were full. This is a moderate hike, it is easy to follow, and there was no scrambling (if you stay on trail). FYI 6.8 Miles, not 6. If you want to rate this trail as difficult, you need to hike more.

Beautiful hike! Loved seeing the waterfalls. We went in March and it was muddy most of the way but still lovely. We went clockwise and there was lots of steep uphill spots. Would like to do it again. Round trip from street to loop and back was almost 7.5 miles.

very beautful

Visited on a sunny Sunday afternoon. It's a wonderful hike with multiple tiny waterfalls on the way. We did the loop anti-clockwise and found it to be moderately challenging. There are certainly a few sections of steep climbing, but nothing very strenuous. If you're visiting Mt. Diablo park, this should definitely be on your list of hikes!

Definitely NOT moderate. It was a great hike but there was interesting spots and I questioned my ability to continue lol. Great views and lots of friendly people along the way. Part of the trail is being closed and there were no signs

this app and place is so fun and refreshing!!!!!!

NOT MODERATE. Not at all. Be sure to check the map often as it was easy to get off trail...at one point we were basically rock climbing on a section of trail one of the rangers said they were planning to close off soon.

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Love it! Basically it’s Cardinet Oaks Road all the way (approx 30 mins) to the point where you can turn either left or right for the loop itself. I suggest going clockwise. The Falls Trail is my favorite.. then the second - and last part - of the loop, Middle Trail, can be challenging for some. Can be muddy!

Beautiful trail! Definitely worth taking single track trails when you can, see below recommendation there. So clean and lots of water right now. Trekking poles highly recommended. Trail is not well marked back in the falls trail area so bring your phone/map and make sure you don’t get too side tracked on a deer trail?!

Very green and scenic during this time of the year! I would recommend hiking during the winter and spring while it’s still green. The trail are not marked well so make sure you pay attention and follow the map on your phone. Parking is very difficult, be prepared.

Mt. Diablo comes alive in the winter!

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