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A great conditioning hike for me, since I live relatively close. Great on the glutes, the trail is also well maintained.

I always start from the residential street off of Canyon, to get an extra work out.

Highly recommend if you’re looking for a quick, mid range hike and you’re pressed for time.

It was a nice short hike but highly trafficked on the weekends.

this is a fun hike lots of shade and the stream is running pretty good right now and the waterfall looks great we saw quite a few people but this is a great time to do this hike lots of greenery and butterflies

17 days ago

This trail begins just north of the ranger station with a steady climb for the first half of the hike. If it’s the right time of the year, you can enjoy the soothing sounds of the water rushing down the canyon. Happy hiking!

Begin at the Bill Cull Trailhead and then take the Cunningham Overlook junction west for great views of the valley. This hike is a bit of an incline, but comfortable switchbacks lead up to the overlook, where you’ll find a rest bench for your enjoyment. Invigorating!

on Bill Cull Trail

20 days ago

The waterfall was fantastic with the melting snow and recent rains. Parking lot is small so you might have to park down the street, adding another mile to your trek.

Beautiful park in Monrovia. I did this hike on a Sunday morning, by 8am all parking spots were full so come early. Cost 6$ weekend 5$ weekdays. For this hike you have to walk up the paved road for quite a ways, then it branches off to Boy Scouts camp and dirt road. You follow the dirt road up for quite a ways till you finally get to the trail head. The hike is mostly up hill then brings you back down about the halfway point. Very beautiful hike and lightly trafficked.

2 months ago

Beautiful, easy trail. Great, but shorter, alternative to Winter Creek since it's closed thanks to the stupid government shutdown.

Amazing never ending hike. I started at 1. If I would of started earlier I would of kept going.

2 months ago

The trail was was easy and fun. Great for kids and pets. The trail is located within Monrovia Canyon, so parking is not free. $5 dlls on weekdays and $6 on weekends. Well worth it if you want to enjoy the entire park and not just the trail.

2 months ago

This is a exhilarating hike!
Park in the ranger station parking lot and grab a fee envelope from the entrance stand directly across from the station... place your $ inside and begin your adventure. Follow the asphalt road about 0.20 mi. and take Trail Scout Reservation for the Ben Overturff Trail to your right. After about one mile of dirt road you will arrive at the trailhead (on your left).
Over the next 2 miles will gain 1000 ft. elevation using switchbacks and short bridges as you experience tree covered meadows and gently rolling streams of the canyon... and I paused often to enjoy the morning breeze of this glorious outdoor exploit.
Up next you will see a Deer Park Cabin/Restroom sign. If you choose the Deer Park Cabin option, (after about 100 yds.) you can learn a little bit about Ben Overturff. If you choose the Restroom option, this will lead you over to the Monrovia Canyon Truck Trail, reconnect with the original asphalt road, and guide you back down to the ranger station. All in all, a great day. Happy hiking!

I loved this hike! You park at the sheriffs station before the kiosk and you pay for parking by getting an envelope at the kiosk and paying $6 on weekends and $5 on weekdays. Hike up the paved way and one the left side you start the trail up toward the Trusk Boy scout camp. Stay to the right of the trail all the way up! It’s a loop either way. There is a small Short cut and it continues through the loop. There is a water source for the dogs and this is a very dog friendly trail. Please keep your dogs on a leash! The trail is 70% covered And has a great incline! The trail gets fairly small coming back down you may need poles. Very beautiful hike that teaches you history about the area.

Saw two adolescent brown bear cubs wrestling at the top! Then they noticed us and got their mom. We didn’t think it was a good idea to stick around for a group pic.

3 months ago

Easy well kept shady trail

Nicely shaded and a great workout. Not heavily populated

3 months ago

Great moderate hike! Not too crowded. The way up was a little steep at times, but felt like a great way to be apart of nature. We took the dirt road back down which was a nice easy way to end the hike.

Great trail (for family with kids); plenty of shade area. Saw bears on more than one occasion.

3 months ago

11/23/18 Great hike! The ascent going up is a great cardio workout! Entire loop took roughly 2.25 hours. The entrance into the trail is a bit away from the park entrance. After you walk by the ranger station you’ll see a bear shaped sign that reads “Trask Scout Reservation”. Follow that sign to the right. The road is closed off but that’s the direction you’ll need to go. Follow the paved road a fair distance. It will wind up the side of the mountain. At the end of the paved road head right onto a dirt road for a short walk. Eventually you’ll see the trail head on your left. About half way through near the bathroom sign, we saw a black bear. It was more afraid of us than we were of it. But it sure did get my heart pumping. Per previous posts we had purchased bear spray for the hike. Glad we did! Weather was perfect. Bring plenty of water! Enjoy the hike.

Fun trip, until I encountered a big brown bear blocking the road when I was getting back. it was getting dark and had to wait until it went away. The bear was not scared of me or all the noise I was making.

First time going there. It was really a good experience. I really want to go back and probably take a different route this time. You can admire the beauty of nature and maybe the experience to see a bear!

Great hike route. Moderate-Hike, with my long time buddy Paul. Nice trail, streams, great place to lunch. Recommended.

Nice scenic hiking trail...great work out ... well worth the hike to this little water fall

6 months ago

loved it for my 1st hike and boys loved it to great family time

First time. Well maintained, well marked trails. Lots of shade. Nice elevation climb. Good stuff.

Great small hike, I just don't understand the loud music. Why don't you drive your obnoxious cars with the loud exhaust and play your music loud then.

My favorite place to get a quick hike in. But it is definitely not 5.8 miles, this info should be corrected. 3 miles round trip if you hike from the bottom parking lot and maybe 1 mile if you hike from the top parking lot. Too crowded on the weekends and a bit dangerous with young children and narrow trails. I also wouldn’t call it easy if starting from the bottom, moderate compared to Eaton or Sturtevant Falls.

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