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Great long hike. Don’t forget to get a pen abc $6 cash with you. You need to fill a form. They don’t have a pen there. Definitely do clockwise, start early to beat the heat. Gets pretty hot and lot of the trail is exposed. Carry lot of water. Ascending gets very slippery sometimes. Wear good shoes; and a hiking stick is recommended. The wildflowers are in full bloom and some are very fragrant. The water up at the summit is not bad. Also the visitor’s center is cool and they have a little walk through museum, which is cute. They also have water, cold drinks, ice cream for sale. On the way back is all fire roads after juniper campground. Cannot imagine doing it counter clockwise. Fun hike!!

worth the afford.

I did this hike. it was awesome ha ha I did it all the way up. joe Smith on 4-28-18

Counterclockwise. This was a very difficult trail. Not because of the length or up and downs. Bit because of the “slipperiness” of the trail. The down hills especially had to be traversed with baby steps because if this. And lots of brush overhanging the trails not good for ticks and poison oak. $10 self service to get in. All day never saw a park employee. I will not be back and don’t suggest this trail, not much fun.

Definitively, do it clockwise. Really nice trail going up but be very careful as there is a lot of poison oak along the way. I saw rabbits, hummingbirds, lizards, deer, raccoon and even a snake! Going down is most of the time a smooth ride but the trail is not as nice, as it is very wide (fire road), but despite this it is very interesting as the scenery is different then going up. Took me 5:40hours without counting the breaks.

19 days ago

So beautiful!! Bring a lot of water and go early. A lot of trails and mostly uphill. Walking stick would be useful. Watch for rattlesnakes we saw one on the trail and even saw a baby scorpion!

22 days ago

I live 3 miles from this trailhead. Great short 3 mike hike. If you go early Morning like I get to do it’s great, very little people. Falcons nest. Red tail hawk nest. Stellar’s Jays, Quail, Turkeys, lots of birds. The Ranger is a super nice guy.We have even seen a Bobcat.

Just don’t go in the afternoon with the crowds of loud groups of people.

My go to short hike.

Great trail to do with kids. There were a lot of little creeks in the middle.

I did it backwards. About 1/3 of the way up, I took a wrong turn and it cost me elevation. I am in good shape, but this being my 2nd hike, it was challenging as I inched toward the summit at the end. Round trip was 14.5 miles and 4,600 elevation gain.

The views were beautiful as the wild flowers were just starting to bloom.

Great hike. Very rigorous trail, we did it in reverse so very steep climb to start the day with a gentle slope to end it. This trail does not actually take you all the way to the summit, that's another 0.46 miles and ~200 feet of elevation gain. Overall we tracked around 15.0 miles with a few wrong turns and a hike to the summit.

Great hike! Especially loved Eagle Peak. The route (excluding the short detour in my recording) is closer to 13.5 miles as opposed to the 11.9 miles stated on the hike profile. There are water fountains at the top of Mount Diablo to refill water bottles, but still bring lots of water.

Did this hike both in winter and spring when I lived close...

Longer than what's on allTrail(11.9), I did it in 13.5 miles, so be prepared. The first 1-2 miles are very flat and nicely shaded, but never be fooled by this part. A little before 2 miles it started to ascent for 4 miles over 3000 ft.
Descent from the summit was challenging in terms of protecting knees and techniques of going downhill, there were a bunch of very steep descent.
The last climb to Eagle Peak was brutal, especially after almost 10 miles, but short. After Eagle Peak was again very steep descent. Trekking poles and knee protector are recommended.
It was a nice trail, beautiful, and a nice workout! Go for it!

nice hike but very challenging.

1 month ago

First mile (and last mile) really muddy - but loved the hike - great workout for the first 2+ miles and amazing views. Needed to cross 3 very small streams so shoes got a little wet

Excellent views.. Gotto see a lot of wild Flowers and birds. Gets pretty hard on the knees, on the way back down. Doing it clockwise is a good suggestion that I read in the reviews. The terrain is pretty rocky, take care.
Total distance : 13.9 miles
Elevation: 3730 ft

I'm in the area on vacation with my family, and they needed a rest day. so I took a modified version of this loop. around Mitchell rock trail, through eagle peak to bare Ridge. Then out to north peak from prospectors gap, and to the summit.

I met up with an impromptu trail buddy, and we descended through juniper trail down to Mitchell canyon road. my total mileage was 15.2, and I'm bushed. This is a fantastic place to hike, and kudos to my trail buddy who won't be named. If it weren't for the intellectual conversation we shared on the return journey, I probably would have been miserable.

Also, there was an abundance of wildlife to see. Birds of unending variety, rabbits, squirrels and even a few blacktail deer.

1 month ago

This hike was spectacular! We did this after not having hiked for a while so it was a great workout. We went counterclockwise first, as this was very steep and going down would have been hard going on the knees and toes. Nonetheless, my thighs and calves were burning up the ascent and we had to take some breaks. Had great views, passed through forested areas, streams and vistas. I really loved this hike! The point at the summit near the observatory was a bit anticlimactic as there were many people who just drove to the point and it didn't feel as "one with nature", but I wouldn't have felt right not making it to the summit. Overall, it was a great hike and highly recommended.

We did it way back in July of 2016. OMG the summer heat just about killed us. Seriously, we ran low on water and barely made to the summit but when we got there it was all worth it. We took a long break bought some ice cream bars and cold water and layed down to relax. We started at Mitchell Canyon and was curious so we ended up 14. 25 miles. Going back in two days this time in March weather and forecast says sunny and 68 degrees. Sounds great can't wait!

I wouldn't say this is an easy hike but if you are contemplating whether you should do this or not due to all the people saying it's hard, just go do it man.

My buddie and I got to the top in 3hr and down in 1.5hr. What more do I have to say?

Great views and you just feel like you are in the wide open with no one around.

Great views all around! The first mile makes for an awesome workout...nothing but climbing!! Would love to live close to some climbs like this so I can do repeats as my evening workouts.
My party followed this route up to the summit then north peak. From there we went on the trail for the Grand Loop Trail.

2 months ago

Beautiful Spring Day in February!

2 months ago

Great day of hiking celebrating another friend hitting “Mile 60 on the trail of Life!” Our first time hiking Mt Diablo- tips: Check weather before you go- we layered up and glad we did as the wind was in full force as we approached the Summit - go CLOCKWISE when making this hike, the fire road is much easier coming down ( not near as pretty- but easier) plan on 8 hours. Including a couple “snack and map” breaks, pictures and lunch it took us 7 hours 41 minutes. Challenging however doable.. We used hiking poles and found them beneficial. BEAUTIFUL NATURE at every turn!

3 months ago

Lot of parking options, go down near the stables (not the school) for your best options. The start of the hike is pretty average - not much to look at other than Castle rock. Crossed a few very small streams but easy to navigate without getting wet. The back half of the hike is pretty amazing - green wide open space and some interesting rock formations. Few more Mountain bikers & cows on this section but still peaceful

Good hike with awesome views.

great trail. beautiful views, good elevation gain, amazing wild flower scents in spring.

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